I am a new member of the Grand Chase and I got involved because of a strange meeting between me and another bounty hunter. Do you know me?

The past…

I found a lance and a scythe, just the right weapons for me. I watched as demons broke into my "temporary" shelter made out of twigs and pebbles. Great, this is gonna be a nice warm-up…
I raised a finger against one of them and introduced my almighty self.
" I am Skye Cyrus and I am your worst nightmare. By the time you find yourself kicking the bucket, you'll remember my name!" I said with a rather scary tone. But to no avail, it's an epic fail so to hide the lousy embarrassment and genocide, let's have a 2-year timeskip.

After 2 years…

Once again, let me introduce myself. I am Skye Cyrus and I am a homeless orphan who enjoys kicking demon asses and bounty hunting. Why bounty hunting? Ask yourself "How the hell is a penniless guy like me who knows nothing but beating people up gonna live without money?" And besides, I like my job as long as nobody takes the bounty before me. Though right now, I'm really pissed off. Why? Because another one just passed by me and collected the bounty before I could even start the hunt. And most of all, he's a half demon whose name is Rufus Wilde. I really wanna kill him right now.

"Hey you there! Half demon guy! Have a fight with me!" Now I'm gonna give him some big spanking if I win.
"Stop calling me half demon and you aren't going to last long against me. But if you really insist, then meet me in front of the Grand Chase mansion later evening. If I were you, you'd better catch your breath and scream all you can." Then Rufus vanished into thin air.

Two words to describe the current situation= LIVING HELL

"Just ya wait 'till you find yourself penniless without anyone to hunt…" And I proceeded to take a poster from the board. And what do you know, lucky me. It's just in… Xenia…
"The hell?! Who would you expect to find in the Land of Gods?!" I screamed in shock and disappointment. And so I was given a sermon from the manager. "Piss off, old dude…" And with that, I made a portal connecting to Xenia.

"Just a person alive for 950, 000 GP?! First, I get to beat up a demon later and now I'll get a lot of GP from just finding a person. Ain't I lucky?" I muttered as I made my way into the frontier. And to be a lot luckier, the target's just in front of me. A few feet away from me. "Fantastic…" I muttered under my breath as I chuckled. With handcuffs, I just put him to sleep with a rune and handcuffed him then took him with me to collect the bounty.

I soon turned the guy to the guards and I found a strange looking indigo-haired knight. He seemed to be of high authority but I just ignored him. With a pocket full of GP, I had a cup of coffee and a handful of candies to keep me awake with my fight later. This is another habit of mine. I love skipping proper meals and I prefer drinking hot coffee or milk and taking sweets. I'm a strange person, am I? Leaving the chitchat, I had a grindstone and a pair of gloves. I sharpened the scythe while gravely "meditating" and "humming" a tune. The lyrics were simple. They were:


It's quite neat and very nice. It has a tune and the lyrics have a sense. I later on stared into the cup which used to contain coffee now containing candies. I grabbed one and had a bite, slowly crunching it as if it was "his" skull. Then with my runes, I burned the wrapper and scattered the ashes on my lance. Then I came to realize that it was almost evening. "Almost time for the main event." I said as I placed my lance and scythe in a cross position at my back. I walked away and left my candies without anyone noticing it.

More trouble…

I'm currently pissed off and I'm lost in town. But thanks to town signs, I found my way. Then I saw him, I saw him again with his shitty grin and his golden locks which were even softer than my brown hair.
"Quite the obstinate man. So you did come to fight me." Said Rufus as he drew out his guns which he calls eyeteeth.
"And I'm here for two things. One: to whoop yer ass and Two: to teach you not to mess with me." I arrogantly said in an attempt to frighten him like what I did 2 years ago to the demons and thus came the same result. EPIC Failure. Then I took a coin and I said out loud" By the time this coin touches the ground, we'll start our match!"
"Fine by me…" replied mister goldilocks. And so soon did I toss the coin.

I drew my lance and scythe. He got a knife and a shotgun. The coin touched the ground. "SHOWTIME!"

I started with a downward slash from my scythe but Rufus anticipated this move and made a slash opposite the direction and he muttered something. "Crescent Sweep.." But I am still confident that I will win so I parried it with a rune shield that erupted from my elbow. I hafta say, I'm quite fast.
For the second clash, Rufus had the start and swiped two times followed by a strong shot from his shotgun which was countered by me using a rune which I stabbed to create an explosion that repelled the bullets away.
The third clash wasn't much the same though. I scattered four runes around me and swung my scythe around me while hitting the runes which caused an infernal vortex of mana but Rufus was calm. It seemed like it was going to be a big clash and so it was. He jumped high and landed in the center of the tornado where I was located. It was…brutal… The both of us were fighting inside a small space where one wrong move will get you roasted. Only kicks and punches were exchanged. Using a skill would result to an opening but it the tornado didn't last that long so I launched myself upwards and prepared for an attack. Rufus also did the same. And an epic aerial battle happened.
"Vacuum rune…" I muttered as to suck the tornado into my lance and Rufus had plastered a real big frightening grin on his face. This was not going to be easy I predicted. He dropped his shotgun and knife then used them as a stepping stone. I prepared to stab him with my lance but it was already too late. He had summoned a gatling gun out of nowhere and with a click of trigger, he fired a relentless barrage of heavy bullets at me and muttered "Shatter!"
"What's wrong? Weren't you going to defeat me?" he taunted.

