His heart was hammering in his chest, his own pulse pounding in his ears as Pitch undid the Frost Guardian's pants. He was immobilized by his own mortification from what Pitch was doing. He felt so conflicted- the soft touches felt good, but it scared him to react this way. It was shameful, it wasn't right...was it?

Pitch left Jack's pants open as his hands moved back up, those claws threatening to cut into his skin as they brushed over his pale belly. When the older male leaned down and ran his black serpentine tongue over Jack's navel, a startled cry tore itself from Jack's throat. He heard Pitch chuckle in response to the sounds he was provoking.

"You sound so beautiful, Jack," Pitch commented, causing Jack's face to flush crimson. "Scream for me again?"

Jack's nipples were pinched, spidery fingers rolling the hardened buds, and Jack let out an anguished cry of mixed pleasure. He looked up at Pitch pleadingly, and Pitch could only smile back down at him with golden eyes.

"That's it... I think you're ready for more now," Pitch whispered in a menacing tone.

Before Jack could protest, Pitch had slid his hand inside the boy's pants, past his thin underwear and was gently gripping Jack's arousal skin to skin.

"Pitch!" Jack whimpered helplessly, feeling as though he was being burned by the heat of Pitch's hand.

Pitch chuckled as he wrapped his slender fingers around Jack's hardness, acting as though he were drugged by the fear Jack was emitting. He inhaled deeply and closed his eyes for a moment. Jack would have been entranced by the expression of pure bliss on Pitch's face if not for the hand slowly stroking him.

When Pitch opened his eyes, he looked down at Jack with an intense hunger that made Jack hold his breath. A cruel smile spread across Pitch's face. He gave Jack's arousal a light squeeze before carefully maneuvering him out of his pants and into the open. Jack twitched when he felt the open air upon his most intimate area. But he was further surprised when Pitch shifted lower, and the moment he caught on to what Pitch was about to do, he shook his head.

"Not that..." he whispered. "Pitch, please..."

The King of Nightmares did not heed his words. Jack watched, transfixed as that black tongue slipped out and tasted the tip of Jack's member with a slow lick. His hips lifted up off the bed in response, his body betraying how he felt to get more of that warm and slippery appendage. It felt undeniably hot and softer than velvet against his cock. Jack's vision wavered from the pleasure.

Coating his member with saliva, Pitch's tongue licked along the sides and over the head, twisting itself around the tip before Pitch kissed the leaking slit. He kept his eyes locked with Jack's as he opened his mouth a little, rubbing the flat of his tongue against the underside of Jack's sensitive organ.

A quiet moan left him and he forced himself to look away from the spectacle. His hands were gripping the black sheets of Pitch's bed as he arched off of it. He'd never felt shame like this. He'd never wanted to give into a pleasure so carnal. Pitch's tongue felt amazing, but Jack knew it was wrong to like it. He feared what else Pitch would do to him... he feared pain. All he could do was keep telling himself that this would help Pitch and that it would be over soon.

His thoughts were shattered when he felt Pitch take him into his mouth, intense heat covering his cock and making him buck his hips to get more. Jack let out a pathetic whimper that was strangled by the ecstasy he felt spreading though his body, a small burst of frost leaving his fingers to cover the sheets in his grasp. Blue eyes rolled back into his head when he felt Pitch's tongue coiling around his member, lips tightening as the older male began to lightly bob his head.

Jack was trembling, letting out meek little gasps and whimpers as Pitch continued to pleasure him. Warm hands moved over his body, soothingly light touches along his stomach and chest, and when Jack dared to look down he gasped when he saw Pitch staring up at him. It was more... arousing than it was terrifying. The realization of that was startling, and he had a feeling Pitch could sense that.

As though reading his thoughts, Pitch let Jack's member slip from his mouth, giving it one last lick before chuckling.

"You're not afraid?" he said, his tone gentle and lacking the anger Jack had expected.

The frost Guardian's hands covered his face in shame, tears already preparing to form at the corner of his eyes. How could he give fear to Pitch now? He was useless. He couldn't help him if he couldn't be afraid. And what was worse, Pitch was probably disgusted that Jack was enjoying it.

