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Christmas Trip

Little Creek 2038(Ahsoka's pov)

"Kids, hurry up it's almost time," I waited downstairs for the kids to come down so we could go.

It has been 10 years since I moved to earth and has been 7 years since the fall of Mark IV. So far things on earth have been going very well. Ichiro and I were preparing to go to my old world to see the council about bringing my kids Jake, Liana, and Barriss to Ilum, where hopefully they can find their crystals to make their first lightsabers.

Barriss has her own that my friend Barriss gave to my daughter as a present. However, I wanted to see if Barriss could find her own lightsaber. As for the twins they were looking forward to this ever since I began training them. A few weeks after the fall of Mark IV, Ronin Suzuki left me a large land that he used to build a Jedi temple on earth.

I was surprised that he did this, but also thrilled when I heard there were kids who were force sensitive. Many of the kids who joined were orphans, street kids, or kids who ran away from abusive homes. I had some help with the new kids thanks to the necklace Marrissa gave me, which allowed my friends from my old home to come back to teach the kids.

Master Skywalker influenced a lot of kids, especially when it came to teaching them how to fly or fix a droid. Master Kenobi and Luminara taught the kids to focus and study. Master Yoda taught the kids to be patient, even though many had a hard time understanding him. Barriss helped me teach the kids how to control their emotions, but not to not form attachments.

One of the many things I liked about being in charge of the new Jedi temple. That is making new rules such as allowing attachments, marriage, and not taking kids from parents, unless it's the kid's choice. Kalifa and Numa joined the order to help out, the others helped out too teaching the kids, and teaching them how to defend themselves. I was happy for what the others and Ronin did and hope this new order would survive than my old one did.

"I'm ready mommy," I turned around and saw my daughter Barriss wearing her black Jedi outfit I made for her and wore her glasses. She wore a long black cloak, with the hood covering her face, and she was carrying a big bag.

Barriss was 8 years old. Her lekku has grown and so did her headtails. As for the twins they were both ten years old. Jake despite being human did have some Togruta features like his dark orange skin and his hair being white with blue stripes on it like my Lekku.

Liana looked like me, she was a Togruta like Barriss, had the same markings as mine, but her teeth were human not like a Togruta. As for Barriss she couldn't see very well at a young age so the doctors gave her glasses to see. It seemed a little strange for a Togruta to wear glasses, but it was for her own good, and she didn't mind.

I smiled and approached Barriss moving the hood from her face, "You look beautiful and why are you bringing a suitcase? We're only going to be there for a day,"

"Awwwww , but mommy you said we could spend a week there," Barriss whined as she wanted to spend a week at her mommy's old home.

I sighed and kneeled down, "Barriss, I did say that, but we can't spend a week there. Christmas is in a two days and we need to come back to spend time with your grandparents,"

Barriss's expression turned to sadness, "I know, but I wanted to learn more about your home,"

I pet Barriss's head and I figured a way to cheer her up, "I know sweetie, but look I'll tell you what when we get back. We'll go see Aunt Marrissa, okay?"

Barriss's expression turned to happiness as she got excited, "Yay! Thank you mommy!"

Barriss wrapped her small arms around my neck and hugged me tightly, "No problem Barriss,"

I knew was going to regret this. I didn't mind Marrissa anymore, but going over to her place still gives me the creeps. Marrissa was still trying to get used to people, mostly Ichiro and the others. But with Barriss she opens up and spends time with her, almost as if Barriss was her own child. That kind of worries me, but Katalia assured me nothing will happen, hopefully.

Soon the twins came down as they wore their Jedi outfits I made them. Jake's was white, while Liana…was suppose to be black, except now it's pink, "We're ready mom,"

I sighed and approached my 10 year old daughter, "Liana, what did you do to your outfit?"

Liana looked at her outfit and then at her mom, "Oh I didn't like the color so I changed it,"

I rubbed the sides of my head and groaned, "Why didn't you tell me about this before I made the outfit?"

