The sunlight gently spreads through the Otani family's house, waking the people inside. The light red hair lady woke up with a loud yawn, waking the coffee haired man beside her.

"Geez, Risa… Can't you slow down your volume; it's so loud in the morning. I still want my sleep," he groaned and pushed his face onto the soft pillow.

"Gomen Honey…" she replied with an apologetic voice. She looked lovingly at her husband. She still can't believe she's married to Otani Atsushi, the man she once hate and now loved. She and Otani were rivals since the first time they met each other. Today, counts 4 months of her life as Otani Risa.

Atsushi turned up his gaze on his lovely wife. He too, seems to think about his memories with her. He also couldn't believe he married Risa who is taller than him and it still take a long time for him to adjust with calling Koizumi Risa as Risa and also for hearing Risa call him Honey.

They stared each other lovingly for quite a time until Risa's phone rang and distracted them. Risa quickly broke off the gaze and picked up the phone beside her.

"Moshi moshi, oh… Okaa-san, why are you calling me early in the morning? Eh~! Majide?! Okay, we'll be there in 30 minutes. Hontou gomen for forgetting about it," she quickly hooked off the phone and jumped off the bed.

"Nani Risa? Why are you in hurry?" Atsuhi too jumped off the bed following Risa.

"We're dead, Honey! We have a reunion at my parent's house remember? There's Nobu-chan and Nakao-chi, Chiharu-chan and Suzuki-kun."

"Aaaaah~! Aho, Risa! Why didn't you wake me up early? We'll be late like this. I'll take the downstairs bathroom and you take the upstairs, okay?" he quickly dashed off towards the towel rack and grabbed his towel. He raced down downstairs and Risa could hear he stumbles on the stair. She let out a little laugh; well, sometimes they are things that can't be change, like his behavior.

She too grabbed her towel and went into the bathroom. After she finished her bath and wore her clothes Risa went downstairs and prepared two French toast for her and Atsushi. She also prepared a coffee for two.

She sat down on her chair and began eating her breakfast. She heard Atsushi's footsteps running down the stairs. Atsushi quickly take his seat opposite to Risa's and began eating his meal.

Risa, who already finished her meal, stands up to wash the dish. Atsushi grabbed her wrist asking her to sit down. "What do you want, honey?" Risa ask curiously after sitting down on the chair.

He let go of Risa's hand and placed his index finger on his lips. "My good morning kiss" he said seductively while winking his eyes.

"Hmm… Don't wanna." She said playfully and stood up carrying her and Atsushi's dishes. She continued washing her dishes despite Atsushi's whining not getting any kisses.

"Honey, stop the whining we're going to the reunion right now. We still have like 10 minutes or else we'll be late," Risa turned back looking at Atsushi who is pouting.

She continued washing the dishes until she felt hands wrapping around her waist. She turned and sees Atsushi grinning mischievously behind her and said "Make me …"

Risa raised her eyebrow. "Make you what?" she asked while drying her hands with the kitchen towel. Atsushi is 5 cm taller than her than in the past their difference was Risa is 16 cm taller than him. When she realized Atsushi was getting taller, she asked how. Atsushi just replied happily saying that he drinks milk every single day and do tons and tons of exercises. But when she asked his mother she said "Pfffttt.. Ahahha! At-chan said that to you, I think he only wants to show his fake coolness to you. Of course his puberty or growth comes late than others. Ahhahaha!"

"Gosh… Risa, you can't be so dense. Make me stop my tantrum and it will only cool down with your kiss," he blinked his eyes at Risa and still pouting.

Risa turned her body facing towards Atsushi and looked at his eye. She put her arms on his neck and Atsushi responded by clutching her waist tighter and pushed her closer to him.

He, then lean his face towards Risa until their lips met. They shared their passionate good morning kiss and break off to catch their breath. "See, not that hard to cool down my tantrum right?" he smiled and loosened his grip on Risa's waist. "We need to get going now Risa."

