Without students, Hogwarts is cold.

You're trapped.

In a castle.

Where the teachers dare to glare at you.

Where the students spread rumours.

But to me, it's home.

It's a lot better than the house my parents own.

Where their fake smiles and their fake praise fills the corridors.

Where I see the look in Hugo's eyes and know he so desperately wants to be me.

Scorpius' warmth can fill me up here.

Protect me from the world.

Here he can tell me "It'll be okay,"

And I might believe him.

At home, there's no one.

It's unforgiving.



"Rose, look at me," I hear Scorpius demand. I turn around and run towards him.

"Don't let me go back home," I hiss, snuggling into his chest.

That's what love is for.

To have someone to listen.

To your rants.

Your pointless whining.

And still tell you "It'll be okay,".

"It'll be okay," He tells me.


I was right.

"But why?"
That's the problem with lovers.

They always want to know why.

And, with this, I can't explain.

People would think I'm stupid.

I mean, they all think, what's so bad about being praised a lot?

You can't explain it.

The only way you could ever, ever understand it is to live it.

And Scorpius hasn't.

Lived it, I mean.

"It's hard to explain," I mumble into his chest. I can feel him smile.

"Rosie, you can't keep it all in there," He taps my head and I look up, "You'll go mad,"

Maybe I will.

But there is only power.

And those too weak to see it.

I can see power.

I need to show people that.

If I go mad, then so be it.

I can't help it.

I can't explain it.

But I can't be weak.

I'm a strong girl.

They say "She'll follow her heart."

And I am.

Because I'm Rose.

Rose Ginvera.

Rose Ginvera Weasley.

And no one, absolutely no one, can stop me.