The King E

Chapter 6

There is no Revenge like Intimidation PART 2

God is a being of unfathomable powers, including telekinesis, omnipotence, omnipresence, and one of the most important ones, Omni benevolence. He put a second chance to Enoch when he died…and he also altered reality to make Nana a being too young for this appearance, what her look like, when Enoch was not there she was 7 years old, now…16 years old, it's not God the benevolence itself?

"Are you afraid of God?" "

No, I'm afraid of you."

Yes, when God shows you something strong…you will do your best to try to stop it, or try to destroy the "evil" source. For a moment the King E (Enoch) saw the ones that make Nana's existence the most unpleasant and painful. God show him. Or it was something else? Enoch believes the first.

Then he decided to torture the people that make this love life a living hell. Even the dead ones.

Like a good music said:

"Your heart is worn and the seams are torn"

"And they've given you a reason to fight"

He has the right to punish the souls of the tortured ones?

Lets' see: the king then enters the maple house. And he is greeted by the incredulous Kouta; he says that he returned after 1 hour. Then he is close to Nana' room, he enters and saw Nana was worried and hugs him, then she ask with a little whine: "where you been?! I try to sense you but…oh you are not of my species I remember, but you are ok no?"

Then the boy sighs and starts to talk: "of course am ok! I did this for you, am sorry I had to go, tell me why you are so worried I don't have the power to create powers?"

Then she draws closer to him and whispered: "she is close…like a day from here"

Then Enoch freezes time and opens a portal to hell.

Then he enters. The place is like a deep cave. But the light was made by flame that was below the little and arid ground. Then he is close to the place of the dammed, blood spills from the walls, the humans who are here are tortured of an awful and inhuman ways. He is aware this is this worst nightmare; the demons are deformed and red due to blood spilling all the eternity, the horrible pain is so strong the king haves a pain in the head due for him being there. He was close to the ones who tried to take nana's life.

"You're not gonna let 'em take your will to live"

Then he finds Nousou, [this part is from the Elfen Lied wiki that I use for information, all the copyright is for this respective owners] Doctor Nousouwas a leading research scientist at the Diclonius Research Institute island facility ran by Chief Kakuzawa, and probably the world's leading expert on the biology and physiology of Diclonius. Undeniably brilliant, he was also cold, detached, arrogant, and at times almost as delusional as his employers. Given free rein by the Kakuzawas, he was utterly ruthless and willing to do whatever he saw as necessary to gain more knowledge of his subjects, some of whom lived and died under the most nightmarish circumstances imaginable, only to have their spinal columns and other body parts harvested for further experiments after death.

He was the one send by the director to kill Nana and in a short extent "nyu" but Enoch doesn't care about the later, he was killed when a Mariko clone (who was a mindless slave) has been able to gain freewill and a mind of this own, the result. She decapitated him. He was horrified about all he has done, and he sees him in pain in a fitting way; a like a giant metal structure, like a rectangle, this human body naked welded in the front. The structure was grey, but the part where he is grafted is hot, likely on fire and with a metal necklace in this throat equally welded.

"So…you are the one who tried and ALMOST succeeds in killing number 7, don't you?"

He tried to talk, but the pain was so horrible, that when he opens this mount blood was coming out of it.

"You are not a talking man? Too bad, hey, you know what is acid?"

The king extracted of this suit a hypo with a green-yellow liquid.

"There you go big boy! The world most greatest AND painful solvent!"

Then he injects him with the liquid, the dammed one is trying to scream, it's impossible.

"Because you are trapped there in that metal welding, the acid will never get out of you! It's not great, a psychopathic asshole like you is in the most horrible pain?!"

Then he is going to the place of torture of the ex-director.

The hell is not only a place, so he is close to a demon and asks:

Hey you pal, do you know where I can find an asshole called Kakuzawa, am…going to torture him"

The goat man saw the king ad he thought he was a demon and let him pass to a cave close to him. The place was named "the hell for the one of the so called gods" even was a logo of it, with the slogan, "there is a hell for everyone"; the logo was a circle in that circle was a man with a multitude of hands on the floor. The man was in a position of a fist in the sky. Then in the end of the cave was illuminated by blue torches, there were Egyptian pharaohs, Naram-Sin, Chinese Emperors and much more "god" wannabes.

