The group of wolves scared off the traders and their wolf buyer; they left their cargo on the ground, "Bloody traders." One said as they walked over to camp fire,

"They are human Traders." The oldest of the three said as they pushed the teen onto his back and looked at him, he was covered in blood and mud, his hair was long and messy

"I know him he's from Beacon Settlement his name is Stiles, I use to run with him." Isaac said softly as he looked up at Derek and Peter, the oldest of the three knelt down and took a clothe out of his back and wiped the dirt off his face,

"The people of at Settlement are gone they were all killed, how did he survive." Peter asked frowning as Derek picked him up "He wasn't with the HT's long?"

"Stiles was really good at hiding he always threw me and Scott off his tack even for a human…that reminds me where is Scott?"

"Who?" Derek asked

"Scott he was close to Stiles, been together since Stiles mum died?"

"There is a Scott at the centre being heal up, he was shot." Peter said as he pulled his jacket off and draped it over the boy in his nephews arms "Let's get him out of here." he said walking towards the car "Isaac?" he called out when he saw the boy still by the camp fire, picking up a book and ran back to the car

"I found this I think the buyer dropped it?" he said handing it to Peter, the wolf looked at the book and let out a small growl,

"Get in the car." He said, as he put the book in his jacket pocket, he gave the forest the once over d he got in to the driver's side and drove off, Derek gave him a look as he held the unconscious teen.

"He's got a fever, cracked ribs and a twisted ankle, he's been drugged, there is a badly done tattoo on his hip that is mostly the course of his fever, and then there are the cuts and bruises and hand marks in bruise in areas of his body." The doctor said looking at the chart in front of him

"Will he be okay?" Derek asked before Peter could,

"Yeah I think he should be, but I am worried about the drugs in his system."

"Why?" Peter asked "What are they doing to him?"

"Well the drug is meant to affect the humans by making them receptive to others touches, but it has a different affect on werewolves." The Doctor said

"But he's not a wolf he's human?" Derek said

"Nooo he's half, the drug is making him sick, mix that with the infection from the tattoo."

"So what can we do?" Peter asked,

"Turn him would be for the best, but you could wait it out but it will course more problems later when you decide to turn him." He said now looking up at the pair. Peter turned to Derek who was looking at the boy

"Is there any family members left alive?"

"No Isaac identified his father last night, he dead, he has no other family members." Derek informed him

"Okay then Derek he's in your care." Peter said, turning around Derek looked at him

"Me?" he asked

"Your big enough and ugly enough to turn him and don't think I haven't notices that you been drooling over him." He smirked, Derek doesn't blush but Peter knows he embarrassed

"He smells good." He mumbled

"Well it's sorted then." The doctor said, he moved away from the curtain and let Derek walk in.

Peter stood and watched as Derek moved closer to the boy, Derek took the teen's arm and held it up to him and looked at the pale sink that was coved in bruises, he closed his eyes and let his wolf slink out, open his eye back up he they were a blue colour, sniffing the teens arm he sunk his teeth into the boy's wrist, pulling back he looked at the his face, his hair had been buzzed cut now showing more of his face, Peter rested his hand on his shoulder and smiled "Stay with him I am going to talk to McCall boy to see what he remembers." He said


"Yeah?" Turning they both looked at each other, Peter smiled softly at him and nodded "Yeah I know, just be nice to him when he wakes up, not your normal scour wolf look." He said walking out the small room and moving down the hall.

He walked into another room where a young wolf sat on the bed talking to Isaac, Peter raised an eye brow at him "Isaac shouldn't you be back at the house?" he asked the pup looked up with a wide eye look

"I thought Scott should know Stiles is here." he said

"Well he knows now, off you go." He said nodding his head towards the door, the curly hair blond hugged Scott and dashed out the room as Peter took his seat

"His Stiles okay?" he asked looking at the dark hair youth Peter smiled

"Yes he's fine, Derek is looking after him, I am afraid we had to turn him." He said Scott eyes shimmered

"Poor Stiles." He said "He never wanted to be a wolf you know, he was quiet happy being human."

"Half human." Peter said, Scott looked at him and frowned "He was half human and half wolf."

"Oh must have been his mum." He thought looking at him

"You and he are the only survivors Scott, do you know what happen?" he asked, looking down at his hands in his lap he sighed and looked back up at him

"I think my ex bitch of a girlfriend's family did this." He said looking at him

"Your ex?"

"Allison Argent." He said Peter frowned

"You're a werewolf and your girl friend is a hunter?" he said, shaking his head Scott looked up

"I she wasn't like them at first we got on great and then her aunt came and she was a royal bitch she was nuts

"Kate?" Scott nods "Yeah she like her old man, they don't care who they hurt they would even kill an innocent child if they believe it for the good." Peter told him looking off out into the window

"She died, Stiles dad shot her." The room was quiet "Everyone in the settlement was behind him and then Gerard came and his friends and Allison went with them, that was before…" he stopped and look back down at his hands.

"It's okay kid, the Argent hunters are a dying breed, we will find them."