Yugi has just called a shadow game because Peeves dropped a water balloon on him.

Swarming over Yugi's head are a million flying keys like the ones that protected the Sorcerer's Stone. Above Peeves are 99 Kuriboh duplicates and the original Kuriboh, with Multiply in effect.

"Here are the rules," declares Yugi. "If you find the original Kuriboh before I find the right key, you win and go free. If not, you get trapped in a room with the Bloody Baron for as many days as there are Kuriboh duplicates when the game ends. Now... Game start!"

Immediately, Peeves floats up to look for the original Kuriboh. After a couple seconds of observation, he shouts, "They're all the same! Gaaah, fine." He pouts and reaches a hand towards the nearest Kuriboh. Right as he puts the hand down, he hears Yugi's voice. "Oh, by the way, Kuriboh attacks by self-destructing upon contact with the enemy."

Boom! "Whaaaaatt!?" Peeves looks around. "Hm, that one!" he calls, launching himself at one halfway across the room. "Graaahhh! Wrong again!"

After 97 more explosions, Peeves chases down what he thinks is the last possible Kuriboh. "What? Not again! You said there were only 99 of the duplicates!"

"And at the time, there were," Yugi replies, snickering madly. "Each time you messed up, two more appeared! Meanwhile..." Yugi pauses and reaches his hand out and snatches one particular key out of the air, the first one he's touched all game. "I win."

A/N: I had no idea what to write for this week's chapter until I thought of going back and doing another follow up. Thus I decided on Yugi vs. Peeves. But then I was stuck on what the shadow game should be. Eventually, with the help of a friend, I though of combining this with the idea I had of Multiplied Kuriboh vs. the Flying Keys.

God bless!

(Posted 2/5/13)