Bakura and Dumbledore are facing each other like in a Western gunfighting duel. Bakura has a duel disk. Dumbledore has his wand.

Bakura summons a monster, which immediately attacks Dumbledore directly.

Before Dumbledore has a chance to react, Bakura dashes over and slugs Dumbledore.

Dumbledore asks politely, "You count as one of your five monsters, right?"

Bakura scoffs, "Of course not! That might actually give you a chance to win!"

Dumbledore replies, eyes twinkling, "And now I am completely defenseless?"

Before Bakura has a chance to react, Dumbledore takes a leaf from Harry's book and casts Expelliarmus on Bakura.

A/N: Another fic based on a dream. Bridge the Gap, Kyoukan! started out that way.

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(Posted 12/11/12)