Liana shrugged her shoulders and went to the kitchen. Jake followed her as I sat on the couch, "Where does she get that attitude from? I was never like that,"

"I would say your right," I turned around and saw Ichiro, "But um from what Anakin told me about your past in a way you did have an attitude that was like Liana's,"

I would have to have a word with my master about telling my husband about my past, "That is the last time I let you talk to my master or anyone from my past alone,"

Ichiro sat down next to me and kissed me on the cheek, "I think it's cute. In a way Liana is your…mini me,"

Ichiro snickered while I gave him a stern look, "You are not watching that movie ever again," I got up and tried to leave, but Ichiro grabbed my hand.

"I'm sorry I couldn't help it," Ichiro pulled me back on the couch and kissed me on the cheek.

I knew I couldn't stay mad at Ichiro as I stopped him from kissing me on the cheek and kissed him on the lips, "Just promise me not to make those jokes when we're meeting my friends,"

Ichiro had a worried look on his face as I sensed something was wrong, "Um about that. My mom asked me to spend time with her and the twins. She feels like we haven't spend any time together in a long time,"

"So wait your not coming with us?" I was a little sad Ichiro wasn't coming. I wanted him to come with us.

"I'm sorry Ahsoka. I was going to tell you, but I was worried you would be mad at me," I sighed and knew I couldn't be mad at Ichiro or Rachel who wanted to spend time with her kids, "But, mom said someone is coming with us,"

"Who?" The door opened and in Isamu who looked like he was ten years ago when we first met, in his 30's.

"Howdy everyone," Isamu entered the house wearing his civilian outfit.

"Grandpa Isamu!" The kids came running towards their grandpa as they jumped up to hug him.

"Hey there kids, how are you?" Isamu hugged all three and held them close, "Wow you're all getting bigger huh?"

"What are you doing here?" Barriss asked.

"I'm coming with you on this trip," the kids yelled as they were excited and happy that their grandpa was coming with them, "If you don't mind Ahsoka,"

I knew the kids would be sad if I said no and having Isamu along sounds okay, "I don't see why not,"

"Yay!" The kids shouted together in unison.

"Sorry about taking your place son," Isamu said to his son.

"It's okay dad, just be careful okay?" Isamu nodded as the kids went to finish getting ready.

Unknown Island (Katalia's pov)

Katalia was in her home with the drones putting up decorations for Christmas. Her kids would come over to visit so they could celebrate Christmas with their parents. It would be their first one together as a family. She had the drones make the food, put up the Christmas tree, and her job was to make sure everything was where it should be.

"Hello!" Katalia looked over by the door and saw her daughter-in-law Rowan coming in with the twins, Katalia's granddaughter and son.

"Rowan." Katalia smiled warmly, "Good to see you. Where's Markala?"

"He's looking for Roarik's stuff bear that he dropped in the plane," Roarik hid behind his mommy as he was shy.

"Hi Grandma Kat," Sierra walked up to her grandma hugging her.

Katalia stretched her neck, "Ugh, I'm getting stiff. Mark and I were up all night."

"Still going at it?" Rowan asked as she picked Roarik up in her arms.

She blinked, "Actually we had a night off and played a game, basically he was given a five minute head start, then I had to chase him around the island."

Sierra snickered, "And you caught him right Grandma?"

"He knows all the tunnels, short cuts, security doors, and he had an electric motorbike, of course I caught him." Katalia smirked.

Markala came into the house wearing a Christmas sweater that Rowan made, "Hey honey,"

Sierra and Roarik spoke at the same time, "Hi daddy,"

"Mother" he bowed his head to her.

Katalia held her arms out, "Come on, give me a hug."

He sighed but moved forward and embraced his mother with a smile, "Where is father?"

"He's in the lab working on a new design." she replied, "Something to do with emergency shield technology."

"That's cool and like the sweater I made for Markala, Katalia?" Rowan asked as the sweater was Christmas colored and has 'Merry Christmas' on the front of the sweater.

"Katalina called said she would be here tomorrow," Rowan explained.

"Grandma Katalia, can we go play with Aunt Ventrika?" Sierra asked as she tugged on her grandma's dress.