"Araa… Honey, I forgot my handbag upstairs. Wait for me in the car okay?" she gave him a quick peck on the lips and race upstairs. She looked for her handbag and found it lay on the bed where she put it after her grooming on the mirror. Seriously, I have to drop my forgetful habits.

Risa grab her handbag and ready to go downstairs until she felt dizzy and her stomach was rumbling uneasily. She drops her handbag and went into the bathroom towards the toilet bowl. She throws up the breakfast she had earlier and still she felt like throwing up more.

What's wrong with Risa? What take her so long to get her handbag? It's been 20 minutes right now. Atsushi turned of the car engine and went upstairs to find Risa flushing her vomits. Her hairdo is quite messy and her face was pale.

"Risa, whats wrong? Why are you so pale, did you just vomit?" Atsushi quickly grabbed Risa who looked like she's going to faint any minute now. He helped her to the sink and turned on the tap.

He cupped his hand to the water and asks Risa to rinse thrice as he brought the water to Risa's mouth. Risa obediently nods and rinsed her mouth. She pushed Atsushi aside after they exited the bathroom.

"I'm fine honey; I think I ate the pudding that already expired last night. But, I'm already okay, we better get going." Risa grabbed her handbag and went downstairs with Atsushi holding on her tightly, so that she won't lose balance.

They safely enter the car and arrived safely at Risa's parent's house. Risa quickly went inside the house and shouted happily "Tadaima~!" as the door open. Atsushi stared at his wife worrying she fainted but looking at his wife healthy cheerful self, he assumed she's fit and fiddle.

He turned off the car engine and walked inside after hearing Risa calling her. He was greeted by Nobu-chan and Nakao-chi mischievous smile. "The late couple finally arrives! What make you guys late this time?"

Atsushi settled on the chair beside Risa and grinned widely. "You know what married couples do right?" Nobu-chan and Nakao-chi looked at each other and grinned. "My, my Risa you're already on the lovey-dovey stage in the morning," Nobu-chan grinned widely.

Suzuki-kun and Chiharu-chan just smiled with their faces blushing a bit. Risa elbowed Atsushi on the ribs and hissed "Aho, honey! Don't go saying such things."

As they were busy talking Risa finally remembered what she wanted to ask. It's been a long time they haven't seen each other. Nobu-chan has already given birth to a boy. "Nee~ Nobu-chan did you bring your baby along? I would love to see him."

"He's at the back with your Okaa-san. She insisted on taking care of him." "Eh~ Majide? He's here and is with Okaa-san? I will go see him and bring him here, matte ne, honey."

She disappeared behind the door that leads her towards Nobu-chan's baby. At the table Atsushi was being disturbed by Nobu-chan and Nakao-chi. "Ne~ Darling isn't it nice to be called Honey?"

"Umm... Nobu-chan it's great to be called honey. He must be in cloud nine right now," Nakao-chi nods agreeing. Atsushi's face was turning crimson and asked them to stop before Risa gets here.

"Since when Risa call you honey?" Chiharu-chan asked intently. To her, Atsushi is not someone who likes to be called honey or other cute words.

"Let me tell you Chiharu-chan. It started when we met Risa after they got married after a week. Nobu-chan grinned widely despite Atsushi who is shouting and begging at her to stop.

~A week after they got married~

"Nobu-chan~ I missed you, Risa said while dashing at Nobu-chan to hug her. "Risa~ I missed you too." Nobu-chan replied her hug and dragged Risa to their seat.

Atsushi was busy talking with Nakao-chi when they arrived. Risa settled down next to Atsushi. "Ne~ Risa what do you call Otani? You guys are already a married couple." Nobu-chan started the conversation.

"Well, I tried calling him Atsushi-kun but he got goose bump all over and said it's disgusting." Nobu-chan glared menacingly at Atsushi so does Nakao-chi. "What?! It's not my fault I got goose bump." Atsushi shouted at the lovey-dovey couple.

