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So I'm coming up with an actual timeframe from this story now. Lets say the first book lasted a year. So that means its December now. We can say the trial was early November.

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Secret Santa

The first snow of the season had just begun falling in Honevray, Louis noted as he pulled open his curtains. It hadn't yet settled, but looking up at the thick clouds above him, he could tell it wouldn't be long. The sight of the pale flakes floating down brought back a barrage of memories from this time a year before. Louis had just arrived, completely confused and lost... Finding himself in a town full of talking animals. A feeling of sadness settled in his stomach as he pulled back from the sight, slumping into his comfy arm chair and looking around the room.

He was on his fourth expansion now... This meant he had a large ground floor, a medium first floor and them his attic. The prices for expansion kept getting higher and higher, but he had by now learnt how to make money. He never found himself with any less than twenty thousand bells at any point. Of course, he wasn't the only one expanding. Laura was doing even better than him, and had been given an extra room on the ground floor. Louis was quite jealous, because right now his first floor was a bathroom. He failed to understand how Josh could just give him a one room house, forcing him to use public restrooms for so long. It was an effective way to get someone to pay their mortgage however, so Louis couldn't be too mad about it.

Of course, his house wasn't the only thing to change since he arrived. Honestly, Louis didn't think that his life could become more eventful than randomly being forced into a world of fluffy things. But then came the terrifying adventure in the caves, Jenny was murdered and an epic shoot out happened in the museum, resulting in Josh killing Bobby. Louis felt slightly guilty for that, but if he hadn't brought forward that second bullet, Josh may have ended up shooting the innocent Kabuki instead. That brought up the other event of interest, which was Goldie returning. The Labrador had been captured when she and Kabuki had entered the caves to look for Kapp'n. This is what had forced Kabuki to attempt to kill Josh, for that is what the captor had demanded. It was obvious to all now that Kabuki had feelings for Goldie. It had been rather irritating at times listening to the cat's happy ramblings now she was back.

The only problem was that Kapp'n remained missing, and Louis had a sinking feeling that he wouldn't be returned until another human died. Surprisingly, though, everyone else seemed to have forgotten that the kappa even went missing as well as Goldie. Louis made a mental note to remind Josh next time he saw the boy. He didn't look forward to the meeting, however. Since the trial, Louis had only seen him enough times to count on one hand. Josh seemed to have retreated inside himself, which was natural, he supposed. He'd just lost his best friend. Louis just hoped that he wouldn't shut all his friends out; it's not as if he was Mr. Popular to begin with.

There was a knocking at the door, snapping Louis out of his thoughts. He waited for it to stop, before frowning as his visitor continued in some strange pattern. Sighing with forced surrender, Louis climbed to his feet and approached his front door, pulling it open. To not much surprise, there stood Bob, wearing a woolly hat and a gigantic scarf. It covered his mouth, and if Louis hasn't known it to be the dim cat, he may have suspected a psycho murderer. "Morning Bob, what's up?" He asked in as cheerful a voice as he could muster.

"Mrrr Mrrr mr Mrrr Mrrr, mrththh." Bob mumbled through the scarf. Louis calmly reached forward, pulling the thing down from his mouth. Bob gasped for breath, before smiling gratefully, "Thanks, pthhpthpth! Did you recognise my knocking?!"

Louis let out a short laugh, "Of course. Normal people know when to stop knocking."

"No, pthhpthpth!" Bob protested, hat falling lopsided as he shook his purple head, "It was jingle bells! Listen!" Knock knock knock, knock knock knock, knock KNOCK knock knock knock... Knock knock knock, knock knock knock knock, knock-knock knock-

"I get it!" The human snapped, grabbing the cat's wrist, "Its jingle bells. Well done. But I still think it's a bit early for Christmas songs, it's still another three weeks." Bob looked at him as it he was insane, and Louis braced himself for a rant.

"Early?!" The cat exclaimed incredulously, before shaking his head vigorously, hat sent flying. Louis frowned as a bunch of folded up paper fell out. "No way is it early! Everyone's buying presents and decorating already, pthhpthpth. You'd better hurry up before you get voted worst friend of the year. I'm not joking, pthhpthpth, we hold annual votes on many different categories, you know. You just weren't important enough last year to be part of it, pthhpthpth." Bob frowned, seeming to have forgotten something, before his face lit up, "Oh! Secret Santa, pthhpthpth!"

Louis groaned as Bob went to retrieve the hat and bits of paper from the cold grass. He then thrust the item under Louis' nose with a wide smile, "Close your eyes and pick one at random, Louis! No swapping, pthhpthpth." Louis considered whether he should surrender himself to this torture, before sighing and plunging his hand into the depths of Bob's hat. He withdrew one of the slips of paper, and was about to open it, when Bob cut him off, "Not yet, pthhpthpth! I might be able to tell from your reaction. Wait for me to leave."

There was an awkward silence as they both stood in Louis' doorway saying nothing. Eventually, Louis cleared his throat and said nervously, "Well... Can you leave then, please?" There was a change from happiness to sorrow on Bob's face, before back to happy.

"Okay!" Bob exclaimed, before turning and skipping away, singing at the top of his voice, "Deck the halls with bowls of sugar, fa la la la la, la la la laaaaaa!"

Louis shook his head, before turning around and heading back inside, closing the door behind him. He unfolded the note, before reading the badly written word in the centre...

Worst cliffhanger ever, right?!

Again, I wrote this October lol so just go with it.

The reason being... You get to decide! Who do you want Louis to face the challenge of buying something for? I know this is really early to be doing Christmas chapters, but oh well. I could've started it on Halloween, but I think starting it a year after Louis arrived in Honevray is nice.

So this chapters questions:

Who is Louis secret Santa for?
Who is Louis' secret Santa? (You pick~)
Opinions on Bob? Loveable or annoying?

See you next chapter.