Chapter 3

It was early the next morning when Regina stirred, blinking in the shaft of light coming in through the slightly open curtain. The light hurt her eyes and her head ached slightly. She groaned, rolling over to go back to sleep.
Her eyes flew wide open when she realized she wasn't alone in the bed. Lying next to her, still fast asleep was Gold. She stared as him in shock and confusion for a moment until memories of the night before started to come sluggishly back to her.
The election. Drinks at the diner. Him giving her a ride home. The argument at the door. Him asking to come in... and then... oh god… that bastard…
Regina slid out of the bed, careful not to wake him. She crept over to the dresser and pulled out a pair of underwear. A glance over her shoulder told her he was still asleep. He stirred slightly in his sleep but didn't wake.

She fished her blouse from the floor and pulled it on, not bothering with a bra. Then she grabbed a pair of trousers out the drawer and quickly put them on. She felt a bit better once she was fully dressed.
The floor creaked slightly under her foot as she crept towards the door. She winced at the sound.
"Going somewhere dearie?" came a slightly sleepy but undeniably smug voice behind her. She froze then slowly turned towards the bed. He was propped up on one elbow, the sheets down around his waist.
"I was going to get some coffee… would you like some?" she asked in a falsely bright cheerful voice. The same voice she used whenever she had to be polite to someone she detested. She wouldn't give him the satisfaction of seeing how much he had gotten to her.
He smirked. "No thank you…" he said, amusement in his voice. "Are you sure I can't persuade you to come back to bed?" he said silkily, eyes sliding down the line of her body. For a moment she was tempted.
"Tempting… but I have things to do…" she said in a crisp dry voice., glancing over at the clock. 7.15 am.
"There is an ensuite bathroom through there if you want to wash up…" she said, gesturing to the door in question. "Henry will be leaving for school in about half an hour… and I'd appreciate if you stayed up here until then. He doesn't need to know about our little… escapade…"
He chuckled and grinned. "Indeed. Don't worry… it will be our little secret…" he said conspiratorially. She nodded. "Thank you…"
Regina walked into the hall, shutting the door behind her. She quickly raced down the steps and snagged all the clothes that were scattered everywhere. When she peeked in Henry's room she saw that as usual… he wasn't even awake yet. Phew.
She walked back into the bedroom. The bathroom door was shut and she could hear the shower running. Once she had quickly made the bed she placed Gold's clothes on it.
Regina paused for a moment to compose herself. She took several deep calming breaths before going down the hall to wake her son.

Early afternoon found Regina in a little coffee shop not far from her office building.
The morning had been so busy she had managed to mostly forget about the night before but on her lunch break there was nothing to distract her. She couldn't believe that out of all the men in Storybrooke she had ended up sleeping with him.
Not only that… but the vivid flashbacks she had been getting all day suggested it had been very enjoyable indeed. Not that she intended for it to happen again… ever…
As she sat there, absent-mindedly stirring her coffee, her emotions swung from annoyance that he'd managed to seduce her… embarrassment that she'd let it happen… relief that Henry had not found out… and then back to annoyance at Gold.
Regina was so lost in thought she didn't even notice that Kathryn had just walked through the door.

The blonde smiled warmly when she caught sight of her. "Regina…" she said. "Kathryn" she said with a smile. "Mind if I join you?" Kathryn asked. "Not at all…" replied.
Kathryn went to get her coffee and brought it over to Regina's table. She looked at her friend with a slight expression of concern. "You look a little tired… are you alright?"
Regina nodded. "I'm fine. I uh… had a few to many at the diner last night…" she admitted sheepishly.
A look of understanding came over Kathryn's face. "Ah… right. The election. Sorry that it didn't go the way you hoped" she said sympathetically. "Just so you know… I voted for Sidney…" she added.
"Thanks. I appreciate that…" Regina said with a small smile. It felt strange but nice to actually have a friend. For a few moments they sat in comfortable silence, sipping coffee.

The little bell above the door rang as Gold walked into the coffee shop. He smirked when he saw Regina sitting there. "Madame Mayor… Miss Nolan…" he said as he walked past them. "Mr Gold…" said Kathryn as Regina nodded her head. He grinned at Regina and walked up to the counter
Once he had got his coffee and walked out again Regina relaxed. "God he is such a cocky bastard…" Kathryn said. "You have no idea…" said Regina dryly.