"So, I tried to call him At-chan like his mother call him and he got angry. So, basically I call him Otani." Risa added despite a glaring war has started between Atsushi and Nobu-chan.

"Dame, Risa! You can't call him Otani. Now that you're married to him; you're Otani Risa not Koizumi Risa. "Right, Darling? Try knocking some sense to your friend Darling!"

"Don't need to bother, she don't even care right, Risa?" Atsushi glance at Risa and his jaw dropped. "R-Risa! Wh-why are you crying? Don't cry Risa, everyone is looking at us." Atsushi hissed as he noticed everyone in the café looking at them whispering Atsushi is heartless making his own wife cry.

Risa sniffed hard and cried with tears flowing down her cheek. "R-Risa, stop crying everyone is looking at us." Atsushi hissed again.

"B-but even when we're married, you act like we're still a couple. I also want to call you sweet and cute name like Nobu-chan called Nakao-chi 'Darling'. Risa said while sniffling hard. "Hidoi-yo Atsushi! You make her cry." Nakao-chi scoffed at Atsushi.

"O-okay, call me whatever you like just don't call me Atsushi-kun or A-chan. Risa's eyes beamed. "Hontou? I can call you whatever I like?"

"Yeah, whatever just not the name I said earlier" Jeez… his wife has become more sensitive this past few days. If he say anything wrong or didn't pay attention to her she would cry all day long.

"Then, I'll call you honey." Risa replied happily with a smile. "Kyaa~ Risa good job!" Nobu-chan squealed with delight. "Its okay right honey?" Atsushi's face turned scarlet as Risa calls him honey.

"D-dame Risa! It's too embarrassing." Atsushi stammered a bit. Nakao-chi and Nobu-chan change glances. "Darling! Let's change your name to Honey." Nobu-chan asked Nakao-chi. "Dame, Nobu-chan it's only for Atsushi-kun," Nakao-chi replied while grinning widely.

"R-risa! Change the name!"

"B-but you let me call you anything I want." Risa objected strictly.

"Demo-ne… This is embarrassing. Change it Risa."

"Aho, Honey! You're a liar! You said I can call anything I want and I- and I-" Risa wails loudly than before and burst out more tears."

"O-okay, Honey it will be then. Stop crying now, risa. We're in a café, remember?" Atsushi wiped Risa's tears with his hand.

Risa stopped crying and smiled at Atsushi. They stared at each other lovingly and broke off after hearing Nobu-chan said "My, my Darling what a heart-warming scene we have here. I'm crying right now seeing this." Before Nobu-chan could wiped of her tears Nakao-chi captured her tears with his finger and kissed it.

"Dame, Nobu-chan. Your tears are only for me to see and touch. I can't let anybody see this beautiful masterpiece right in front of me.

"Darling~" Nobu-chan cried while hugging Nakao-chi. Nakao-chi quickly responds by hugging her back. "Nobu-chan~" They hug for a long time until they melted with each other's warmth and kissed each other's lips.

"I- I think we better get going now, right Risa?"

"R-right h-honey lets go. We're leaving Nobu-chan and Nakao-chi." They heard a gentle 'hmmm' which indicates 'yeah, just go on without us' Atsushi pulled Risa's hand and they left the café with a crimson face.

"And that's how he got the name 'Honey'. Sweet isn't it Chiharu-chan?"

"Uwaaan~ so sweet, I wish Ryoji-kun would do that to me. Nee~ Ryoji-kun what about I call you Honey too. Is it okay honey?" Chiharu-chan winked at Suzuki-kun and using seductive voice.

The Heikichi couple and Atsushi stared at her unbelievably with their jaw dropped. Was Chiharu-chan always this daring? She's too timid and innocent for this.

"Ch-chiharu-chan… D-dame! It's so embarrassing… I also will take a long, long, long time to do that.

"Ryoji-kun Aho! You don't even want to understand my feeling and my desire for you… I hate you Ryoji-kun!" Chiharu-chan cries and sniffles loudly.

