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"I shall make you gaze upon me
Get ready to intercept
War situation still a drawback
Love is blind
Yes I will be awaken by your kiss"-Miku Hatsune

Chapter: 7

In Hotaru's room.

"Baka, how's it going with Koko? I mean, you kissed him, more likely used him, you full retarded dumpling." Hotaru slapped Mikan's head.
"Would you quit doing that? You're hitting me for last three days just because of one mistake." Mikan flipped.
"It could've been a hell lot of trouble not just "one mistake". You could've lost a very good friend. You're lucky he's not dumb like you."
"I know right. I'm happy that he didn't mind at all. I'm so selfish." Mikan lowered her head.
"Hell, you are." Hotaru started to banging on materials, probably a new invention, huh.
"Wha..! I expected you to disagree with me and tell me that I'm not selfish and I'm an amazing person. What kinda friend are you?" Mikan started to shake Hotaru and pissed her off real bad. "Get outta my room, you freaking hag." Hotaru kicked Mikan out.

"It looks like I can never get outta her room like a decent normal way." Mikan's cheeks puffed. She went for her room. She unlocked her door.

"It's only 7 p.m. I've got nothing to do now. How boring. That Hotaru kicked me out too. Argh.. Ah, what's that? A card?" Mikan thought as she picked up the thing off the floor.
"A thank you card. Mikan, I'm going on a date with her. Thanks to you I gathered up the courage to tell her about my feeling, Yuu." Mikan smiled after reading the card.
"Oh dear God, Yuu and Anna are going on a date! How exciting!" Mikan shouted out loud in joy. Her excitement soon turned into a hurt as the flashback of her and Natsume's dates storming through her mind.
"I don't wanna remember those! Stop it. Stop. This is why I hate being alone with myself." Mikan tried to convince her brain not to remember the outta control memories.

Meanwhile in Ruka's room.

"Natsume's not here for last three days. I didn't see him after the 'kiss incident'. I'm really worried for him." Ruka sank in worry. The manga on his hand was long forgotten.
"I admit it could be very embarrassing for me to face him right away that day. But it's more painful to worry about him like this. If he uses his alice so much, he's gonna die. Damn it! Why always him? I hate this." Ruka flinched. He's circle of thought was cut off by the knock on his door. He got off from the bed and went to open the door. He opened the door and his eyes widened.
"Natsume!" Natsume stepped into the room. Ruka scanned Natsume's body. There's blood stains on his cloths, hands, face. He looks so weak. Ruka wrapped Natsume's arm around his own neck trying to give support to Natsume.
"You need to lie down, Natsume." Ruka tried to go towards the bed. But Natsume stood on his ground.
"No, you need to listen to me." Natsume whispered.
"I'm free, Ruka. I'm free. I'm finally free. But she's not here with me. I don't need this freedom. Why does this always happen to me, Ruka? I'm like an omen. I hurt the people around me. I.." Natsume's breath became heavier with every word.
"You can say whatever you want later but now you need to be treated. Natsume, please! You'll die like this." Ruka already lost the limit of his anxiety.
"I don't wanna live. Let me die in a fucking ditch!" Natsume shouted with all the strengths left in his body. He took heavy breaths with both his nose and mouth. His eyes are wet with tears.
"All.. All I want to say is, I... I..." Natsume's weak voice and heavy breaths were hitting Ruka's hearts like sharp stones. He couldn't see Natsume like this. His vision became blurry with tears for the pain to see his best friend like this and not being able to do anything about it.
"I'm sorry, Ruka..." Natsume collapsed after uttering those words losing his conscious. Ruka hold Natsume before he touched the hard floor. He hugged Natsume's motionless body and screamed trying to let all the pain out. Tears streaming down his cheeks with out his knowledge.