Bullets scattered everywhere and left a trail of crimson light. Luckily, I had erected a rune barrier but there were too many bullets and it consumed a lot of energy. I was very tired and he was there, grinning like a maniac. Then I remembered something. I slipped my hand into my pocket and grabbed a candy. Rufus of course, didn't know what it was so he took aim at my hand. I proceeded to chew it down and then I jumped very high again, this time leaving my weapons. Rufus followed but I was quicker and lighter this time. He shot at me but I was just swinging my hand carelessly and then wow fantastic happened. "Suspension rune…" I muttered as I trapped Rufus in the air.
"Just what do you plan by trapping me here?" he asked . But I was too tired to speak a sentence so I only said it word per word.
"Nothing. Just an explosion. Exploder Runes!" I replied as explosions formed in the sky. Then I heard a scream. "BULLET TIME!" And gunshots echoed in the sky.
Rufus descended with a lot of shallow and light bruises and scratches while I was already tired and almost asleep but I was unscathed! MAGICAL!
"To think that you'd inflict a lot of injuries on me even if they were minor. You're quite good but it's time to end this mess…" he said as he looked over his shoulder and pointed his shotgun at my head.
"I'd be happy to see a real explosion on your face up close… Inferno Rune…" I muttered with my last breath. I collapsed as I watched a small explosion broke on his cheek and I also noticed that we attracted too much attention as a crowd of tough looking people surrounded me and Rufus. The small explosion caused a slight burn on his cheek and I was so grateful to see that explosion. "No more now… It's getting darker… I'm… sleepy… no go…" then I finally fell unconscious.

"Hey… are you alright?" I swear I could hear someone whispering. Did Rufus shoot me? If so then why can I still feel my body? Why am I not yet dead?
"Rufus! Why in the world would you want to kill that guy?! He's not on the same level as you! Though I have to say that he's quite good to inflict several scratches." Someone's talking about me. I can feel it. Argh, my head aches. Wait, whose familiar voice is that?
"He wanted a fight so I gave it to him. Now don't you give me a lecture just because I wanted to kill him." It was Rufus. Then another one spoke.
"Bro, you need to take things lightly. Killing a person without crime or reason is just a crime itself. You do know that being a criminal will give your head a bounty." Brother? Just what is this place and what are with these people? Are they his family? Friends? Ah. My vision's finally getting normal.
"Hey! Silence! The kid's finally waking up. Good Evening, sleeping beauty! Had a nice rest?" Now that was very rude, coming from a black haired teen looking guy. Everyone's vision then focused on me.

Silence followed and no one said a word as I caught Rufus' gaze. Then I broke the silence with a rather childish accent and question. "Where am I?"
"Well, would you look at that. The kid sure knows how to thank his lifesaver." Replied a fox looking person.
"Stand back, Asin. I'll take care of this." Said the indigo-haired knight.
"Sure thing. Sir Ronan. Eheheheh." Replied the foxy boy.

Now back to what I was asking. I asked the indigo knight about it and he replied a mouthful.
"You are in the Grand Chase Mansion and we are the Grand Chase. A group of elite trackers who swore to defeat evil and you just had a fight with our bounty hunter. You are inside the mansion and you are very lucky to be alive because we found you before Rufus could even Rupture your head." The indigo knight explained and I listened attentively. I owe them a lot and they seemed to be friendly except for the bunch of demons they included so I was quite comfortable.
"This place is great and the Grand Chase seems to be interesting. But I can't join you because I already owe you one and it would be too rude." I replied and soon followed "But I still have to repay you for saving me out there. Is there any way I could repay this debt?"

The indigo knight smiled and replied. "What do you mean by not joining? What you did while fighting there was just magnificent! Only a few had been able to execute such tactics and capabilities like that in real combat! We will be glad to have you company. Take this as your payment."

I was surprised by what he said. All I did was act on instinct but if it is a way to show gratitude then so be it." Really? Then maybe I'll have to cut some slack off. I'll be joining then." I finally decided.

"Welcome to the crew, my friend! I'm Ronan and it is a pleasure to be acquainted. What's your name?" He asked me and I answered. "I am Skye Cyrus. Pleasure to be acquainted!" I said as I reached out my hand to him for a handshake.

Back to present time…

And thus is the story of my life. The story of how a fight between two bounty hunters became a new adventure.

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