"Ch-chiharu-chan… Don't cry… Don't cry…" Suzuki-kun tries his best to be romantic but it turns out to be boring and emotionless. He just say don't cry and give her tissues; that makes Chiharu-chan cried even louder.

Then, the door at the back swung open and Risa moved towards the table with Nobu-chan's baby by her hand. Chiharu-chan upon seeing the baby suddenly beamed with excitement. She has already forgotten about the incident earlier and asked Risa to hand the baby.

"Sure, Chiharu-chan. Here, hold the head first and then his body." Risa instructed Chiharu-chan and hands the baby. Chiharu-chan took the baby gently and cradled it showing to Suzuki-kun.

"Ryoji-kun isn't he so cute? I hope our child will be healthy and cute like this," Chiharu-chan kissed the baby's head gently and handed it to Risa.

"Eh~ Chiharu-chan could it be you're pregnant?" All the people on the table asked simultaneously. Chiharu-chan stole a glance on Suzuki-kun before she replied "Ummm! I'm pregnant 3 months."

"That's why she acted differently earlier, it's called mood swing," Suzuki-kun explained. "Ahh~ Souka," they all nodded except for Risa who's a bit confused.

"Omedettou, Chiharu-chan!" they all congratulate simultaneously again.

"Arigatou minna," she replied blushes a bit. Risa still standing with Nobu-chan's baby caught Nobu-chan staring at her for quite a while.

"Nani, Nobu-chan? Why are you staring at me?" she asked feeling quite uneasy. Is she holding the baby the wrong way?

"Risa, did you put on some weight? Your stomach seem to swollen a bit." Nobu-chan asked making all the people on the table stare at her stomach. Yeah, it does look swollen.

"Ah… I guess so… I've been stressing up this few days and been eating a lot of chocolates," Risa explained blushing a bit. She's embarrassed that Nobu-chan asked the question straight-forwardly but that's what she loves about her best friend. She doesn't keep things hidden from her.

"Ne~ Risa, could it be you throw up this morning because you ate tons of chocolate?" Atsushi asked waiting for Risa's answer.

"Maybe," she replied short. Then, her okaa-san interrupted them, bringing foods and drinks. She placed the tray on the table and asked them to help themselves.

"Arigatou, Okaa-san" they all thanked her. "Do itashimashita, dears. Risa, here. Let me take care of the baby. You go and enjoy yourself with your friends."

"Hai, Okaa-san. Arigatou." She handed the baby to her mother. "Jaa ne, Ryuu." She kissed Ryuu's cheek and settled down on her seats again.

They all talked with each other, talking about their current life and works while eating the foods and drinking the tea Risa mom's prepared. Risa felt quite dizzy and had the urge to throw up again. She quickly dashed to the bathroom knocking her chair down. She threw up again into the toilet bowl.

"Risa!" Atsushi shouted and followed Risa to the bathroom. Risa just finished washing up her face. She went out of the bathroom; her face was paler than before. Suddenly, she fainted on the floor with a soft thud. It's a good thing her mom placed fluffy carpet on the bathroom door.

"Risa, do you hear me?! Risa!" Atsushi shouted shaking Risa who is unconscious. He bridal carried Risa and went towards the door leaving their friends looking worried and astonished a bit. Atsushi lays Risa on the back seat and quickly drove off to the hospital.

"Why are you guys so pale?" Risa's mom asked carrying Ryuu with her. "Okaa-san, Risa fainted. She looks so pale and lifeless," Nobu-chan and Chiharu-chan cried and runs towards Risa's mom and hugs her for comfort. Nobu-chan and Chiharu-chan is very close with Risa's mom.

"It's okay Nobu-chan, Chiharu-chan. She's pregnant that's why she's like that." Risa's mom replied calmly. Nobu-chan and Chiharu-chan stopped crying and loosened their hand on Risa's mom.

