In a cold, whispering night, in a very, very dark forest, a young female Flareon is lost in the forest.

"How could he do this to me? Why the hell is that bastard always flirting and kissing with sluts behind my back? Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me. But fool me thrice? Oh ho, shame you to hell!" Flare, the Flareon, grumbles with thoughts of how her previous boyfriend had betrayed not once, but thrice. "I knew I should never date that son of a bitch! I wish he burns in hell forever! Curse you, Biter!" She snarls quietly at the ground as the ground beneath her starts to sizzle with small smoke come out of her feet. Yes, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned as they say. Now you must be wondering, what happened before she got lost in this quiet, calm yet dark forest? Well, let's see the flashback.


Flare was just walking to Biter's cave, holding a basket of berries with a happy face. She heard Biter gotten sick from a friend of his and rushed to gather as much healthy berries as possible. So, here she was, walking towards Biter's cave. She couldn't wait to see his smile when he sees her.

But instead, she met with a disgusting sight…

There, on a heap of grass that seems to be his bed, was a Vaporeon and a Houndoom, making love. But in this case, sex. The two didn't seem to notice Flare yet, causing Flare to burn with anger…and fury…

"BITER, HOW COULD YOU?!" Hearing the shout of anger, the Vaporeon and the Houndoom looked at her with shock.

"F-Flare! I-It's…It's not what you think!" The Houndoom, known as Biter, pleaded. But it only made Flare angrier and more furious. This is one of the reasons why you shouldn't piss a Pokémon off, ESPIECALLY a Fire-type.

"Not what I think? NOT WHAT I THINK?! YOU ALWAYS USE THAT EXCUSE WHENEVER I CAUGHT YOU HAVING DAMN SEX WITH ANOTHER FEMALE POKEMON! HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME?! AFTER I FORGIVE YOU FOR THE THIRD TIME, YOU STILL BETRAY ME!" Flare shouted at him with pure hatred in her eyes, causing him to get off the bed and also the Vaporeon and walked over to Flare, trying to make amends with her.

"B-But- " As soon as he spoke, he felt a hard Iron Tail hit across his face, causing him to grunt in pain only. Flare glared at him before running off, not wanting to see him ever again…

And he wouldn't care about her as long as he got the Vaporeon slut by his side…

As soon as Flare reached a lake that had no Pokémon or anyone else, she stared at the water of the lake, wondering to herself… "Why…Why do I always end up heartbroken…Why are guys such jerks…" Flare whispered under her breath as she lied down on the ground, sobbing softly as the memories of her and Biter continued running through her mind…leaving her a scarred heart…

End Flashback

Ever since that day, she has been alone and introvert, staying away from anyone who wants her or befriends her. And her family? They were long gone when she was an Eevee so she is all alone in the big, cruel world. She doesn't need anyone…and no one needs her…

She walks through the deep dark forest and sighs at the crossroad in front of her. Unfortunately, the signs doesn't seem to help as the words are nowhere on them.

"I guess I'll take the right one…" She whispers and walks over to the right of the crossroad, not knowing a pair of red eyes are watching her every move.

"You're mine, little Flareon…You're mine…and I'll never let you go…" A dark, mysterious voice whispers through the wind before dashing off after the Flareon.

As Flare continues walking, she feels something chasing her…following her…wanting her…She sighs softly. "Oh great…Another Pokémon in heat." Yes, this is the time when Pokémons are in heat. But Flare couldn't blame them. She has known the feeling of not being able to relieve herself. She turns around and shouts out. "WHOEVER YOU ARE, COME OUT OR ELSE I'LL BURN THIS PLACE DOWN TILL YOU COME OUT!" Flare threatens. At this point, she hears a dark, mysterious chuckle that sends chills down her spine. Whose voice is that? It sounds like…it's amusing.

"I am indeed surprise to see a Flareon alone in Dark Forest. And what are the chances that it is a female?" Flare looks around for the voice when she notices a pair of glowing red eyes in the darkness, looking at her with different emotions. Lust, Desire and the one she's more familiar with, the predator look. A black paw steps out of the darkness as the wind blows softly against the rustling trees with 'hoots' from a Hoot Hoot. Flare stands her ground and when the stalker finally steps out of the darkness…Her eyes widen in surprise.

