Stiles place the boy on the bed and then pulled his shoe off and then pulled the blanket up to his chin, little amber eyes open up and looked at him "Hey there."

"S…Stiles where am I?" he whimpered

"You're safe at my pack's home, just go to sleep and I will see in the morning." Soon the amber eyes drifted shut, Stiles stood back up and saw Derek looking at him with a soft smile, and the older wolf placed the kid's things onto the floor and took his mate into his arms

"You are a natural born mother and when you have our pup's your be perfect." Derek cooed, Stiles giggled and kissed him and they left the room leaving the door open a bit, for the light, Derek turned to Stiles "I have to go and speak to Peter, go to bed and I will be there soon."

"Okay is everything alright?"

"Yeah everything is fine." He asked

"You would tell me if something wrong right?" he gave Derek a look

"I will I don't know what this is about yet." He said walking towards the stairs.

Derek walked down stairs and walked into his in the living room, Peter handed him a drink of whiskey and sat across from him "What is this about?"

"The HT that had Stiles have been found…all are dead their throat slit." He said Derek looked at him

"How can you be sure it was them?" He asked

"The tattoo on Stiles hip is the same one they have on their van." He said, he then pulled out the book that Isaac had picked up and held it out to him "This came from the whoever was planning on buying Stiles." He told him Derek took the book and looked at the cover his finger running over the stitch leather binds, he open it up and saw the handwriting

"It belonged to Gerard!" he said looking shocked

"Yes it seem he has been buying people from the HT's for a price and then by what's in the book he's been experimenting with the captive wolves the hunters have, some of it is not pretty, it seems that Stiles' mother was one of the ones the experimented on, if you look at the names and locations of the experiment are all from…"

"Beacon Hill Settlement." He said looking at most of the names "Scott's family is here and Isaac's Erica's, the fire…he said darkly… but Jacksons' name has question marks." He scowled

"Derek he wanted Stiles or a reason, look at the last page." Derek flipped to the last page that had written in, there was a drawing of the teen and some photos,

"Breeding he wants to breed him for what?"

"Himself, I now Gerard he's nut not just nut but he makes me look normal and you know I have moments." Derek made a face "Stiles was the only on the Settlement that was half wolf and lived longer than the others, all the others either died or were full wolves like his friends."

"He is not getting my mate."

"Chances are he wouldn't want him now he's a wolf."

"Don't care when I find the fucker I'm going to rip his throat out!" He growled

"Derek calm down and go and see your mate, Gerard can't get into the town."

"He will try Peter." Derek said downing his drink and got up handing him the book back and went to bed.

When Derek got to his and Stiles room, he saw Stiles standing in front of the mirror with a pillow shoved up t-shirt "Is there something I need to know?" the teen spun around the pillow dropping out from under his shirt and he looked like a deer caught in head lights

"Uuuuuh just wanted to know what I would look like if I was." He said shyly, Derek smirked as he walked over to him and picked up pillow

"You would like beautiful."

"How hard was it for you to say that?" he asked smiled

"Not that hard you know." Derek said warping his arms around the skinny teen and kissed him, Stiles kissed back and moaned loudly as they fell onto the bed together and start to undress each other. There was a knock at the door that made them stop


"Stiles you awake?" Stiles sighed at Scott's voice

"What do you want?"

"Do you or Derek have you know?"

"No what?" he grinned, Derek lid under Stiles smiling as he held on to the teen's hips and ground their erections together

"A condom!" Scott whined

"Why." He tried to stop himself from moaning

"For me and Isaac." Derek spun Stiles around and laid him on the bed as he got up and open a draw and pulled a pack out and walked to the door to a stun Scott

"Next time I might make you fuck him without these." He shoved the pack in the teen's arms and then closed the door to look back at his mate that had stripped himself of his clothes and sat on his knees giving him the pup wide eye look "We have no more condoms?" he said

"Who gives a flying monkeys you never used one before." He said, grinning Derek walks over to him and cupped his cheek they looked at each other and smiled before the older wolf spun Stiles around and pushed him down onto the bed pulling his back side up in the air, opening his jeans up Derek let his cock out.

He pressed the tip of his cock at the teen entrance and pushed himself in, Stiles hissed and moaned at being stretched so quickly "Y…You know if you keep do that I rip."

"I want to rip you." he growled as he started to thrusting into him hard and fast, Stiles started to see stars as the wolf hit his sweet spot nonstop, he could feel every long stroke inside of him that brought him closer and closer to crying out his name in the dark light of the room, grabbing the back of his neck Derek pulled him back so his back was against his chest and sunk his fangs into his shoulder,

"DEREK!" He cried out arching his back as he came over the bed sheet, Derek growled into the bite as he filled his mate, Stiles whimpered and moaned as Derek removed his teeth from his shoulder and helped Stiles to lay down as he laid with him "Wow."

Hours later when both men had put on Pj bottoms and had pulled off the throw to the bed, they laid a sleep in each other arms, "S…Stiles." Came the little voice, the teen open his eyes and looked the 6 year child in front of him

"Jamie what's wrong?" he said sitting up on his elbow

"Scared." He picked up the child and placed him into the bed between him and Derek. The older wolf opens his eyes and saw the child sitting in the bed



"Okay sleep." Derek mumbled pulling the boy into his arms, Stiles smiled and rubbed his stomach at the thought and hunkered down next to Derek and Jamie and feel a sleep.