"Eh~ She's pregnant! Why didn't she tell us?" Nobu-chan and Chiharu-chan asked.

"Because she doesn't know about it, so does Atsushi-kun. So, don't tell them until they know it from the doctor okay?"

"Okay, Okaa-san!" They all shouted happily and grinning widely imagining Atsushi's reaction.

~At the hospital~

"Omedettou, Atsushi-san. Your wife is 4 months pregnant." The aged doctor congratulates him. "For now, you better prepare for mood swing; you have to control her stress moods and her weird cravings. Try to fulfill all her cravings unless it could harm the baby inside her. She has to stay for about 2 days in this hospital. She loses quite a lot of water due to continuous throw up and stress. So, I hope you give good cooperation with us," the doctor ended his speech.

Atsushi walked out of the doctor's room feeling happy, anxious and a bit afraid. He's happy that he's going to be a father, anxious because he's not sure if he could control all her mood swing, the cravings and stress and he's afraid if he failed to act as a good husband and father.

He arrived at Risa's ward; he purposely chose a single ward so they could have private time together. He closed the door behind him and sat on the chair beside Risa. He stared at his beautiful wife that he loves so much and grabbed her hand gently pulling it to his cheek.

Her warm hand cleared all his worries that's been building up for quite a time. Risa opened her eyes and felt something warm on her hand. "Honey, is that you? Am I in a hospital?" She looked around white sheets, white ceilings yeah it is the hospital.

"Yeah, it's me. I've good news for you, Risa!" he shouted happily and hugged his wife tightly. "We're going to be parents!" he continued. "Eh~ really. How many months is it?" she grinned widely. She can't believe she's going to be a mother.

"4 months, dear." Atsushi smiled looking at his wife dearly. His wife is lost in thought thinking about the baby.

"When will we know the gender?" she asked.

"I think on the 5th month. That means one month from now."

"What gender would you prefer honey?" Risa asked waiting for his husband reply. " It doesn't matter if it's a boy or a girl, as long as the baby is healthy." Atsushi replied.

"Risa, why don't you give me a present as a thanks for me bridal carrying you to the car?" Atsushi said winking his eyes.

"Eh~ Really? You bridal carried me in front of them? That's embarrassing. Okay then, for your brave act I'll reward you my kiss. Just mind the IV."

"I will try keeping that in mind." Atsushi replied grinning widely. He leaned closer as Risa circled her arm around his neck. Their kiss deepened as time went by.

They broke off after hearing whispers behind the door. Atsushi quickly dashed towards the door before they run off. "What do you guys think you're doing?!" Atsushi shouted as he face turns crimson red.

"Kyaa~! You don't have to be that embarrass" Nakao-chi said using his best male-to-female voice.

"Yeah, its not like we never see you kiss. Oops… Actually it's been kissed by Seiko-chan." Nobu-chan added.

"AAAARGHH! Not that again! I was about to forget that completely! You guys are so-"

"Honey! Don't go shouting in hospital!" Risa said strictly.

"D-demo~! Risa!" Atsushi whined and pouted.

"No but, but. Just get out of this room and stay somewhere else. I want to be with them. I also can't stand your smell. It makes me want to throw up."

"Eh~! I already showered this morning and wore cologne. How could I smell bad?"

"I don't know just stay out!"

Atsushi walked out the room feeling sad and depressed. Nakao-chi and Suzuki-kun tailed behind him as Nobu-chan and Chiharu-chan walked inside the room.

~At the Cafe~

"Geez, what's wrong with Risa?" Atsushi sighed as he sat at his seat together with Nakao-chi and Suzuki-kun.

"It's okay, Atsushi. It's normal for pregnant woman to act this way." Nakao-chi assured him.

"Yeah, it has something to do with hormone change. I was also kicked out of the house for weeks when Chiharu-chan just got pregnant." Suzuki-kun added sadly.

Weeks? How can he survive living for 5 months with all this hormone changes, weird cravings and everything…