An Umbreon with red, crimson eyes and glowing yellow rings as he shows a toothy grin, showing his sharp fangs while his black fur is slightly fizzle. Probably from the heat and trouble he's feeling. Flare knew that he is a dark type, the strongest of the Eeveelutions as he is only weak against 2 types. But nonetheless, Flare continues staring at him, no fear nor hate, just a simple stare. She heard that Umbreons are more of the introverted types, due to the type they are. And yet, why is HE here, showing himself to her?

"Are you done staring at me or do you want some taste of it?" Flare snaps out of her thoughts and glares at him threateningly, hoping he would be in fear. But he only smirks with his eyes showing more lust and desire.

"Mind I ask why you have been following me?" Flare asks in confusion. "Just how long has this stalker followed me?" The Umbreon chuckles softly and walks over to her, his nose just an inch away. Flare did not move back because she has been in situation like this. But this feels…different from her previous situations…

"That is because I have never seen such a beautiful Pokémon like you in my life." Flare scoffs at his compliment and turns around, almost hitting his face with her flaming tail.

"Yea, because you have seen Pokémons who are like me. Besides, me and beautiful don't fit." Flare said matter-of-factly. But as soon as she takes her first step to leave, the Umbreon appears in front of her, causing the young Flareon to yelp in surprise. "H-How did you-?!"

"I'm a Dark-type, my dear. Don't tell me you don't know that Dark-types are good with the element of surprise." He smirks at Flare's glaring look as she sighs in annoyance. This Umbreon is really starting to annoy her.

"Look, why are you even here? Last time I check, Umbreons are more of the Espeon's mates so why aren't you with one?" When she said 'Espeon', it seems to cause the Umbreon to cringe as he growls lowly deep in his throat.

"Don't you DARE compare me to those types of Umbreons who prefers those Psychics." Flare blinks in surprise at him. Who knew there is an Umbreon hating an Espeon. He sure is a strange Pokémon, that's for sure. (Please don't hate me, Espeon X Umbreon fans. I'm a fan of those too but this is my first time in making a Flareon X Umbreon fanfic cuz i am also a fan of theirs, ok? Thank you for not hating me!)

"I…I didn't know…" Flare said and looks at the ground. But as soon as the Umbreon turns to her, he shows a lustful, seductive smirk.

"Then that means you have to know more about me. My name is Shade, your mate." At that word, Flare growls in frustration.

"What makes you think I'm YOURS, you perv?!" She barks and steps back, glaring at him with all her might. Shade could only chuckle at how fierce yet sexy she looks. Yes, she is the perfect mate for him. So fiery and hot (literally) that it's hard to resist her flaming personality.

"Simple. Because I'll make you mine tonight!" At that dreaded word, Flare shoots a Shadow Ball on the ground in front of him, getting some smoke covering his view of her. She takes this chance to escape, running as fast as she can to get away from him, trying to keep her innocence.

"I have to get away from him! I won't give in to someone like him! He's a Dark-type! A Dark-type! Just like that damn Bi- " But her thoughts are stop by the figure in front of her, who is smirking at her wickedly. "Damn it! He's fast!"

"Now, my dear, we should start our love making." In a blink of an eye, Flare feels herself being pin down in a Poochyena position with her right cheek against the ground and her hips up in the air, showing her rump as Shade smirks with both of his front paws pinning hers and his head close to hers. Flare struggles and tries to escape but it was all in vain as Shade lets out a dark chuckle. "Struggle all you want. But there is no way you can escape." He whispers softly against her ear, drawing his tongue out of his mouth and slowly stroke it against the soft, orange fur, causing the poor, trapped Flareon to squirm.

"S-S-S-Stopp…" She moans out a little as Shade smiles, loving the way she moans. If only she could moan his name…

"You taste divine, my love." He whispers and continues licking her fur, earning more soft moans from the Flame Pokémon. Flare couldn't believe she is letting him do this! She is not weak! She is never weak! But then, why is she letting out moans that cause him to tease her more?