"I'm sorry!" he apologized.

He could feel Pitch moving, the bed shifting, and Jack was sure Pitch was leaving him again.

Instead, he felt Pitch moving to lay beside him, and Jack moved his hands away from his face when Pitch made Jack turn to face him. Instantly, Jack knew something was different between them. He almost felt shy, lying on his side and facing Pitch like this. Pitch cupped Jack's cheek, the tips of his fingers trailing over Jack's ear, and that small action alone made Jack feel at ease.

"Pitch..." he began, his voice quiet and soft, and Pitch hushed him.

"I'm sorry, Jack," the older male whispered. "It was wrong of me to do something so perverse to obtain your fear."

Pitch trailed off, giving Jack a weak smile as his thumb brushed against Jack's cheek.

"It would have been better for me to have faded away that day," he said resentfully.

Jack felt a tiny burst of pain in his heart at those words. He placed his hand over Pitch's.

"I'm sorry that I..." trailing off, Jack took Pitch's hand and led it to his member, still painfully hard in spite of the heartache he was currently feeling for Pitch.

Pitch gasped when he felt the hardness against his palm, giving Jack a look of confusion. Jack felt his face heat up in embarrassment.

"I'm sorry that... I liked it..." he whispered. "I was afraid... but now I'm more afraid that... that you hate me for feeling like this."

The two fell into silence. Jack's hand moved away, no longer holding Pitch's hand down. At first, Pitch didn't move his hand from where it was. Not until he looked up into Jack's blue eyes with a look resembling pain.

"I'm sorry, I just..." Pitch's voice went quiet as he moved his hand away. "I can't do this to you."

It was a silent understanding between them. Jack gave a small nod before he redressed himself, feeling less exposed and more proper. He would have left the bed, but Pitch reached out for him just as he began to rise.

"Please stay," Pitch pleaded. "I don't wish to be alone..."

Jack didn't need to be told twice. Returning to lay beside Pitch, Jack rested his head back on the pillows. Pitch was giving him an odd look, something between sadness and fear. Though he seemed better than last time, Jack had never Pitch look so vulnerable before. What more could he do besides give him company?

"Pitch, I-"

"Don't leave me," Pitch whispered, catching Jack off guard.

His lips formed into a thin line, and as gently as possible, Jack reached out and touched Pitch's shoulder to comfort him.

"I won't. I just wanted to tell you that I'm willing to help you no matter what. I won't let you fade."

Pitch's silvery eyes flickered gold in that moment, unsure if he should trust Jack for sure. Slowly, his eyelids drifted shut as he relaxed into the pillows. Jack was slower to become adjusted. It took longer than he would have liked for his excitement to die down, and even longer afterwords to come to grips with what had happened.

He couldn't truly understand why he was so willing to help Pitch, after everything that he had done. He was their enemy, he had tried to erase all everything that kept people happy in the world. He had nearly succeeded in making the Guardians fade away, and yet...

Jack couldn't let that happen. Whether it was his own fear of fading away, or if it was the guilt of having done this to Pitch, he couldn't be sure. He had readily accepted responsibility for making Pitch alright again.

And then their were his own feeling for Pitch that were confusing him further. Was it only his mind being clouded by the pleasure Pitch brought him? Or was it something else?

Scowling, Jack rolled over so his back was facing Pitch.

He had thought it would take all night for him to pass out, but it seemed the fight with Sandy had been more taxing than he had thought. Or perhaps it was that coupled with his own emotional exhaustion that led him to a quick sleep.

The first thing Jack noticed when he woke was that he hadn't dreamed anything.

The second thing he noticed were the long arms wrapped around his torso, and the warm breath tickling his ear. He was slow to realize his back was pressed flush to Pitch's chest, and the King of Nightmares was clinging to him in a sleepy daze. Jacks fingers gripped the pillow under his head, suddenly tensing when he felt that gentle puff of warm air over the shell of his ear.

In less than a few seconds, Jack was wide awake, and his stomach was twisting with butterflies.

He wanted to squirm his way out of Pitch's hold, but he was afraid to wake the sleeping male. That wasn't the only thing making him nervous.

