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Kyoya sighed and leant forward on his elbows, resting his head in his hands. These accounts are going to kill me, he thought as he looked over the figures on his laptop. According to his calculations, they had been over budget by four thousand yen on their last Bollywood themed cosplay. How did I ever let Tamaki talk me into having elephant rides?

He was disturbed from his despairing by a warm hand on his shoulder, "Tea sempai?" Kaoru asked a small smile on his face as he presented the steaming cup. "You look like you need it." Kyoya smiled back, "thank you Kaoru." He took the cup from the younger Hitachiin, their fingers brushing ever so slightly. Kyoya took a sip and let out a small sigh, "perfect." He looked up at the red headed first year and gave him a crooked smile, "share it with me?"

Kaoru grinned and nodded so Kyoya pushed back his chair and gestured to his lap. Kaoru perched on his sempai's knees and leaned into him as the older boy wrapped and arm around his kouhai's waist. He was still holding the cup of tea which he now presented to his lips. Kaoru hesitated a moment before taking a tiny sip and making a face. "What's wrong?" Kyoya asked. "I made that tea for you. It's too strong for me." Kaoru admitted and his sempai chuckled softly and laid his head on his shoulder. "Start putting more milk in then. We'll be doing this a lot," he murmured before nuzzling into his neck. Kaoru smiled and began running his fingers through his sempai's dark locks.

He treasured these moments, these little snippets of them during the day. Host club had finished and the customers had left so the two stole a quiet moment before their friends noticed. "Mommy! Unhand our son!" "Hey sempai, keep your tentacles off my brother! " They parted and sighed, "foiled again. I'll have to convince Haruhi to distract them longer. A 20% debt decrease perhaps." Kaoru smirked, "and a 20% increase if she fails."

Kyoya gave him a fond smile, "I knew you were devious when I fell for you but still…" Kaoru chuckled, "I did learn from the Shadow King himself. Do you think that has something to do with it?" He teased, leaning in for another kiss, and instead getting up before their lips could touch. "Minx," Kyoya muttered and Kaoru laughed, "Would you have me any other way?" He asked before walking off, swaying his hips, knowing his boyfriend was watching. No, I love the way you are. Kyoya watched as the twins laughed together. I wouldn't change you for the world.

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