"G-Get off of me!" Flare moans out the words that seems to almost sound like an angry whimper. She feel his head leaving her neck and she was about to sigh in relief...

When she felt something throbbing against her entrance.

She yelps in surprise then growls in anger and struggles, trying to get away from this horrible Pokemon. The Umbreon chuckles at her childish attempts and place his paws on hers and making sure there is no gap between his chest and her back.

"My dear, you are strong. Stronger than any female I have seen. You are truly interesting. I have been waiting for you, watching you, wanting you. If you struggle more, you only accomplish in making me hornier." Shade licks her cheek, earning a flinch from the angry yet helpless Flareon. "And now…You're mine…" Before Flare could even say a word, he pierces his whole rod into her entrance, breaking her hymen in the process. Flare's eyes widen, feeling intense pain in her lower body.

"A-AH! AHHHHHHH!" She lets out a cry of pain as her paws starts to burn the grass under them. She could feel hot tears streaming her cheeks. Her virginity, her innocence, her maidenhood…Gone…By this mysterious Dark type. She presses her face against the grass, whimpering and slightly sobbing in pain, waiting for him to pound her so he could get off of her and leave her alone…

But she feels no movement.

She slowly opens her eyes to see the Umbreon licking her fur like he's trying to comfort her pain…He looks at her with sympathy. Then he mutters something but Flare notices what he mouth.


She blinks once and thinks she might have imagined it. She feels something inside her cunt moving, rubbing against the inner walls of her womanhood.

"A-Ah…Ah…I-It…It…hurts…" She whimpers and bites her lower lip, trying to bear the pain and not wanting to sound like a weakling. Why did she say this to a total stranger? Why isn't she trying to blast him away? And most importantly…Why does she like this?

"If you…relax a little…you wouldn't feel…much pain." She could hear his voice moaning softly against her ear. She can't help but be arouse by his voice. It sounds so sexy, so hot.

"H-Hah…Ah…M-Mmm…" She lets out soft pants, feeling him moving inside her. Even though it hurts a bit, it sure sends her to a pleasurable state. She could feel her mind going blank as the sounds of the hot, wet contact between her cunt and his meat makes her more arouse.

"Oh…Oh…You feel so good…Ngh…A-Ah…You have such a tight…A-Ahh…" She hears his moans as he places his front paws on her shoulders, ramming his rod harder and harder against the soft, wet pussy.

"Ah…AH…Y-You'll…m-make me cum…i-if you…N-Nooo…NH…A-Ah...Hah…" The soft protest she tries to say seems to be replace by her moan. She can't control her own body. It's like its responding to his thrust with a pleasurable squeeze against his dick. She never feel this much pleasure. Her emotion went wild. One was disgust because of how she sounds like right now. Second is anger because he's raping her. And third is pleasure because of how she's being fuck so good.

"Ahh…Ahh…N-Not there…N-No…" She moans out, feeling the tip entering her womb. She can't help but let out a loud moan as she tilt her head back, her tongue out of her mouth like how dogs pant, her eyes half-lid and her rump raising higher a little. The Umbreon notices this and can't help but throb inside her, thrusting wilder and wilder as he hears more of her pleasurable moan. "N-No…A-Ahh…Y-Your…Your tip is…Hahhhh…" He groans from the very tight squeeze his dick was getting, moaning at how hot her insides feel.

"I'm gonna cum…I'm gonna cum inside your pussy!" He moans out, banging her pussy as her juices slowly falls to the wet grass, her pussy twitching from desire and their moans letting out how good the feeling is.

"N-No! A-Ahh…D-Don't…Mmm…I-I'm g-gonna…A-Ah…Ahhhhh!" With that intense, long scream, the two Pokémon came with Flare feeling his hot semen filling the insides of her pussy. She's his now. His and no one else. Not even Biter. The Umbreon leans his head against hers, whispering the tree words softly.

"I love you…"

But as soon as he said those words, Flare lays down on the ground, feeling darkness enveloping her. She knows she pass out…She hopes this was nothing but a bad dream…

A nightmare.

To Be Continue

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