The King E

Chapter 1 beginnings

There was a 16 years old boy named Enoch. In school this life was full of bully's, after completing it he went to a college when the results were the same and this love for life was dying, in the first school "The Good Shepard" the bullies were girls and boys alike and they hate him, one of this teachers was of math and was insane, and they hate for him was awful, nearly making him insane and hating being human. Insults like crazy, or insane or evil were common then…he has no girl to love him. In the second school the thing were better in the beginning but they quickly were the same hell to Enoch…he wanted to die, to being with God and a girl he can love but he cannot kill himself or something kill him.

Then one day he was praying for forgiveness to this God and car ran him, the pain was impossible to endure, but he was about to meet this creator…literally.

When the pain died he was in a colorful vortex, and he know "this WILL BE?! YES IT APPEARS I WILL FINALLY BE FREE!" he was thinking to himself. But then in this train of thought he said: "what about the ones that make me suffer? What about these sons of a #!#$*? What about vengeance? That will never happen…" he was mad about this this wrath for retribution was making him violent, then the vortex opened a door…"what the heck?" And he saw a giant figure that was like in a robe in white a set of blue-fire sparks masking this face, 160 meter tall and the ground was made of clouds. " .IT!" then the gigantic figure said with a gentle but inhuman voice: welcome to the kingdom of heaven my son, I am…God. Enoch, a thin and slender boy with little whiskers, with a medium stature and with brown-ish skin coloration, black hair and brown eyes, was about to see this new life. He asked God. "Where I will live?" God: "My son this is not a singular Heaven, is an interdimencional personal Heaven for everyone!" Enoch: "Good! That will mean I will have my own dimension for myself, great, what about the enemies…they will die in a painful way? Because THEY DESERVE IT! These are pieces of ##% they were evil and they don't deserve forgiveness for my… #$holes." God: my son evil will NEVER prevail and you know it but calm down, your wish is done enjoy your Heaven for all eternity."

Then Enoch was transported to another vortex but in 12 seconds he was in this home (this own Heaven) a big castle with a bridge in the top made of Copper (this favorite metal) inside was like a palace with big door in the front and stairs to lead into it. An elevator was inside it takes up and Enoch see that was identical to this apartment. He say that the animals he had and liked but were not of him and passed out are there: Astro a wolf this Grandmother had, a turtle that he had and because a weird disease happened this father put she in a river, too bad that the water was contaminated, this dog snoopy escaped and he was never saw again, a spynix cat he always wanted, was there. He was happy that this entire animal friends were there…except Poker this dog that was alive. But he saw more of this house another elevator with put him in the top of the castle, the paralelipian bridge that was made of copper and with King E's logos like holes, in the end a throne made of the metallic orange was put…he seated and saw the vista. A long orange and permanent sky and the sea.

The King E had everything he wished: comic books he wanted, action figures that were very extensive, he can create figures and comics with this mind, and everything he wanted…just with a though he obtained it.

Then he explored alternate realities, and saw a world very like this earth but menaced by evil or morally ambiguous girls with horns…he then saw the life of a boy who saw this father and sister die by one of the girls. Then by God's will he learned everything, about the boy's life and the horned abomination. He know now that the girl was tortured by bullies like himself, and she killed them, with Psychokinetic hands also called "vectors", she meet the boy whose name was Kouta, and when this life was good with him, the kid lied because he had to see this cousin a "boy" in reality was a girl named Yuka. After the girl saw the truth, she killed the father and sister of the boy in the train after the festival. [For more information about this story is the Elfen Lien series try to learn more on wiki/Elfen_Lied_Wiki . ]

After the cruel events of Kouta, Kaede and these friends (the horned girl) the thing went on peace after the Lucy (Kaede) died. And the King E. the king of this own Heaven planed something big. And it involved nearly everyone on the maple house (where they lived). And it involved the most pure of the girls there Nana a Silpelit Diclonius (horned people) that was not like this killer cousins and loved, caring, and good.


"Ok, I need to destroy possible enemies, they can target them…her, so let's see if they can be put in a single place where I can cure them and end this war before, it ends with millions if not billions of innocent people. They will not know what attacked them; they don't have any ideas of what in capable of."

So the king with these new abilities to create powers, he created a living suit, goo he can use as a battle armor, to make weapons and tentacles. When the suit melded with him he looked like a black jumpsuit with a mask, the unusual features were, two eye holes with a copper color in a beam like light, the mouth was exposed with the same beam like copper color, a king E's logo in this chest, a grey area in the legs and black in this feet. They have 2 talons and 1 toe. To unmask better this alien appearance and NOT being a human in a costume.

The being makes a gun with a big clip of injections of the Diclonius antidote he "take" it of the fellow doctor who made it, he saw all the things in Maple house with a Space observatory, and sometimes robots to take things (like a bit of Nana's hair on a comb) he used a interdimencionl portal to see what he is got.

Finally the time has come after days of watching the house via laptop and seeing this love, God talk with him telepathically: "son I know about your plan, please make the right thing, also about your loved one…she is not what you think, she looks like your age BUT she is 7 years old, child…sorry."

King E: "what?"...a flat word in this head says "what" all the time..."but….what about her, I will only come there for her…WHAT THE HELL I WILL DO NOW?"

God: "son its hard but-"

King E: "WHY DON'T YOU SEE? I lost in love so many times with women, I one or another way they doesn't break my hearth but TEAR IT, QUIT THIS LOVE, and USE A CHAINSAW TO EVISCERATE IT!"

Enoch was in the Nana's shrine he made, with a huge portrait of her, exact replicas of her horns, a doll of her, and little chunks of her hair. The King loved her to death (NOT literally she will protect her in any case of harm) crying because this love was a lie.

To be continued.