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Pain and regret.

That was what he felt right now. He was lying on his back in the pool of his own blood. Eyelids of his light blue eyes were slowly closing themselves as his life force slowly slipped away. 'So this is how I die? Pathetic, but I can't help but wonder what awaits me after the death... hold on, Technically I'm dead, so I'm dying again. So what the hell will happen now? Shit...' He thought and released a painful groan.

His name was Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez, the 6th Espada and an Arrancar, a hollow, an evil soul. He was a tall, muscular man with light blue spiky hair and light blue eyes, the latter included green lines under them. His attire consisted of a white jacket with black outlines, a pair of white baggy pants with same black edges and a belt. His clothes had several cuts on them due to previous fighting. Though now they were dirty, both with dirt, his and Ichigo's blood.

'Cursed fucker, stepped into my fight...' Grimmjow swore. Even when he was out of strength, he managed to muster the rest of his energy he had stood up and attacked Kurosaki Ichigo, a human Shinigami or as modern people would call them 'Soul Reapers'. However, when he took one step, his comrade's weapon, a zanpakuto or a Soul Slayer that belonged to Nnoitra Gilga slashed his neck, leaving him to death. 'And here I am dying... huh, I just hope Ichigo will fucking kill this bastard Aizen' He mused as his life finally slipped away.

Aizen was a tyrant, once a Shinigami who went rogue against the whole Soul Society. His power was so immense that he managed to conquer Hollow's territory - Hueco Mundo.

And here, in Hueco Mundo in the palace Las Noches lay Grimmjow, a self-claimed Panther King. Even if self-claimed, he had the power to back it up. In fact, he had it in spades… but apparently not enough.

Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez, the sixth Espada passed away.

The King was dead.

Endless void.

That was where recently dead Panther King woke up. Grimmjow opened his eyes and saw nothing but black. Not surprising since he was in void. He tried to stand up and looked around to see if there was at least some light around, but with no success.

There was only darkness. He brought his arm in front of him and noticed that he could see it clearly, even with lack of light.

"Is anyone in here?" He asked loudly. He knew that he was dead, again. But this definitely was not what he expected. A soul like him that had died once again should have been reincarnated as an entirely new being, so what was going on here?

Grimmjow sat down and propped his jaw with his arm. He stared out into the void for what seemed hours. "Just fucking great... I'll be either bored out of my mind or I'll go insane!" He whined. That was when he noticed that his blue-hilted katana was still by his side. "So what am I supposed to do? Commit seppuku?"

Seppuku was rather… interesting way of committing suicide. It was performed very often back in the medieval Asia when a samurai lost his battle, shaming himself for his emperor at the same time. The ritual was performed by kneeling down and stabbing your own guts with your own sword which you had used to slain your enemy. People who had a creative minds even tended to write poems with their blood. Too bad Grimmjow wasn't a brilliant thinker.

"I'm afraid that this is not the case." A rather amused voice spoke behind Grimmjow's back. He quickly jumped on his feet and took out his katana to encounter the enemy. However there was no one behind him.

"Great, now I'm going insane of all times." The Arrancar groaned and turned back around. Much to his surprise he saw a silhouette in the darkness. It gave off a faint, white glow that let Grimmjow see the edges of figure's body. The person's eyes were open allowing Grimmjow to see them. They had rippled-like pattern that seemed to spread over the sclera that normally would be white. That was not the case; the sclera was light purple and the pupil was just a tiny dot where the circles that spread over the eye began.

"There is much for you to do, Grimmjow. I can't afford you dying just yet." The figure spoke with voice that was calm and relaxed, but for some reason it also screamed danger and authority.

"Who the hell are you?" Grimmjow growled. He was taken aback by the person's sudden appearance. Even if Grimmjow haven't felt fear in long time, he felt fear right now, right here. He could literally feel the power that was coming from this man, and it was far greater than that tyrant's Aizen. "And where the fuck am I?!" He demanded. That's not a normal day when you wake up in middle of nowhere and are encountered by someone far beyond your league.