"Ruka, you should get some sleep. It's been two days that you've got no rest even for a second. Doctors said, it's gonna be all right. He's breathing on his own from last night." Hotaru put her hand on Ruka's shoulder.
"I can't. Not until he wakes up." Ruka stared blankly. He's face become so pale and his eyes showed tiredness clearly. Hotaru said nothing and looked at Natsume. Natsume was hospitalized for last two days. He still didn't wake up. Best of best doctors operated him.
"I didn't tell Mikan about Natsume. I'll tell her after he wakes up. I can't afford to break another persons heart to give the news about Natsume's condition. I will lose my sanity if Ruka and Mikan both become alive corpses." Hotaru thought.
"His lips moved..." Ruka went closer to Natsume's face. Hotaru looked at them and came closer to Natsume.
"Natsume, can you hear me?" Ruka asked holding his breath.
"Where am I? Heaven? I thought I was aimed for hell." Natsume whispered. Ruka exhaled the breath he was holding and Hotaru was clicking some buttons on a invention of hers.
"You're in the hospital." Ruka face lightened up for the first time in last two days.
"That explains the white wallpapers. I hate white. Tell them to change it." Natsume looked at Ruka. Ruka happily nodded.
"You big dumbass, don't you dare to scare the life outta me again!" Hotaru finally spoke. Natsume turned his eyes on Hotaru.
"You know how hard it is to be the rock for these cry babies?" Hotaru pointed at Ruka. Ruka gave a 'I didn't do that' look.
"If you ever play dead again I'll kill you." Hotaru's voice trembled. Hotaru hide her tears. Natsume got really surprised to see Hotaru this much worried about him.
"Hey, queen of awkward, I thought you hated me." Natsume smirked.
"I still do, idiot." Hotaru smiled.

"Hotaru? You okay? Why did you tell me to come to hospital? What happened?" Mikan walked in the room in hesitance. Natsume became still to hear Mikan's voice.
"Natsume wants to meet you, I believe." Hotaru turned around to face Mikan. Mikan was in shock to see Natsume lying on the hospital bed.
"Natsume, are you okay?" Mikan rushed to Natsume forgetting the fact that she tried to forget Natsume.
"I guess." Natsume's eyes softened to see Mikan.
"What happened?" Mikan held Natsume's hand.
"I'll tell you." Ruka took a deep breath.

"So you were Mio!" Mikan's jaw dropped. Ruka nodded slightly blushing.
"In the last mission Persona was killed by his own rotten alice setting Natsume free. For your safety, Natsume pushed you away, Mikan." Ruka sighed.
"Natsume, you big jerk." Mikan hugged Natsume's hand with love.
"I think. Ruka and I should go for now. You guys talk. We'll come later." Hotaru brushed her hair with her fingers.
"Yeah." Ruka smiled and walked outta the room with Hotaru leaving Natsume and Mikan alone.
"Natsume, don't ever leave me like that. I love you." Mikan eyes were pouring but her lips were smiling.
"It can't be. You moved on with Koko." Natsume sighed.
"What? No! I just wanted you to show that I'd moved on. It was just like you kissing Ruka to show me."
"That sounds gay. I kissed Mio not Ruka. Don't ever say that again." Natsume felt a little embarrassed. Mikan laughed which made Natsume irritated.
"I'll try that sex transformation potion to see how I'd look if I was born as a boy." Mikan cheered.
"You'd look ugly as always." Natsume smirked.
"What the hell! You are a moron. If Ruka was born as a girl, guys would go crazy over him. His girl form is so beautiful and perfect."
"No one is more beautiful than you, Mikan." Natsume pulled her hair lightly to meet their lips for a long kiss.

"No hentai in hospital." Hotaru walked in. They broke the kiss. Mikan blushed so much.
"Give me a break. Go away, monkey. Go make out with your boyfriend. Don't disturb us." Natsume flinched.
"Who are you calling monkey, chicken?" Hotaru fought back.
"I'll take you down!" Natsume clenched his fist.
"Over my dead body." Hotaru laughed.
"I feel so invisible whenever they fight." Mikan whispered to Ruka.
"Welcome to my world. There they go again. They so need to grow up." Ruka's sweat dropped but the smile on his face couldn't be unseen for a split second.

~The End~

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