Pitch groaned softly, causing Jack to go completely still. He held his breath in fear of what Pitch would say when he woke up.

The feeling of Pitch sliding his body closer was both startling and sensual. Jack let out the smallest gasp when Pitch snuggled closer. He knew his heart was beating like crazy at the moment. Why did Pitch effect him like this.

He whimpered when he felt warm lips nibbling his earlobe, and that deep, rich voice chuckling in his ear made his hair stand on end.

"What has you so scared, Frost?" Pitch questioned smoothly, the tone he was using making Jack feel on edge.

Jack felt the urge to curl up, afraid to say exactly what Pitch knew.

"Does my touch frighten you so?"

At those words, Jack felt Pitch's hands moving along his torso, one hand sliding up under his jacket, the other sliding down to rest at his thigh.

Jack wanted to shake his head. He wasn't necessarily afraid of it, but he couldn't force out a response. Every nerve was on fire from the gentle caressing touch of Pitch's hands. It was nearly maddening.

He felt Pitch kissing the back of his neck, and the sensation went straight to his core. He gripped the pillow harder, his body tensing and untensing with each featherlight kiss to his cold skin. When Pitch ran his tongue over Jack's pale flesh, the frost Guardian let out a muffled cry of absolute pleasure.

Mistaking the sound for one of fear, Pitch grew still. Jack's mind began racing.

'No, not again. Why does he keep doing this to me?'

The hand under his jacket slid higher, the light touch causing goosebumps to break out over the right side of Jack's body. He squeezed his legs together when he felt himself harden in response to everything Pitch was doing to him.

He felt a pair of fingers glide over one of his nipples, Jack's body twitching as though he'd been shocked by static.

"I'm sorry, Jack," Pitch murmured, the hand on Jack's thigh sliding down between the smaller male's legs. "I... I can't help myself. Your fear is so sweet... it's like the purest honey on my tongue..."

Jack could feel Pitch undoing his pants again, easily undoing the button before pulling the zipper down. He pushed himself back into Pitch as though he could escape the hand in front of him, but it was useless. He felt it sliding down past his underwear, once again gripping his sex in a firm but gentle hold.

"P-Pitch," Jack moaned, writhing back into Pitch's slender body as his hand gently worked his arousal.

Cheeks stained a light pink, Jack quickly dropped the urge to resist and allowed himself to enjoy what Pitch was giving to him.

He could feel Pitch's breathing escalate, his hand moving a bit quicker as he stroked Jack's member and held the younger male more forcefully against himself. Jack was having a hard time believing that Pitch was only doing this to gain Jack's fear. It felt too gentle, too intimate, too... loving.

"Where has your fear gone, Jack?"

Jack hissed when he felt Pitch squeeze his cock, pulling Jack back against him even harder. It was at this point that Jack noticed something solid pressed against his backside, and the realization made him gasp.

Pitch laughed softly into his ear, pressing his hips forward to rub make his hardness impossible to ignore.

"Does this scare you?"

It was difficult to answer right away. With Pitch pleasuring him the way he was, Jack was literally struggling to force the words out of his mouth. Only after he overcame the shock of discovering that Pitch was just aroused as he was could Jack even form a sentence.

"What scares me is..." Jack trailed off with a moan, tilting his head back onto Pitch's shoulder as he bucked his hips into Pitch's hand and back into his lap. "..how much I want you."

Jack's words seemed to make Pitch grow still, but not for long. Falling into silence, the Nightmare King focused on bringing Jack to orgasm, intent on finishing what he had started.

The young Guardian let out a loud moan, bucking into Pitch's hand wantonly and without reservation. He'd been denied this for too long, and all he wanted at the current moment was to feel release.

Pitch's steady grasp was more than enough to bring Jack into a blissful euphoria. Strings of moans were forced from his open mouth as Pitch pumped his erection, all the while lightly grinding up against Jack's backside.

"That's it..." Pitch almost purred into his ear, so encouraging and soft as he moved his hand from base to tip. "Let me hear that lovely voice of yours..."