"Okay, she should be sunbathing on the beach." Katalia told them, "She'll have plenty of energy so if you want to play with her then she should be up to it."

The kids took off to see Ventrika, while Rowan used her magic to send the luggage to their rooms, "The house looks ready for Christmas. I'm impress Katalia, will there be a party?"

"Oh yeah." she nodded, "Mark's been planning to have a massive party to celebrate the end of the war, and because he owes so many birthday parties."

"Um, will you guys be okay if we invited Ryu, and his family?" Rowan asked.

Katalia visibly flinched, "I'm not sure... I don't know. I have no problem with Ryu or his mother, but..."

Rowan had pleading eyes, "Please, it's for Christmas please,"

"Not going to work on me." Katalia growled, "If you want Talsein here you get Mark's permission. Otherwise I'm saying no."

Rowan took off to go find Mark. She came back seconds later, "He said yes," Rowan smiled.

"What?" Katalia blinked, "How did you get down to his lab, ask him, convince him, and get back here so fast?"

Rowan raised her hand, "A magician never reveals her secrets and now I'm going to go call the others," Rowan took off to call Ryu and his family.

Katalia frowned, "Something's not right." she tapped her earpiece, "IG-101"

Coruscant (Ahsoka's pov)

We arrived outside the Jedi temple as the portal closed behind us. We looked around and the kids were amazed by the city of Coruscant. I looked around and saw the city looked like it was long ago. I also noticed the Jedi temple looked the same as I remembered it. Isamu used his flash step so we could appear at the entrance of the temple without climbing all the steps.

"Whoa," the kids said in unison amazed at how big the temple was. The one back home wasn't as big as the original temple, but it's still pretty big.

"A lot has changed since I came here," Isamu noticed the temple was not in ruins like the last time he was here.

"Well that was ten years ago Isamu, so of course it would have changed during that time," I knew the only time Isamu came here was looking for us when Ichiro and his sisters first came to this world.

"Still, it looks like the Jedi did pretty well rebuilding the order in just ten years," we were then approached by several droids as they aimed their guns at us.

"Halt, identify yourselves," I figured the Jedi would keep around some droids in order to protect the temple.

"I am Ahsoka Tano, Master Jedi, and I am here to speak with the Jedi Council," a minute later the droids withdrew their guns.

"Of course, right this way Master Tano," I turned to my kids and kneeled down.

"Listen, I'll be back in a little bit. Wait with Grandpa Isamu and don't cause trouble," the kids nodded as I turn to Isamu, "Keep them out of trouble please Isamu,"

Isamu nodded, "You have my word my lady,"

I rolled my eyes and followed the droids. The droids led me towards a female Jedi who I recognized, "Maris Brood, it's been a while,"

Maris looking older and wearing a cloak smiled when she saw me, "Ahsoka, it's been a while how are you?"

"Everything has been fine and you look different" I noticed Maris's stomach was bigger than last time I saw her.

Maris blushed a bit and nodded, "Yep, A few months pregnant,"

I was happy for Maris, "That's great, I guess since the rules changed they allowed you to meet someone huh?"

Maris nodded, "Yes, I'm glad to have met him, and he's not a Jedi. He's head of security here in the Jedi temple,"

"That's great, um listen is everyone here?" Maris nodded, "Good, can you get them together I want to ask them something,"

"Of course, is everything okay?" Maris asked.

"Yeah, just need to ask them a favor,"

Soul Society (Hanako's pov)

I was in the office getting ready to finish up. Christmas was almost here and I needed to head off to see Hikari about a secret little project we're working on. As I was getting ready to finish my teenage daughter and nephew Hayami and Kei came into the room and began barricading it.

"Um hi mom," I looked at Hayami wondering what she did.

"Hi, what did you two do?"

"Why do you always assume we did something?" Hayami asked trying to be innocent.

"Because you're my daughter and I know you too well," the door exploded as an older Yachiru came in angry.

"Where's my candy!" Hayami and Kei hid behind Hayami.

"Yachiru, what are you doing here?" I asked wondering what the kids did this time.

