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Alright, you asked for it, so here is more FrostBunny! This time I'm writing about how they first got together. I'm working on a sequel to "Seasons of Love" but that's still in the planning stages, so it's going to be a little while yet on that. As always, thank you so much to everyone who enjoys my writing, this one is for you! (And yes I realize how the name can be taken, its meant to refer to Alice in Wonderland's "down the rabbit whole" with her taking a leap of faith. Geezer people, minds out of the gutter! ;P)

Jack sat on a glacier, looking out over the pristine water of the South Pole, giant chunks of Ice floating slowly through its crystal depths. Several dark shaped broke the surface, letting out sprays of water before vanishing once again. At that moment Jack wished he could jump in and join them, become a whale and forget everything else. Sure there would be harpoons and hungry…whatever ate whales, to deal with, but right now that seemed far easier than what was going on in his head.

He buried his hands in his face as he tried to work through the jumble of thoughts all clattering around in his mind, but despite his best efforts, only one thought kept coming up. He was in love with Bunnymund. He couldn't be in love with Bunnymund! First off, he was straight…well, at least he had always assumed he was. He didn't remember much from his life before he was Jack Frost, only what he had seen of his memories thanks to Tooth, but he was sure there had been a local girl from the village that he'd had his eye on…hadn't there? He would deal with those thoughts later, and anyway, matters of his sexuality aside, there was Bunnymund himself! There was no way Bunny went that way…was there? Sure he didn't talk about that much, but he was the last of his kind, so what did it matter anyway? Putting that aside, there was the issue of Bunny himself. He as...Bunny for crying out loud! He was arrogant, loud, angry a lot, way too full of himself, overbearing, judgmental… sweet, caring, funny, a great friend, protective in a good way, attractive-

"NO! ARRRG!" Jacked yelled out in frustration. Why was this happening to him? Things had just stared to really look up in his life! He had friends, a family, a safe place to life, and he had to go screw it up by…doing whatever this was! He needed to figure this out, and soon before it threw a monkey wrench into his life. He sighed, letting his mind drift back through the last couple months.

He had been living with Aster for just over 9 months now, since just after the guardians had defeated Pitch. Aster had invited him to come live in his Warren, feeling bad that he didn't really have anywhere to stay. It had been wonderful at first. Aster had given him one of the spare rooms in the rabbits Burrow, and Jack had made himself at home. He loved the calm of the Warren (usually, and when it did get a bit tedious, he could easily fly out and find some frozen fun) and he had adjusted into an easy pattern. He would help Aster with Easter stuff occasionally, and the rest of the time he just explored. He would sometimes go visit with North or Tooth, but he preferred to stay in the Warren during his free time. He enjoyed the peace, he enjoyed the sheer natural beauty of the place, and, as much as he hated to admit it, he enjoyed the company of the giant rabbit. Of course they still teased each other, but it was good natured now, more of a game than anything else.

Then came that night. Jack had been out late, having visited North that day, and had arrived home to find Aster standing in the kitchen, wearing an apron and pulling something out of the his stone oven. Jack had gotten quite the laugh out of that, ribbing the rabbit about it until he told Jack that it was done and to let it go. Wiping a tear from his eye he had asked "So, what's the occasion? Someone invent a faster way to hard boil and egg?"

"Ha-ha" Aster said, "That would be the day though…Anyway, it's been six months to the day since you moved in here, and since we haven't killed each other yet, I thought I'd do something special…" The rabbit trailed off, his ears lowing slightly in embarrassment.

Jack had been taken aback by that, and hadn't been able to respond with anything other than a lame "oh…" Aster didn't seem to mind though.

It turned out that the rabbit could cook, the soup he had made was wonderful, a carrot and potato thing with several other vegetables Jack couldn't put a name to. Jack ate three bowls, surprised by how good it was. Aster had been pleased that he liked the food, and they had talked for most of the meal, laughing and enjoying each other's company like friends tented to do. Then that rabbit had brought out dessert (carrot cake, which had brought another round of jibes from the winter spirit), which was just as amazing as the dinner had been. After the meal Jack turned to Aster "Thanks a lot, you didn't have to do this."

"I know, but I wanted to," Aster had replied, smiling as Jack from where he was standing, putting dishes away.

