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Ruka and Hotaru were making out in Ruka's room and that was when Natsume walked in.
"Ugh. Teenagers and their love crap." Natsume said. They broke the kiss and Ruka smiled awkwardly. Hotaru still had her poker face on.
"Ruka, you have to come with me right now. Those fan girl's are annoying the hell outta me. I may burn all of them. Deal with them for me" Natsume said.
"Poor baby, can't handle his own business. Always needs Ruka." Hotaru said staring coldly at Natsume.
"Shut up Imai. You're just horny. You can't take you're hands off of Ruka. That's why you don't want him to go." Natsume said.
"Please don't start again." Ruka said.
"I'll show you 'horny'." Hotaru thought to herself.
"See you later hun." Hotaru said to Ruka. Ruka nodded and gave her a warm smile.
Natsume and Ruka were about to leave the room and Hotaru brought out a gun, of course an invention of hers and shot Natsume.
"What the hell! Are you outta your mind Imai?" Natsume yelled. A needle kinda thing was injected on his arm.
"Nice shot. Gotta admit. That was for calling me horny." Hotru said.
"Stupid robot." Natsume left the room giving her a death glare.
Afternoon, the class was almost over. Natsume was feeling unusual for some reason. He was feeling so hot. He was sweating a lot. He looked at Mikan. She was sleeping in class again.
"Damn! Look at those legs! So irresistible. She have boobs now after turning 17. So sexy! Wish I could bang her right now." Natsume thought to himself.
"What the heck am I thinking!" he thought to himself and tried to drive his mind off to other things but all he could think of was, Mikan without her cloths.
After the class Mikan walked up to him and said cheerfully, "How is the fire boy? Heard fan girl's are trying to kidnap you."
He looked at her and he felt so aroused just by her smile. all he wanted to do was to take her right there.
"Go away, polka" Natsume said.
"What's wrong?" Mikan asked. "You are." Natsume said and left with Ruka.
"I wonder what's wrong with him. Did I do something wrong? he seemed fine with me yesterday" Mikan thought to herself.
Natsume felt so horny all the day long and only thought about Mikan. So he didn't want to meet Mikan at all. He almost spent the entire day in his special star suit. Before going to bed Natsume went to get a shower to cool off the hot feeling.

On the other side Mikan didn't see him after class. She went the sakura tree where he always sat. Today he wasn't there. She was so worried so she went to his room before going to bed.
She knocked but no answer. She turned the doorknob. It was open. She went in.

"Natsume you there?" she said.
"May be he's with Ruka. I'm gonna wait for him here for awhile." she said to herself and that was when Natsume got outta bathroom.
"What are you doing here in my room? Don't you ever heard of knocking?" Natsume said coldly even if he was 100 more horny after seeing her in his room. That baby blue T-shirt and that black tutu skirt made her look cute and sexy at the same time.
"I knocked! The door was open so I went in to check if you are here. are you alright?" Mikan said. "I haven't se.. seen you all day." Mikan said blushing. She realized that he was shirtless and a towel was wrapped around his waist. "I'm fine. Go away little girl. Being in my room is dangerous for you." Natsume said controlling his feelings.
"What danger?" Mikan said. She thought he was joking.
"Just GO!" Natsume said strongly looking away.
"I won't! Let's see what you can do about it." Mikan said in a sweet way.

Natsume couldn't hold himself back anymore. He pinned her against the wall and kissed her. Mikan's eyes widened. She couldn't think that it was really happening. She waited for this moment for last seven years. She couldn't said to Natsume that she always loved him. Natsume's tongue was already licking inside her mouth. "She's so yummy." He thought to himself. They broke the kiss for air.

"Na...Natsume, what did you just do?" Mikan said looking in his eyes. He started to kiss her neck. She was trying not to moan. Suddenly she felt that Natsume was touching her whole body over her cloths.
"Natsume, what are you doing?!" Mikan asked surprisingly. "Remember little girl, I warned you." Natsume said kissing every bear skin on her neck area. Mikan was scared the way Natsume was acting. Natsume lift her up and threw her on his bed. Then got on top of her and ripped her t-shirt. Natsume smirked seeing her in blue bra.

"Natsume!" She screamed while trying to cover her body with her hand. She wanted Natsume but not like this. Not without knowing if he loved her or he was just toying with her body.
"Scream all you want polka. My room is sound proof and I locked the door." Natsume said moving her hands off her body. He unhooked her bra and threw it away. He started to kiss on her chest. Mikan was trying to push him off. But he was gripping her so hard on the bed.

"N-Natsume! Please! Stop!" Mikan cried. She was so afraid! Natsume just looked up at her and smirked.

"I've always wanted to do this." he said. Mikan started panicking. He will rape her! "Natsume don't do this. Natsume get off of me" Mikan said softly.
"Is he gonna rape me? My crush will rape me? I love him so is this rape? " Mikan's thought was broken when Natsume pulled off her skirt leaving her only with undies. "Still polka, my polka?" he said then smiled. "My polka?! What did he mean by that? I don't care. I love him. I'm gonna let him have his way with me just like lovers do." she thought to herself. Natsume pulled down her undies and threw them away. Then he stopped and sat on the side of the bed hiding his face with his bangs. Mikan was wondering about this.

"Mikan, I'm sorry. I'm not in my head today. I don't know if you could forgive me ever for what I did to you right now. Just take a shirt of mine and go. I can't hurt you" Natsume said.
Mikan cover her body with a blanket and sat beside him.
"Natsume..." Natsume stopped her and said, "No. I don't wanna rape you. I never thought of doing it to you. You're too precious for me. I love you, damn it! You will never love me for what I've done. Just leave me alone Mikan."
"You love me?" Mikan asked. She couldn't believe her ears.
"Yeah, I only dreamt about you and today I burned my chance to be your lover like everything else by forcing you. Damn it!" he screamed then got up and punched the wall.
"Natsume!" she ran to him and take his hurt hand and kissed it.
"I love you too Natsume. I still do and always will." she smiled at him. a happy tear dropped on her cheek. Natsume was speechless. He hugged her tightly.
"I can't live without you, Mikan." he whispered.
Mikan held his head and kissed him with love. Natsume hugged her waist making the kiss deeper.
Mikan nibbled Natsume's lips making him groan. She removed his towel without his knowledge then broke the kiss. She kissed his neck and jawline. Then trailed the kiss down to his chest and went lower. That was when Natsume saw he was naked. Natsume sure didn't expect that from innocent Mikan.

One hour Later. Natsume laid beside Mikan. Both were panting. Natsume pulled her close to him."Mikan I wanna be with you forever." Natsume said kissing her forehead."Me too Natsume" Mikan said rubbing her face on his chest. Mikan was tired and almost fell asleep.

"You wanna go for another round?" Natsume said.
"What? I won't be able to walk tomorrow. It was my first time." Mikan said. "Mine too, hun. I'll carry you around. You are my girlfriend now. I don't care what people thinks." Natsume smiled. Mikan laughed at this.

Natsume looked at her. She was half way there to dreamworld. Natsume held her tightly in his arms and fell asleep too.

Next morning, Natsume woke up at sound of the knock on the door. He wore his robe and went to get the door. He opened the door and so saw Hotaru.
"Had a good night, Natsume?" Hotaru smirked.
"I did and all the credit goes to you. I've should've known yesterday that it was you who messed up my hormones with your ugly invention. Look, who's on my bed." Natsume said coldly opening the whole door.

Hotaru could not believe her eyes that it was Mikan. "You raped her! It was all my fault.." she whispered in shock. Horror was written all over her face.

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