Unable to hold back any longer, Jack thrust into Pitch's hand one last time before he came, feeling his toes curl as he clutched his pillow. A light wave of frost covered where his fingers touched, having lost control of himself as he cried out Pitch's name.

Pitch kept his palm clasped tightly over the tip, capturing any release that threatened to spill. Jack felt lightheaded and dizzy as he caught his breath, and he was grateful when Pitch was as careful as possible when removing his hand from the younger male's trousers.

"Jack, look at the mess you made."

The voice pulled the frost spirit from his reverie, blue eyes opening to see the white fluids covering Pitch's fingers and the top of his palm. His face grew hot from shame at the sight.

"I-I'm sorry," Jack apologized tiredly.

He heard Pitch snicker before the older male wiped it onto the sheets, and then pulled away.

Jack quickly sat up, his eyes following Pitch as the Nightmare King stood beside the bed.

"If you were serious about your offer to me, then I suggest we talk somewhere other than my bedroom. Unless you want me to go on violating you?"

Any lingering thoughts on what had happened were quickly crushed into dust in Jack's mind. He didn't want to think about what he was to Pitch, and he didn't want to let himself spiral into feelings of self-loathing. Jack intended to keep his promise and help Pitch in any way he could.

"Sorry, I'll... I'll meet you downstairs in a moment," Jack said quietly.

Pitch gave him a nod before exiting the room, not even pausing to look back.

Moving off of the bed, Jack straightened his jacket and pants before looking around for his staff. Once he remembered he had left it when he fell, Jack put on a serious expression before leaving the room. The spiral staircase was longer than he remembered, and when he met the end, he felt a wave of panic at the sight that greeted him.

Pitch was standing tall, two nightmares beside him as he inspected Jack's staff. One nightmare was made of sand, the other made of thick and impenetrable darkness. The two nightmares looked up at Jack, snorting to alert Pitch, but Pitch barely moved.

Jack advanced slowly, feeling slightly intimidated. What if Pitch chose to attack? What if his nightmares lashed out at him? And worse yet, what if Pitch broke his staff, like he had all those years ago?

Sensing the frost spirit's fear, Pitch hummed loud enough for Jack to hear. The two nightmares sensed it as well, and they stomped their hooves impatiently.

"Your fear is too sweet for them, Jack," Pitch announced, turning back to look at Jack. "Don't be afraid. I won't break it."

True to his words, Pitch merely held the staff out towards Jack. The action was a pleasant surprise. He had expected Pitch to at least take advantage of his fear, but instead he did the opposite and gave Jack his courage back in handing him his weapon.

As Jack took hold of the staff, their fingers touched for a moment before Pitch once again pulled away.

Leaning against his staff, Jack watched as the two nightmares moved closer to Pitch, as though fearing Jack would attack them, or more likely, as though they were awaiting to attack Jack.

Pitch noticed the way Jack was staring, and he smiled.

"They won't attack you," he grinned. "But be aware, these two are the last of my nightmares that are free. Not including the third that is hiding and refuses to come out."

This noticeably alarmed Jack, and he almost dropped his staff.

"Only three?" he asked in disbelief.

"Yes," Pitch answered bitterly. "You and the other Guardians are... quite diligent in hunting them down."

At first Jack felt ashamed by this, but he wouldn't let himself become consumed by unnecessary emotions.

"I'm planning on breaking into the prison and releasing them soon, but... I'm afraid of fighting them."

Pitch nodded in understanding.

"I think I know of how I can help you, without harming children. And that way, I might be able to keep your strength up until I can find a way to break out all the nightmares."

Before Jack could finish speaking, Pitch gave Jack a strange look.

"You would do that for me?" he questioned.

Caught off guard, Jack nodded sheepishly.

"Well, yeah. I said I'd make sure you wouldn't fade away, right?"

Pitch smiled again, and this time it was a normal smile. Not a cruel smile or a wicked grin filled with malice. It was an actual smile. Jack was unsure why, but the look on Pitch's face made him feel weird.

"I promise to reward you for all that you're doing for me, Frost," Pitch stated.

Unable to stop himself, Jack blushed at the thoughts that raced through his head as he smiled back at Pitch.

"Sounds... sounds good..." he stammered.