Atsushi wake up beside Risa's bed. Wait, why am I here? Owh.. yeah, now I remember Risa got admitted into the hospital and find out that Risa is 3 months pregnant. "Honey, are you awake?" a gentle voice asked.

Atsushi looked up and saw Risa looking at him. "Yeah, I'm all awake now. Did you get a good rest?" Atsushi asked fearing the pale look on her face. Is that a sign of not enough rest.

"Well, not really. You keep on snoring like a bear. I hardly get enough sleep." Oh great, she's pregnant and can't get enough of sleep because of me or rather my snore frequency.

"G-gomen Risa... Maybe I shouldn't stay here after all. Then you could get a better rest," Atsushi mutters softly.

"Pffftttt... Ahahhaha! Honey you actually believe what I said. Ahhahaha! Its been a long time since I saw your apologetic face of yours. The last time is when you forgot about my birthday years ago." Risa laugh out loud while wiping the tears in her eyes. Ah~ Its been a long time too I haven't tease my honey this much.

"That was a lie? Mou~ Risa, stop teasing me.." He pout his lips childishly.

"My,my are you sulking. Ne, akachan you're Otoo-san is sulking. What should I do?" Risa give a gentle brush and pat her stomach.

Atsushi's pout dissolve and turns into a wide grin. He give a quick peck on Risa's stomach and said to the akachan in Risa's stomach "Akachan, it seems that your Okaa-san doesn't know that a kiss is enough to make me happy throughout the day."

"Oh, is it really like that? Hmm.. Fine then, one kiss it is," Risa said to Atsushi who's looking happily at her.

"Then, give me your best shot or kiss," Atsushi said closing his eyes. "I'm waiting Risa.." He added softly.

Risa smiled looking at her husband before leaning down and give a peck on his cheek. "There, one kiss is planted.'

Atsushi open his eyes and looked at her puzzled. "Why are you looking at me like that? You did say you want a kiss, but you didn't say you want it where." Risa smiled cheerfully at him.

"Oh well, fine then. At least I got a kiss. You should probably get ready to leave. Here's your handbag and a fresh change of clothes. After you finish that wait for me at the entrance okay? I haven't pay the parking fees, I might get fine for that. If you felt dizzy and feel like going to faint, just call me. Your cellphone is in your bag so give me a call if things get worse."

"Hai, hai! I understand, honey. You better go pay the parking fees and wait for me in the car. I'll be there as soon as I can." Risa replied smiling at Atsushi who's satisfied with her replies.

"Well then, I'll be going now. Take care, Risa." Atsushi gets up from his chair and kiss Risa's forehead before leaving towards the door and flash a smile towards Risa.

Risa quickly gets the clothes and the towel hanging on the rack before entering the bathroom to shower with a smile.

Meanwhile at the lobby...

"I'm sorry! Pardon me! I need to rush, my friend is in a ward!" A distinct black haired with red highlight guy shouted as he push into the crowded hospital and bump into Atsushi.

"Hey, watch where you're going dude! You're not the only..." Atsushi shouted but sadly the guy has left already. Atsushi only caught a glimpse of his hair. It looks like Kohori. No,no. I must mistaken him for someone else.

The guy earlier went straight towards the nurse's counter with a huge thump sound he made as he accidentally bump his hand on the counter. The noise caught the three nurse in attention looking at his disheveled appearance but still maintains his hot looks.

"I'm sorry about that noise, but could please tell me what ward is Koizumi Risa's in?" The nurse in front wearing a tag name 'Ibuki Hoshino' blush a bit as she was asked by such a handsome man. Not only that he's handsome but he's also a gentleman saying 'please'.

"A-ano.. L-let me check it first" The nurse stammered a bit. She type Risa's name in the computer and it appears as soon as she press enter. "Ah! There it is, she's in Ward 12. B-before that sir, may-may I know your name?" The nurse blush as soon as she asked.

The guy looked at her puzzled. Oh well, a name is just a name. "My name is Kazuki Kohori, you can call me Kohori though. Ah, by the way. Thanks for telling me the ward my friend's in..." Kohori looked at her tag before continue his word "Hoshino-chan, arigatou." He left before flashing a killer smile at the heart-eyed Hoshino. "Kyaa~h! I think I just found my prince charming," Hoshino ecstatically shouted despite the glare from the head nurse who happens to come in.

In ward 12..

Risa just finished putting on her clothes and was about to get out before she heard a knock on the door. Hmmm.. Who could that be in this hour. Surely its not Atsushi, he's waiting for her in the car. Risa open the door revealing Kohori who was grinning widely.

Risa step aside letting Kohori to enter as he she made her way towards the chair. Kohori enters the room and sat down across Risa.

"So, remember me?" He asked still grinning widely. "Duh.. How could I forget my friend, Kohori-kun. Although I almost don't recognize you if it wasn't for that red highlight on your hair and also your cute face." Risa replied.

Kohori heart skips a beat as he heard the word 'cute'. "Haha, thanks for the compliment. I didn't know you're leaving today" Kohori said, looking at Risa all dress up.

"Its fine we can still talk here for a bit." Risa said. "Thanks. The last time I saw you was 1 month before your wedding day."

"Yeah, its been a long time since we last saw each other. You didn't even come to my wedding day, Meanie!" Risa playfully stuck her tongue out.

Your a mother-to-be but still act like a five year old kid, I tell you I have an important work to do."

Yeah,yeah fine then." Risa replied before open a new topic about their memories together.

-Its about 20 minutes they talk to each other about their memories on part time job at Ikebe, about their work life and when they talk about Risa's marriage life she just remembered about Atsushi waiting for him-

Risa glance at the watch on her wrist knowing that Atsushi is angry right now for her being late. "Crap! I gotta go right now, Kohori-kun. Atsushi is waiting for me." Risa said while rummaging on her handbag for lipstick. After she got hold on one, she quickly apply it without looking on the mirror. A maiden's face has to be pretty no matter how she looks or where she is.

She quickly put it in her handbag and gets up from the chair. Suddenly, she felt dizzy and nearly falls on the cold floor. Luckily, Kohori was there to catch her. "Ah, gomen Kohori-kun. I felt a little dizzy just now, nut I'm fine already.

Kohori who was still holding on Risa's body to support her notice something smear on Risa's cheek. "Eh, Risa. Your face is smudge w-" "No time for the details, Kohori-kun! We'll be late and Atsushi will be angry at me" Risa cuts in.

Kohori just take her arms and circled it on his neck, while the other hand hold onto her wrist. Risa who's mind is on Atsushi's angry face seems to notice nothing on their positions. Kohori slowly escort her outside of her room and pass the nurse earlier. Oh no, is that her girlfriend. Does that mean he's taken. Hoshino heart throbs a little seeing this.

Kohori safely arrived at the entrance, but little did he know that someone is watching them with fiery eyes...

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