"Well… it was really nice of you." Jack had said, feeling slightly awkward.

Aster had walked over to Jack, placing his hand on the shoulder of Jacks hoodie and said "It's really nice having you around frostbite…I just wanted to do something to show you that." Then he had walked away to his bedroom, leaving Jack to sit there for quite some time, trying to decipher the feeling dancing around in his chest.

It had only gotten worse from there. Soon Jack had found himself truing to spend more time with the rabbit, doing whatever he could to make that happen. He felt a little thrill whenever Aster smiled at him, or laughed at one of his jokes. He felt a shiver run down his spine every time they accidently bumped up against each other. He caught himself staring at the rabbit, thinking about things that he certainly should not have been thinking about his friend. It had come to a head when he woke up one morning, arms wrapped around a pillow that had moment before been a very large and furry rabbit. "I must be crazy!" Jack had said in exasperation "I'm dreaming about my best friend."

"What's eatin ya?" Aster asked, walking through hi partially open door.

"I…hu…well…" Jack stammered, his heart pounding, "Uh, Jamie!" He all but shouted. "Ya, I realized I haven't visited him in a while, must be missing him."

"Oh," Aster said, a look of what Jack could have sworn was hurt flashing across his eyes for a brief moment before it was gone "so you're dreaming about him?"

"Well, not JUST him" Jack said, too quickly "him and his friends, we were having a snowball fight. Must be my brain's of making me feel guilty. Ha-ha" jack chuckled weakly.

"Well, then you should go see him today," aster said, looking slightly bemused at Jack's behavior.

"Ya, I'll go do that "Jack said, slipping out of bed and slipping his hoodie on and edging past the still confused looking rabbit.

He had left the Burrow soon after that, not going to Jamie's, but instead flying somewhere he could be alone with his thoughts, and that was how he ended up where he currently sat. He sat on that glacier for several more hours, trying to make his feelings make sense in the bounds of his friendship, and failed miserably. It wasn't until he heard a faint crunch behind him that Jack realized just how long he had been there.

"I thought you were going to visit Jamie?" said a voice behind him.

Jack turned to see Aster walking toward him, his large feet leaving giant tracks in the snow. "…how?" was all he was able to say, his mind reeling. How had the rabbit found him here? Alone, on a glacier, miles away from any other person, in the middle of freaking Antarctica!

"You seemed a bit off this morning, and you had been gone a long time. I stopped by Jamie's to check on you and he said you never stopped by, so I want by North and asked him to locate you. Imagine my surprise when you show up here." Aster said, wrapping his arms around himself and shivering slightly

"Oh…" was all he was able to muster. He was having a very hard time denying the rising feeling of warmth in his chest at the rabbits concern.

"Oh?" said Aster, sounding a tad annoyed "Oh? I think deserve a slightly better explanation than 'oh'. Come on Frostbite, spit it out, what's eatin ya?" Aster looked as him expectantly.

He couldn't tell Aster the truth, what if the rabbit freaked out and made him leave the Warren, what said he said he didn't want to see Jack anymore…or what if he didn't? His mind working quickly to compose a believable excuse, it wasn't a lie, at least not really, Jack said "I'm sorry Bunny, I guess it's just that things have changed so much for me lately. Don't get me wrong I love yooooour hospitality," Jack hesitated, catching himself just in time "and everyone else, it's just a lot to get used to. I guess I just needed some alone time."

"Well why didn't you just say so snowflake?" Aster said, stepping forward and pulling Jack into a warm, fuzzy hug "If you need some time alone just say so, just don't go flying off like this, I was worried about ya."

"I'm sorry" Jack managed to mumble, his mind very much in a different place. Try as he might, there was no denying the feeling of safety and…rightness he felt wrapped in the rabbit's strong arms. Nor could he explain away the little flip his heart did at the words 'I was worried about ya.' "Alright" Jack thought to himself, "so I'm in love with Bunny. Only thing left now is to decide what to do about that." That seemed like a silly question to Jack, he wanted the bunny, for whatever reasons that he did not yet understand, he wanted the bunny worse than anything he ever had. At that moment Jack decided he would do everything in his power to make sure these strong arms would always be wrapped around him.