It was about 3 months later and Stiles was alone in the house his hand rubbing the small baby bump eating raw meat mixed with toffee, Chris walked into the room and the two looked at each other "Stile can we please talk?" he asked, the teen raised an eye brow and pointed to the chair a cross from him

"Sit." He said as he put his book down, Chris took a seat and just looked at what the teen was eating "You can't have any!" Stiles said as he held the bowl close to him

"I don't think I even want to try it." He said

"So what do you want to talk about?" he asked

"What happen?"

"Ummm." The teen said "Alright." He said, the ex hunter nodded

"I don't know what happen to Allis…" he started to say, but was stopped by Stiles when the teen growled

"You can talk about what happen but you can't say her name."

"W…Why?" he choked

"To speak the name of the dead is to make them alive again." Stiles said looking at him "And I don't want that." He said looking at him flatly; Chris felt his heart sink but understood and nodded

"O…okay." He said "I don't know what made Allis…her changed but it happen so quickly after her mother aunt and mother died."

"Her aunt was crazy and your wife was not fair behind him she tried to kill Scott." He said

"I know know...I don't know why they all went like this it just seems that woman hunters seem to go a bit loopy." He said "And I'm sorry about my dad and what he wants from you." he said Stiles sighed and tilted his head

"I still don't really trust you, but your Peter's mate I think I can live with it."

"Bloody prick!" Beatrix said as she slammed the phone back down, she got up and started pacing in her offices, Stiles knocked on the door and looked in

"Is very thing okay?" the red head look up with red eyes and shook her head, she had tears in her eyes and Stiles moved more inside and open his arms, she took the hug and cried in her holder "What happen?" He asked, she sniffed and pulled back

"Jamie's brother Mikey is in the hospital, hunters attack the family for no reason, they were not hunters or werewolves they…they were good people." Stiles looked shocked

"Is he going to be okay?" he asked

"I…I don't know they think that these hunters had a werewolf with them from what Mikey told them, it bite him, when they tried to take the boy with them a witch scared them off."

"A witch?"

"Yeah she lives here the family, she a good friend her name is Lydia, she kind of princess Peaches than hag with warts." She said sniffing "Poor Mikey." She sniffed

"Is here he here in the city?" he asked

"Yeah the hospital." She said,

"I will take Jamie there later to see him, the poor mite been missing him…oh?" Beatrix looks at Stiles and saw shock and something else

"What?" she said

"Jamie had a nightmare a night ago, he…I thought it was just a nightmare maybe not or maybe I'm over thinking this…"


"What?" the teen looked at her

"You're mumbling."

"Oh…never mind I don't as I said could be over thinking it." He said, Beatrix gave him a look before wiping her eyes and sniffing.

Derek took Stiles and Jamie to the hospital to see Mikey, "Mum why we hear?" he asked holding Stiles' hand

"We're here to see someone who has been hurt." He said softly, Derek looked down at the confused pup before he stopped and started sniffing the air in the hallway

"MIKEY!" he yelled as he ran down the hall and pushed a door open on to the room, Derek looked at Stiles as the teen looked back at him before they chased after the 6 year old, they ran into the room and found Jamie looking up onto his brothers bed