"I was making candy for Kenny when Hayami stole my candy," I turn to Hayami as she smiled innocently at me.

"Listen up, Christmas is almost here and the last thing I need is more headaches. So Hayami hand Yachiru back the candy," Hayami and Kei looked at each other and sighed.

"We um kind of ate them all, but only because Hayami said they were for us," Kei said blaming Hayami.

"Then you two will work with Yachiru to make more candy," the kids groaned, "No whining now get going you two,"

The kids left with Yoruichi who had a satisfied look on her face. Yoruichi came by and saw the hole, "Just another normal week before Christmas huh?"

I gave Yoruichi an annoyed look as she walked off smiling, "I'm going to kick her ass later,"

Jedi Temple (Ahsoka's pov)

I was with the council explaining to them why I came back. I was surprised to see there were now six council members. Kento and his wife Mallie Marek, Rahm Kota, Cin Drallig, Serra Keto, and Maris was also a member of the council.

I was happy for her and happy for Serra as well. Kento and Mallie's son Galen became a Jedi Knight, along with Mara Jade a new member of the Jedi, O-Mar, and Jinx. So it looks like despite what happened with the Forever Empire, the Jedi Order is still strong, even if the numbers have lessened.

"Master Tano, you have come here asking for your children to go to Ilum to get their lightsaber crystals?" Mallie asked as I nodded my head.

"Is there a problem?" I asked wondering if everything is okay.

"None, you don't need to ask us permission Ahsoka," Master Drallig explained, "Even if you left this world, this will be your home, and you are more than welcome to go anywhere without our permission,"

I bowed my head before the council, "Thank you, I'll go inform the kids then,"

"Actually Ahsoka there is one thing," Rahm Kota said before I left, "We do have a favor to ask from you,"

"Uh sure what is it?" I wondered what the council wanted from me.

Kento explained the favor, "You remember the gathering right?"

I nodded knowing what it was, "Yes, it's when a special group of younglings who have passed their requirements in order to be part of a special trip. A trip that will lead them to Ilum where they will find their lightsaber crystals and…wait a minute are you guys asking me to take some younglings to Ilum?"

The Council looked at each other and then nodded, "Well, since you're on your way there we figured you wouldn't mind taking a few younglings with you,"

I should have guessed asking the council for something was not going to be for free. I didn't want to take younglings with me, but I knew I couldn't say no. I figured the Council was busy with other things and this would give me a chance to practice taking younglings to Ilum to get their lightsabers when the ones back home are ready for the gathering.

"All right I'll do it," the Council smiled as they were glad by my decision, "So um who are the younglings I'm taking?"

Meanwhile (Normal pov)

Isamu was with the kids as they explored the Jedi temple. The kids were amazed by the different statues the temple had and how different it was from the temple back home. Isamu enjoyed seeing the surprise looks on his grandkid's faces. It was normal for them to react the way they were. He remembered how Hikari and him reacted when they came to the Soul Society when they were around the grandkid's ages.

"Grandpa, how come the temple here looks different than the one back home?" Liana asked.

"Not sure, I guess your mom didn't want the temple to look exactly like the one here," Isamu figured since he didn't know why Ahsoka changed things from the temple back home.

"I like the one back home. Some of these people I don't know who they are," Barriss couldn't figure out who these people were from the statues.

Jake then noticed something and snuck away from the others. He snuck into a room and saw someone. It was a girl. She had dark skin, blue eyes, and a strange headwear on her head. He didn't know what it was, but then remembered what his mom taught him about the species from this world. Jake remembered and knew this girl was a Tholothian.

Jake was stunned by this girl. He has never met another alien before, at least one from his mom's world. There was something about this girl that make Jake feel nervous and dry at the mouth. He never felt this way before and wasn't sure what to do. Jake moved closer and tripped as he fell on the floor. The girl noticed Jake and approached him.

"Are you okay?" Jake looked up and saw the girl as he blushed.

