Have you ever get the feeling where you just want to run away from something you're too shock or afraid to face and hide under a rock for the rest of your life?

Well, that's what Flare is feeling right now…under Shade…after she confessed her love for him, right in front of his face…

With his response being silence and a shocked stare.

No one move. No one speak. Hell, the only sound in the room is the wind blowing through the window.

Flare swallows the lump in her throat, her eyes fixated on the Umbreon's reaction. Even a small twitch in the eye could surely make Flareon's heart thumping faster than a Zebstrika.


That one word. If Flare is in her normal mood, she would have denied ever saying anything.

But since she isn't…

"I love you." And she manages to get a very strange reaction from him. One she never expects.

"W…Weawwy?" Shade suddenly blush and speak in a child-like voice, earning a shocked gaze from Flare. When he realizes how he sounds, he clears his throat, his blush darkening on his black fur. "U-Um…really?" He groans and facepaws, looking away from the Flareon in front of him. "Great. Juuuust great. I just HAVE to get all nervous and child-like."


"Eh?" He blinks once before noticing the face Flare is making as if someone just saw something irresistibly cute right in front of them.

That look suits Flare so well yet it's a face he never expects.

"C-Cu…Cute." That one word mix with that tone just instantly stabs the Umbreon's heart by the arrow of love, causing him to feel heated. Before Flare can say anything else, a flash of black tackles her, letting moans and screams fill the room.

At one of the guard post, at night.

At one of the guard post that looks over any danger around nearby areas, an Ampharos is standing at his post, his light being his tail.

"Amphil." The Ampharos turns to see Shocker walking towards him. In an instant, Amphil stands straight and salutes to his respective Captain.

"Captain Shocker, what do I owe the pleasure?" Shocker stares Amphil. His eye lids are shaded black from intense watch out. Amphil is a bit stubborn when it comes to protecting his comrades but with reasonable reasons, he'll budge. Shocker looks at the darkness of the forest and then turns to the tired Ampharos.

"It's time for you to go to bed. Get some rest." Amphil's eyes widen before shaking his head and stares at his Captain.

"B-But sir-"

"No buts. You're as tired as a Snorlax, Amphil. Get some sleep." With a cheeky smile, Shocker sits at the place Amphil was standing at. "I'll watch over. You go on to bed." Amphil's mouth opens slightly, trying to protest. When there are no words for Amphil, he bows.

"Y-Yes, sir. Thank you." Amphil walks away, slightly swaying before Shocker hears a thud not far from where he is and a few Pokémon crying out in surprise and then say something about carrying him to bed.

"Such a tired dude…" Shocker chuckles and raises his ears, looking around his area. "Seems to be okay around here…"

"Hey, Shocky! Do you think we can play hide and seek?"

A feminine voice reaches into Shocker's mind as his eyes grow half-lid.

"Shocker, you're so fast! I can't catch up."

He grits his teeth a little before shaking his head, staring intensely at the path ahead of him. "No. I can't go into the past…It's all in the past, it's all in the past…"

"I see you haven't change…Shocky."

The Jolteon's eyes went wide, his head slowly turning to behind him. A small grin appears on the intruder's face causes Shocker to turn around and backs away a little.

"I-Im…Impossible! You…You were-"

"Dead? Hahaha…As you can see, I'm still alive…" The intruder slowly step out of the darkness and into the moonlight, a pink, mermaid-like tail appear. Her face turns into a scowl. "But you…you have been living as if I never existed in your whole life!" A Hydro Pump is aimed at him. Snapping out of his shock (No pun intended), he dodges quickly and notices the power of the move destroying a row of trees.

"What in blazes are you talking about?!" Shocker glares at his opponent, his fur slowly filled with static electricity.

"Admit it! You have forgotten about me…" The enemy's face soon holds a smirk. "But now…You won't escape."

Before Shocker could say anything, his back got hit!

"D-Damn it! A diversion!?" "Urgh!" He got crushed on the ground, coughing out blood before opening his eyes weakly, seeing a pair of dark purple eyes before everything went black…

With Reshiram

The legendary Fire-Dragon type sits on her throne in the castle that's the largest out of the other castles in the village. She looks at the sky, watching a small thunderstorm that's a bit far from where Shibi Town is at. The thunders rumble through the ground as a group of Pidgeys flew out of their homes. Reshiram's eyes slowly become half-lid, her orbs darkening as the red glow in her tail dim a little…

"Zeky, Kyuri, come on! Hurry up, Slowpokes!"

"Coming, Reshi!"

"And stop calling us those ridiculous nicknames! Those sounds like girl names!"

"Na uh! It's cute so I'm gonna call you Zeky, no matter how much you don't like it!"

Reshiram scoffs at the memory of her younger self, standing up. "That's the past. We were kids then…" She sighs softly and walks towards the bookshelves when the door of her castle slams open. Standing there is a worried-looking Mismaguis.

"Milady, there's trouble! The Captain of the Electric Squad has been captured!" Without a moment's hesitation, Reshiram soon glows red in anger.


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