Thought I'd try again? Just experimenting with a little idea in my head. Probably won't pickup again until next week (finals, man :/) Updates will probably get longer.

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"Okay, but seriously. I called Ryan Gosling waaaay before you bitches," Alice announced, narrowing her eyes at Jessica.

"That's not fair! You already have claim on JGL and Harry Styles. You can't have Ry too," Jessica pouted.

"Didn't we cap the limit at two husbands per girl?" I asked just to rile them up.

"Hell no!" Rosalie flipped her blonde curls over her shoulder before steeling me with a glare. "Besides look who's talking, Mrs. Horan slash Sheeran slash LaBeouf slash Depp slash – "

"Oh please!" I interrupted. "You know my top will forever be Edward."

"Mmmmm." Angie sighed. "I have claim to him as well."

I narrowed my eyes at her. "You better watch yourself, girl." She laughed and threw a Cheeto at my face.

"He isn't yours!" she argued.

"No, but we can all dream." Alice smirked. "You can marry him; I just want to fuck him."

I laughed. "No way. You can fuck Ry. Stay away from my man."

"Ughhh, what I would do to spend a day in bed with Ry," Jessica moaned.

"Whoa there, let's try and keep this PG-13, ladies," Angie commented.

I shrugged. "PG-13 does include sexual content. Just saying." Jessica snorted and offered me a high five, while Angie offered me another Cheeto in the face.

"Besides, it would start getting really X-rated really quick if we bring up Levine..." Rose waggles her brows with a smirk.

"Oh, holy mother of God." Alice starts to fan herself with her study guide.

"Speaking of God...maybe we should start studying for our World Religion final?" Angie squeaked, her blush only faintly receding.

Jessica grimaced. "I suppose I do want to pass."

I sighed. "Yeah, let's get to work."

Does anyone else do this with their friends? Sometimes we get into pretty heated arguments about it, ha!