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The drive had been absolutely brutal. Seven hours by myself with a whole lot of nothing out the window is not an ideal trip. I had to blast the air to keep me awake, which only resulted in me convulsing the whole trip. I had to stop and get a Five Hour Energy at a gas station in Ocala; unfortunately those things only keep me hyper for about 2 hours. It was a bit cool though because the guy running the place was a Nole too. A rare thing in the Gator country he was living in.

I blasted my stereo too – thanking God I had the foresight to set up a "Driving" playlist. I guess that was one plus to not having a passenger, being able to belt out, badly, all the words to the songs.

The relief I felt as I pulled into my driveway was like none other. I stepped outside and sucked up that glorious sun. I've been living in a grey bubble for the past week up in Tallahassee. The palm trees were a nice sight too. I hadn't realized I actually missed Fort Myers' overabundance of them.

Of course, arriving at three on a thurday, no one was home. Mom and Dad worked as much as possible, aka too much, and Emmett was well….who knew? I can't keep track of a sixteen year old. I sent off a text to my high school friends and family, letting them know I arrived safely and such. I grabbed my duffle, leaving everything for a second trip and went inside. It was a little difficult considering I kept trying to unlock the door with my dorm room key, but I finally wised up and got in.

Something a little fluffy, a little brown, and just plain little, attacked my leg. "Bobbi!" I squealed and scooped her up with my free arm. Out of all my family, I missed her most. I couldn't wait till I got an apartment up at school and could take her with me. "Momma missed you sooo much," I cooed at her and kissed her. She ducked out of the way and meowed back at me. I didn't have a good grip on her so she struggled till I set her down.

"Now where's my Darth Baiter?" I called hopping our other cat, Bait, who tended to be antisocial and more than a little evil, would come greet me. "Beetch," I called when she didn't.

I texted Seth, Jacob, Rachel, and Leah again to see if they were home and wanted to hang out. Rachel and Seth were so we decided to grab lunch. When I got to Panera and saw the pair waiting outside, I ran and jumped. No, really. My feet weren't touching the ground; they were wrapped around first Seth's torso, then Rachel's.

"I've missed you soo much," Rachel cried when my feet were back on the ground, but my arms were still secure around her neck. "Why didn't we pick the same school? That was dumb. Maybe I should transfer."

"No, shut up. You love Alabama." She shrugged and I went to attack Seth again. "Wooooow, lookie here. Someone's been working out."

Seth smirked and flexed his biceps for us. Rachel and I 'oooo'ed and 'ahhh'ed respectively. "Oh ya know, got to look good for the beautiful ladies in Bama."

I grimaced. "Ew, you pledge. The frattiness of the south already getting to ya, huh?" I looked down to survey Rachel's leggings and cowgirl boot ensemble and raised a brow. "Wow, and aren't you the little sorostitute?" I asked with a teasing smile on my face. I might have deserved that punch to my arm.

"We eating or what? Seth is gonna start complaining soon," Rachel asked with a pointed look at her twin and he faked a shocked expression.

"Me?! I would never!"

I rolled my eyes. "C'mon, rugrats. Let's get some eats!"

My thoughts and prayers are with CT. God Bless.