Jake got up quickly and cleared his throat, "I'm fine um thanks,"

The girl smiled and examined Jake, "Who are you? I never seen you around the temple before,"

"Oh I'm Jake, Jake Tano Ishida," Jake extended his hand to the girl who shook it.

"I'm Katooni, nice to meet you Jake," Jake smiled nervously at Katooni as they broke the handshake, "Tano, wait are you related to the Jedi Ahsoka Tano?"

Jake nodded, "Yeah, she's my mom. You know her?"

Katooni looked surprised by what Jake said, "You're mom? I thought Jedi weren't allowed to fall in love or have kids?"

Jake was now the one confused, "Who said that?"

"The code," Katooni explained.

Jake then remembered that in his mom's old world the Jedi weren't allowed to fall in love because it would lead to the dark side. Jake's mom told him in a way it's true, but only if the Jedi allow their feelings to cloud their judgment. That is why Jake's mom allowed her Jedi Order to fall in love, but only if they control their emotions.

"Oh right well um I thought that rule was gone?"

"Well yeah it is, but I mean before it wasn't," Katooni said as Jake understood.

"Oh, well I guess my mom broke the rule then," Jake was glad his mom did break the rule so she could be with dad, Jake, and his sisters.

"Wow, I'm surprised," Katooni couldn't believe Ahsoka Tano who she heard much about broke the rules and had a kid.

"Yeah, so um when did you join the Jedi?" Jake asked.


Just then a human boy came into the room. He had short black hair, green eyes, and dark skin. He also wore a Jedi outfit and walked up to Katooni, "Hey Katooni the Council said we were going to go to Ilum to get our crystals,"

Katooni looked excited as this is what her and her friends were waiting for, "That's great, oh um Petro this is Jake and Jake this is Petro,"

Petro turned to Jake and crossed his arms, "I don't remember him coming here,"

Katooni rolled her eyes, "He's Ahsoka Tano's son,"

Petro's eyes widened, "You serious?" Petro looked at Jake, "He doesn't look like a Togruta,"

Jake scratched the back of his head, "Well that's because my dad is…human,"

"Oh, I see that explains it," Petro understood as he knew a few kids back home how many were crossed breeds of human and Twi'lek or Togruta, "So where is your mom? I want to meet her,"

"My mom famous around here?" Jake asked.

Katooni nodded, "Yes she is, but we'll meet her later. We should get ready for the trip Petro,"

Petro groaned, "Oh man that's right. Darn, well I hope we can talk later Jake, see ya,"

"See ya Jake," Katooni and Petro left.

Jake was a little sad that Katooni left as he wanted to talk to her, "Bye,"

Liana appeared tackling her brother and putting him in an arm bar, "Where we're you? We were worried about you!"

Jake was tapping like crazy, "I give I give sorry sorry sorry,"

Isamu appeared and lifted Liana away from Jake, "What did your mom say about tackling your siblings?"

"Not to do it in front of an adult?" Isamu gave his granddaughter an emotionless expression, "What?"

Isamu sighed, "It's not to harm them, ever,"

"Oooooh that's not what I heard," Liana tried to act innocent with Barriss snickering.

Jake rubbed his arm, "Why did you do that?"

Isamu put Liana down, "You disappeared and I thought you got kidnapped like mom did when that blue skin guy kidnapped her here in the temple,"

Isamu knew Liana meant well, but she didn't need to overreact, "Liana, that was long ago and since then the temple's security has gotten better. No one is going to kidnap you, your sister, mother, or brother,"

Liana nodded and turned to her brother, "I'm sorry, just don't do that bro,"

Jake nodded knowing his sister was just looking out for him, "It's okay, so um where's mom?"

"Right here," Ahsoka came by and approached her kids, "Listen there's been a change in plans,"

"What is it?" Isamu asked.

"We're going to Ilum, but we're not going alone," the kids looked confused wondering what their mom is talking about.

Ahsoka is off to Ilum with the kids, but they aren't going alone. What is going to happen next time? And what will happen when the kids meet the younglings. Yep, the six younglings are here and they are going to be meeting. I wonder how they'll react when they find out about where Ahsoka is from and everything about the DC earth.

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