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Tony sat at the bow of the boat his shoulders relaxed and his eyes bright as he looked out at the water. He felt at peace for the first time since everything happened. It had only been a few days, but being away from everything was just what he needed. The water, quiet and Jethro had been all that he needed to come full circle.

Through his ordeal, he had managed to deal with his personal demons and find a strength he didn't know that he had. The minute that he closed the door on McGee, the weight that he had been carrying around was gone. Now all he needed to do was figure out what was next.

Vance had given him the freedom that he needed to make the decision that was best for him. The only thing Jethro had insisted upon was that if he decided that NCIS was where he wanted to be there would be no more hiding who he was.

They had learned from that mistake the hard way. It certainly was not an excuse for the behavior of Tim or Ziva, they were supposed to be investigators after all, but he was never going to play that role again. There would still be some practical jokes and definite movie references, he was still Tony, and that was a part of who he was. But no more deflecting or hiding the skills he had.

He was leaning towards returning to NCIS and even gave a thought to who might be recruited for their team. Trust was still going to be something that was hard earned however, but he had every confidence with Jethro's support he would get there. He didn't want to leave a job that he loved over this. He didn't want McGee or Ziva to win.

He had also found just how many friends and supporters he had at his back and that was humbling. Frankly a great deal more good than bad came out of this whole incident, not that he would wish this on anyone, but it certainly opened his eyes. And right now, he was the most comfortable in his own skin than he had ever been.

He tilted his head to steal a glimpse of Jethro who was at the helm. That was the one thing he was most grateful for; Jethro. Finally finding their way to each other, growing together and finding just how tightly bound they were. None of his anticipated insecurities was present as they moved forward, but then again they had known each other for years. They had already seen the good, the bad, and the ugly in one another.

Smiling at Jethro as those blue eyes landed on him one thing was certain - he was a damn lucky man.


Harm walked out of the court room for the second time in a week relieved that it was over. He had made his case that the trials needed to take place quickly and near the other to insure that nothing leaked from one to the other giving one an unfair advantage over the other and it was accepted.

Frankly, the cases were both air tight, he had made sure of that, but the facts were clear and concise. The two had hung themselves with the recording and subsequent interrogations. But everything was done by the book and there was little either of their attorneys could argue in their defense.

The jury took little time to deliberate and both verdicts a clear and resounding guilty. Miss David had done little to help herself as she sat in the courtroom aloof, threatening, and cold. He was simply glad for Tony's sake that it was done. They had both received the maximum sentences allowed for the charges against them for a total sentence of fifty-seven years for Perjury, Obstruction of Justice, Tampering with Evidence and Gross Negligence. Neither would be seeing the light of day for a very long time and though he may have personally wished that he could have put them both in front of a firing squad, he was pleased that they got what they deserved and were both now on their way to prison.

Pulling out his phone, he did as he was asked to by Gibbs when the trials were done and sent Fornell a text. It didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out there those two had their own plans for Thing One and Two and he didn't need to know what it entailed.


Fornell looked at the text and grinned. It was time for the payback to begin.


Both men sat back looking at the stars simply content to be in each other's arms. The silence spoke volumes with far more eloquence than words as the air was permeated with love. They had come full circle from that tackle in Baltimore to where they were now.

"I want to come back to NCIS." Tony's words broke the silence. "I love what I do and where I work. I need to be the person that can bring closure to a family or solve the mystery and help unite a family. I can't see myself doing anything else."

Taking a deep breath as he continued, "I also know that after this I will be hard pressed to trust anyone to watch your six. I won't lie; it isn't going to be a simple to let new Probies in, but I need and want to do this. I refuse to let this stop me from what I love to do."

Jethro leaned over slightly pressing a kiss into the younger man's temple. "We'll find a way to get you comfortable. May bring in some help if we have to. As strange as it may sound, Dr. Rachel may have some ideas. We can talk to her. The bottom line is we'll do whatever it takes."

"Thanks Jet."

"I imagine that head of yours has some ideas on some new team members", bumping his shoulder against Tony.

"Maybe a couple…I know that we may need to look over some applicants. I would love Balboa, but I hear he has his own team now, maybe Cassie though…Dornegat also has a lot of potential."

"Sounds like a good start. When you gonna let Vance know?"

"In a few days. I need and want more time out here with you. I feel..." He struggled to find the right words, "more centered and at peace than I have for a long time. We have been dealing with this whole clusterfuck, my injuries and issues. This is our time…to enjoy what we found, have, and are together."

"I'm not ready to give that up yet." Tony turned to meet Jethro's gaze.

A tender kiss was placed on the younger man's lips. "You do realize that this doesn't end when we go home or back to work. We will make time to get away and we have every day and night together. Always Tone."

Tony sighed contentedly as Jethro leaned in with a kiss that left no doubts to their future. His body responded to Jethro's touch as it had been made for his and his alone. Wanting nothing more than to be devoured by the older man, he groaned as Jethro pulled away both men breathing heavily, the air around them charged with need.

"Please Jethro."

"Soon Tony. As soon as the last of your stitches is out. Trust me…I want this as much as you do." His lips grazed Tony's ear, voice husky and filled with desire. "I want to feel your body around me as I claim what's mine over and over again."

"Yes…please…" Tony whispered.

"I want to learn every inch of your body with my hands, lips, and tongue. Learn all of your hot spots and drive you crazy with desire…make you beg me to take you. I want you to explore my body and drive me insane until I throw you down and fuck you till you can't take anymore and you scream my name as you cum."

"Jesus…" Tony panted. "I want that…everything…"

"And you'll have it." Jethro kissed the younger man's neck. "Soon."