This is a Star Ocean The Last Hope fan-fiction. It has nothing to do with the game, and I'm trying to keep them in character, but it's hard sometimes.

Special thanks to Ciissi for the idea that sparked this story.

A Silently Bold Statement

Faize recovered from his near-heart attack, though he was wary of any form of warm liquid that was contained in a mug for a while. But it became apparent to everyone that something was bothering him.

"Edgie." said Lymle. She'd grown, and while she was still rather short, she was starting to look more like a little lady instead of a child.

"What is it, Lym?"

"What's wrong with Faize?" she asked. "Cause whatever it is, it's making my Crowie sad."

"I'm not sure what's up." Edge looked up as Crowe came in, looking at a data-pad. "Hey, Crowe. Do you know what's wrong with Faize?"

Crowe didn't look up. "He's lock himself in the item creation room." he said. He stopped just short of bumping into Lymle and finally looked up. "And whatever he's doing in there is making a lot of noise."

It also became apparent he wasn't using his translator, as a series of unrecognizable words suddenly came from the item creation. Arumat looked over, somewhat startled.

"What is it, honey?" asked Reimi.

"There are only so many curses one can use in Eldarian." Arumat replied. "And I NEVER taught him that one."

Faize emerged briefly from the item creation and tossed Mericle across the room. He yelled something at her, then turned on his heal and returned to the room he'd been in prior.

"Meow?" said Mericle.

"He said to stay out, you stupid cat." said Arumat. "Only he used seven curse-words for you."

Edge blinked. "I didn't know Faize had such a . . . colorful vocabulary."

"He normally doesn't." Arumat replied.

Faize looked again at his handiwork. It wasn't something he'd normally be caught dead in, but if he was to make this statement to Edge, he would have to. Besides, it was such a nice color, and made of expensive Eldarian silk. Both were, but the other was more suited, and fitted, for Edge. Add that to the other items he'd tried so carefully to tool out, and he was sure that Edge would either truly love him or eternally hate him for what he was about to do.

But the first step as to hide the silken garments. Carefully, Faize folded to two items and slid them in a box. On top of these, he placed the two items he'd made, then closed it. With a sigh, he turned his translator back on and walked out, carrying the box.

"Faize?" Edge asked.

Faize looked over. "Oh, hi, Edge." He tried to keep the color from rising to his cheeks. It only sort-of worked.

"What were you working on in there?" Edge asked, eyeing the crate.

"I'll tell you later." said Faize. He hurried off to the bedroom, where he hid the box in one of his drawers under the bed. He sat down and sighed. Carefully, he turned the translator off again and grabbed his data pad. He tapped the corner, and the short lesson began.

Edge stepped into the room and was pleasantly startled. Faize was trying to learn English.

Faize looked up and paused the lesson.

"Keep going." Edge said.

Faize looked at him, slightly confused. He thought he'd try saying something in Edge's native tongue. "Hello." he said. His eyes studied Edge to see if he'd said something wrong.

Edge smiled. "Hello, Faize."

Faize understood the first word; it was what he'd just said. But the second sounded strange to his ears. He tilted his head, looking confused.

Edge smiled. He pointed to himself. "Edge Maverick." he said.

Faize repeated the words a few times, until he was sure he'd gotten it right. Looking a little embarrassed, he proceeded to say his own name, but in Eldarian. It sounded only slightly like what it did translated.

Edge could see that it meant a lot for Faize to be trying this with him, so he carefully repeated the words. Faize corrected him twice before he had it right.

Faize sighed and tapped the translator on. "I've been trying to learn." he said. "But there's still a lot I don't understand."

"How long have you been learning?" Edge asked.

"Since I was assigned to the ship." Faize replied. "Names are the hardest."

"You'll learn." Edge smiled. "Now, what were you working on?"

Faize sighed. "Edge, what am I to you?"

Edge blinked at the suddenly strange question. "I don't get what you mean." he said.

"What am I to you?" Faize asked. He looked at Edge, his amethyst eyes full of questioning, worry, and hope.

Edge understood the question this time. He sat on his knees in front of the Eldarian. "You're my world, Faize. You're my lover, my life, my best friend. My companion when I need someone the most." Edge reached over and touched Faize's pale cheek. "I love you, more than anything."

Faize reached his hand up and touched the hand holding his face. "You're my everything, too, Edge." he said. "My earth and sky, my treasure, is you." He looked at Edge, a small smile on his face. "Would you object to making our declarations permanent?"

Edge didn't quite understand as Faize pulled the box out of its hiding place. Not until he saw what lay inside. "Yes, Faize. Let's make this permanent."

Edge fixed the front of his silken suit. The colors were not traditional, but rather, it was lightly tinted to accent his hair color. He sighed and looked up at the judge that would perform the ceremony.

The only witnesses to this occasion would be Crowe and Arumat, who were both dressed in their military finery. Arumat hated it.

And then, Edge's 'bride' walked in. The dress was floor-length, and tinted just the palest green. A laurel of silken flowers circled the emerald hair, and if it hadn't been for the fact that the 'bride' was as flat as a pancake on the front and was actually male, this would have made a perfect picture.

But Faize knew what he was doing. He was declaring before Eldar that he wasn't going to take a woman as his partner, and declaring before Earth that he was Edge's wife.

And so the ceremony began. As the rings were exchanged, Edge noticed that the etching was actually words, written in English and in Eldarian. He would ask what the Eldarian words were later. Right now, his precious 'bride' was all that mattered.

And that kiss. That sweet, loving kiss that sealed the fact that they were, and always would be, one. It was etched forever in Faize and Edge's minds, as an eternal symbol of their love.