They were tortured in awful manners, even ironic ones, then Enoch find the K part of the list and meet the director, he was covered in spikes made of bone, likely "horns"

Then the King Laughs in this face; "so…horny day you have there no?"

Then the old man with a temple he tries to put…but is very painful due to the fact that the pain in hell is augmented to a 100% and the lava in the peak of the horns spikes is not very helpful.

"Another demon tries to torture me, what is a surprise? More spikes?!"

"No…why you tried to kill Nana? Because she has powers, because she has more power than you, OR because she was…"useless"?"

Then he began to laugh too…and then the spikes began to tear this skin more and more, then the lava began to fall in this body. Then he began to painfully talk: "the last one my friend, she was someone that loved humans, and I don't want that to live, because….eh, I didn't though that before…why to kill her? Oh yeah she. Is. Useless. Pacifist. B****"

Then Enoch grab a metal stick from the ground, them he melted it and stab it into the man's eye; "IF YOU SAY THAT AGAIN I WILL BE HERE ALL THE DAY STICKING THAT THING IN YOUR EYE TO YOUR PENIS! Now I'm cool I'm calmed down…you have the BALLS to try to be like god, then you try to kill my girl…then you try to make Kaede more evil that she already was…fail…HAHAHHAAHAHHAHAHA" he laughs and injects the acid in this body.

"What a good talk; have a long despair time, ass!"

Then he teleports in to the goat man place and asks where the man without name is.

Then is revealed by the demon that this name is tamago….he was a rapist and the most wanted man in Thailand for raping the vice president daughter. Is unknown if the criminal lives there or just another thing. One year later He was a bounty hunter hired by the director and the killer of this own wife, son and ironically daughter, who were diclonius.

The king teleported to this torment please. And he was in a table made of stone and the parts of this skin were missing, and filled with worms and big ones. This penis was removed. These eyes were replaced by large hot nails. The king E just put acid in him and then he with pyro kinesis set him on fire, and then a large demon appear close to him and said: "thanks, I wanted him to be red and hot enough for…you know" and the king said: "of course, irony is the best torture…if is applied right" then he teleported to the house, restored time and said to Nana: "everything is aright"

A Radio Horror Story

Empathic emotions appear when someone is in a negative emotion…what about the horror and fear of someone who tells you terrible things that happened, what about that? It's simple you fell a great cold chill in your back, in your arm. You fell alone and helpless, you are scared of death. Then that person tells you all of this maybe, just maybe is not real. Or it is? Then you ask him what he thinks. He says "I don't know" it's truly vague. Then the horror is greater because maybe is real. And it is disturbing.

The day Nana was scared by the horrors the King E saw this day. These events are a week after the hell journey. She woke outside the door of this room, then she tried to open it…it was locked. Then a blood chilling scream is heard, is Enoch. And it sounds like: "GET THE HELL AWAY FROM ME! YOU. ARE. NOT. REAL!" then he is heard sobbing, then laughing and he mutters: "the freaking day as come…I am going crazy. Yeah" then a recorder of the early 50' is mysteriously in Nana's hand. She presses the play button;

"I'm…sorry, it's not me, IT'S THE VOICE! Do you remember that voice that tells you, to kill all humans? Yes you must do." This voice is of a scared boy with dementia, with fear. "When these diclonius used their vectors on me, they don't pass me a daughter, no. they passed me this voice for killing, this instinct. I don't know how! That…child is like a horned girl of 8, naked with red eyes that glow. She can control the suit, when we were sleeping, she used a sword like tentacle to kill you, but then she laughed, and said; "this is a beginning" the next day I went walking around the house, and she began…to touch your face with a black knife like protrusion from this hand!" the recording ends. Then a slight giggle is heard close to the garden.

