"Get away from me!" I gasped as I ran away in fear. Quivering and shaking in fear. My eyes widen as the gate stood there.

"You won't run away…"

"Why not return to us?"

"Just why?"

"I thought we were your friends."

"How could you leave us?

""Leave me alone!" I shouted to darkness that was after me. These voices, they haunted me. Each word left a scar in me.

"You torment me! Leave me alone!"I screamed.

"Torment? Don't you remember how we researched together? How we fought together? The times we enjoyed, how could you call them torment?"

"Don't run away!"

"Catch him!"

"Chevalier le plus honorable de supplice. What title could be greater than that?"


"Stop! Begone! Don't call me! It's painful…"


"It was just a dream…Why was it so real?" I muttered before going back to sleep.

Rufus' POV

Last night, something queer and eerie happened. Cyrus was screaming while asleep and was clutching his ears. I observed at some point where he started scratching on a nearby log and carved 'supplice' then punched it. Either way, He's under observation.

"Rufus, how far is the center of this place? It's very tiring to walk on craggy rocks and cold sand if you knew." There goes Cyrus again.I could even punch him or shoot him whenever I liked but I don't know how fragile he was so he might die. Let's just answer him. "A few more hundred miles. It would be a lot faster if you used one of your so-called runes."

Then he gave a confused look and lit up with a grin. I thought he understood me as he opened his mouth to talk but he said something different. Something that pissed me more. "It's more tiring to speak and cast runes than walk."

That made me frustrated so I took out my beloved eyeteeth and pointed it on his neck and replied: "Then shut up and keep walking."

Lass on the other hand was really silent and kept on swinging his daggers in the air. He seemed to focus on his goal far away and asked questions only when necessary.

"Everyone stop." Blurted Lass out of the nowhere. He put on his headband and put his grip on his nodachi's handle. He's serious whenever he takes that pose. I drew out my knife and shotgun just to be prepared.

"Something big is approaching. It smells like… volcano ashes and… ham?" said Lass in question.

Is he joking? Volcanoes and ham? Nothing could smell like that unless it's an

"An Iron Dragon?! I thought they don't go near the core! Eyes open!"

"Lass, behind you!"

"Big lizards can't hit me!" said Lass as he left a kunai on the enormous dragon's tail.

Looking at our current manpower, it was almost impossible. The kunai that Lass left didn't even leave a mark nor did it hurt the dragon. I looked back to Cyrus and he called me over."Hey! I have a candy. Does that guy or dragon or iron dragon or whatever you call it have a spirit?"Now what kind of question is that?

"Are you dumb? Every living thing has a soul. Think about it, fool?" I answered.

Too much of his relief, he called out to the iron dragon and made a speech. A dynamic entrance speech.

"I am Skye Cyrus, Chevalier le plus honorable de supplice!"

Did he just say supplice?

"I know that you know me, yeah? 600 years and it's impossible that you don't know me. I also know you understand me so I just want to make things clear. I am here to take your soul. No harm done. Just a simple task. Surrender immediately or I'll take it by force!" said Cyrus before bowing down and going near the dragon.

"Are you stupid? You're gonna get eaten!" shouted Lass but Cyrus just smiled and continued whistling while walking towards the dragon.

I simply blinked and stared in awe. I was thinking about how the dragon shook in fear and started to back away as the candy-eating menace walked towards it. Even I couldn't do that when Berkas was my opponent but Cyrus did it.

"Don't go. I'm not gonna eat you. Just your soul." Said Cyrus.

For a second, I saw something engulf Cyrus. Something that looked like a leaf. I was really quiet about it.

"Rufus, Lass. Please close your eyes or you won't be able to sleep tonight." Said Cyrus who was now holding the dragon's tail.

"Uhh, Whatever you say." Was my reaction in contrary to what Lass said.

"No, I won't close my eyes. I will see why you want to do this."

"Very well. Rufus will be okay at his distance. Lass, go away from me at least 4 meters more."


"Then please, don't die."

What did he mean by don't die?

"What did you mean by-?!"

I was too late. The dragon was nothing but a seed now. Lass was panting heavily and looked pale. His skin looked dry and his eyes were a bit red. I approached him but Cyrus stood in the way."Don't touch him."


"He's still recovering from what he saw. You didn't see it so you're fine but he did. Touch him and he might die." Said Cyrus as he frowned. His eyes had a strange cross in them but soon that didn't stop me. I know that Cyrus won't tell me what happened so I had to ask Lass. I was hungry for knowledge, hungry for power…

"The soul… it was devoured. The dragon, the soul, the world. Everything…" It was Lass. His voice stuttered. I could feel anxiety and hesitation inside me. 600 years. Lass gave off an aura like he was 600 years-old just like Cyrus when he still had the cross in his eyes.

"Just what happened?" I asked

"I ate the dragon's soul and Lass' soul almost got eaten too. Leave him alone and his life force will soon be fully restored." Answered Cyrus who seemed was different. Different than the lousy and arrogant person that joined the chase. He was very cautious and seemed to be full of hatred and guilt.

Lass' POV

I can't believe what just happened. Cyrus' hand clutched the dragon's eyes and his other hand made a big hole. Then light and runes enveloped the whole place and souls got sucked up into the hole. The suction lasted for an hour and I don't know why but I can't leave my body. Some sort of barrier kept me from being sucked. So frightening and powerful. I'm afraid. His power surpassed that of Thanatos' and Kaze'aaze's. Thank Gaia for letting me live.

Cyrus' POV

Lass woke up after a few minutes and Rufus seemed to cling near to him. Probably because he wanted to know about the soul-eating but one thing's for sure.