Five Years Later...


"You better not be bringing no frogs in this house, Ethan," Katherine chastized her son.

"No, Mama. I just wanted to ask a question."

Katherine sat down, pulling Ethan onto her lap. "What do you want to know?"

"What's your name, Mama?"

"My name? Why, my name is Katherine. Why do you ask?" Katherine asked.

"What's Papa's name?"

"Papa's name is..." Katherine stopped, debating whether to tell her son his real name or his pseudonym. "Papa has two names, Ethan."

Ethan held up two fingers. "Papa's got two names?"

"That's right. Papa says his name is Connor, but that's not his real name," Katherine explained.

"So, what is Papa's real name?"

"Why don't you ask Papa for yourself? He's right out back."

Ethan leapt off of his mother's lap, bolting for the back door.

"What is that boy up to?"


Ethan ran into his father's arms.

"What is it, Ethan? Why are you running?"

"Mama says you got two names!"

Connor smiled at his son. "Well, yes. I do have two names."

"Mama said your name is Connor. What's your other name, Papa?"

He pulled the boy onto his knee.

"My real name is Ratonhnhaké:ton," Connor replied slowly.

He breathed in laughter at his son's botched attempts at saying his name.



"Repeat after me. Ra-doon."



"Ha," Ethan repeated after his father.



Connor poked his son in the stomach playfully. "Now, say that all together."


He ruffled Ethan's hair.

"You have a long name, Papa!" Ethan cried.

"Yes. It's long, but it's a special name."

Katherine opened the back door, standing in the frame.

"Ratonhnhaké:ton! Ethan!"

Connor stood, his son tucked gently on his hip. He smiled at Katherine's usage of his birth name.

"Time for dinner, boys."

She turned on her heel to finish preparing dinner.

"Mama can say your name real good!"

"Your mother's special to me, so she can say it."

Connor put his son down in the hallway, following after him as he sprinted to the kitchen.

"I want a special name too, Papa!" Ethan said, crawling into a chair at the dinner table.

Back turned, Katherine smiled at their banter.

"Can you make me a special name too?"

"You already have a special name," Connor said.

"I do?"

Connor nodded.

"What is it?" asked the boy.

Connor and Katherine shared a knowing smile.