She exits the house, then for a second a though in this mind appears: "what if I'm enough naïve to get out and Enoch just…rape me, then she thinks, that the voice In some point is capable of using the body of someone. And to commit murder of this loved one." Then she saw another recorder, she played it, silence for ten seconds, then a lot of grunts, then a feminine voice is heard; "if you are nana and this recorder is outside that minds I have taken control, YAY, HORAAY, cheers for me, I want to get rid of all the wastes of life, Including you, "horned angel" *giggles* I knew Enoch would lock himself until he taken control of me, and NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND (except the part of locking himself/myself) I'm using this body now, he is asleep, I choose the day to take YOU down, 'cause two things, one; I knew your friends are in Tokyo for vacations. Two I want him to know I'm NOT F****** AROUND! I WANT CONTROL; I WANT THE HUMAS TO DIE! I WANT EVERYTHING TO BE MINE! And I want you traitor. To go to hell."

Then a slight part of the suit tries to go to her, she screams, as she saws then the drop transforming into a little, naked girl, with red eyes, and no pupils. Then Nana launches this arm against the girl and she explodes in a rain of black goo then she reforms again in this girl form and she begins to explain: "I'm am a superior being girl, I live in every one of you, I live as a mental being in that kid's head, but for the first time, I'm real. I know all about you, I AM PART OF YOU, WE ARE THE WHISPERERS OF THE DICLONIUS! You fell my presence in the past, you don't remember Nana? The day in the beach, a little fight, common enemy? I know that was the only time you heard me. But what about now!"

She laughs, then bloods drips from this eyes, the same eyes that light red, then Nana begins to cry. Then the girl begins to melt, and returns into the door.

Then another radio appears in the grass. She with a great chill tries to press the button. Then Enoch, began to cry and to sob; "I didn't wanted this…I only wanted to protect you, *sob* ooh the irony. I fell like a have betrayed you…my sweet girl, but there is a cure, remember? Go to this direction,*a white card appears on the grass* and please…save me." Then she decides to dress herself, and begin to walk in the nigh. But a dark figure was watching her on this back. Nana was worried about Enoch, and began to think what her father said: "nana is my daughter" and then a though come to mind: "I, must cure him…but I think my heart is for…papa." Then she discovered that the love of a normal child with this parent was temporal, she loved Enoch truly, and she thinks again: "when all of this ends, I will ask him again about what he fells for me" then she found the building. An apartment, Arakawa lives there. She was sleeping. The little girl enters the window, and began to get close to this lab. The found a hypo and escapes. Not before the young researcher take a good look on her escape in the window. Then Nana tries to return to the maple house. Then a woman steps in front of her. "Sorry miss, but I need to you move, miss? Did you hear me?" then the woman begins to laugh, and steps into the light. Revealing. The crazed dicloius! "AH you! Please don't hurt me!" then a black liquid, barely humanoid closes to the crazed woman. The voice. And the crazed horn begins to talk: "when she took control she found me in the grass about to attack, AND YOU KNOW WHAT! We want the same thing, power, and our species to LIVE AGAIN! You don't need to die" then the little girl whispered to crazy horn, and she then said: "oh uh, boss tells me to kill ya"

Then nana begins to run to the house and a pair of vectors and black flat tentacles began to pursuit her, then the little girl voice begins to scream and this forms becomes volatile, Enoch voice is heard; "bring me the hypo! Is your only chance!" And nana tosses this arm to the black formless blob and it strikes on it then a brown spot appears in it, Enoch arm and a tentacle uses the hypo on it. Then the blob begins to form into the king e again. And these eyes are red; the voice is still in control? No. Enoch was mad. And the crazed woman begins to send the vectors into this loved one, the king tosses blue goo into Nana's face and the invisible hands touch the substance. But they don't harm nana. Then Enoch, begins to punch crazy horns and it brakes this nose and teleports her to hell. Then nana. Falls because of the great shock she had this night. Then the macabre king e gently lifts her back to the house and puts her into the bed. And teleports the nana doll he had and puts it into this arm. Enoch began to sleep.

To be continued.