The figure chuckled, something that almost ticked Grimmjow off, again. "That short temper of yours, you should work on it." Grimmjow heard the figure answer, but before he could say anything the person in front of him snapped its fingers.

To Grimmjow's shock, one moment was he in the middle of an abyss, and now he was in a desert. It wasn't a regular desert though. It was the desert of Hueco Mundo. The white sand, the endless night and few dead trees scattered over the dunes. Yes, that was very similar to Hueco Mundo.

"I've been watching you for quite some time now." The man in front of Grimmjow spoke again. Since the darkness disappeared he could see the person in front of him clearly. It was a young man with spiky black hair that seemed to spike off above his forehead into two horns. He was wearing a long white coat and a necklace that consisted of six magatamas. The magatama was a stone carved into a shape of a tear. For what reason, no one knows.

"I should introduce myself first, I am someone you'd call The Sage of Six Paths. Though, I doubt you know of me as I don't exist in your universe." The now introduced Sage explained. The part of not existing in Grimmjow's universe confused the confusion written all over the Arrancar's face brought a smile on Sage's own, along with an explanation. "I am the god of a different universe and I need your help to save it, the Spirit King already agreed to my terms."

Now that frightened Grimmjow. You don't meet someone who held this much power and claimed to be a god, on a daily basis. Well, there was Aizen, but Aizen didn't have this much power as the one in front of Grimmjow, and the said Sage just felt much wiser, pretty obvious since he was a sage, a person with incredible amount of wisdom.

But the Spirit King agreeing to someone's terms? That was unheard of. Hell, that entity was completely shrouded in secrecy. The only facts known about the Spirit King were that he was the one who kept the balance between Soul Society, a place that was the residence of Soul Reapers and where souls traveled after their death, and world of living. He was supposedly a god, the same god Aizen attempted to overthrow.

Grimmjow needed explanations, and he needed them fast. "Where are we then? Am I dead? And why do you need my assistance?"

The Rikudo Sennin chuckled softly and began answering his questions. "You were dead already so that doesn't really matter. We are in a place that had never been visited by anyone else in long time. This is where I observe what is happening around in world that is under my watch. Though, when I'm alone, this place looks much different, but you don't need to worry about that." He took a slight inhale and continued. "There is a sad fact about it too, I can only observe what is happening out there and have no possibility of interfering directly. This is why you are here. There is an inevitable disaster approaching and I can only watch, that is why I need your help." The man explained. As he saw Grimmjow nod in understatement, he continued. "As I said, I can't directly intervene in the living's affairs. But I can indirectly. You see, placing you inside an infant is within my approach and you will make him your successor, he along with another will save this world. That is, if you co-operate…"

Grimmjow interrupted him in the middle of a sentence. "Hold your horses, why the hell should I help you? I already followed a guy who considered himself a god once and it didn't end well. I'm dead so why should I care?" Grimmjow said and quickly regretted it. A giant pressure fell atop of his shoulders, completely crashing him into the ground.

"You will co-operate with me, or I will send you into depths of hell for an eternity of misery!" The man roared, startling the 6th Espada. Something in back of his head told Grimmjow to obey the man's words and decided not to anger him anymore. He quickly apologized and agreed to the terms.

The Sage of Six Paths gently smiled. "As I said, I will place you inside an infant. A boy in fact, his name will be Naruto. He's the one of two Children of Prophecy, the ones destined to save the world and you will guide him, so far with me?" The black haired sage asked to whichGrimmjow nodded.

He liked the idea of having a successor, it was appealing to him. He haven't thought about having a successor ever before. His fraccion - a rank his subordinates had - were too dumb to be trained properly.

Disrupting him from his thought, the Sage in front of him made a wave with his hand. With a bright shimmer, out of nowhere a window opened before them. Grimmjow looked into it and saw a rather large village that was surrounded by woods. "This is Konoha, the Village hidden in Leaves. It's a powerful village that has ninja as its major military force." Grimmjow was about to bark in laughter and speak about nonsense, when the Sage continued.

"Yes ninja, don't be so surprised, after all you are a hollow soul that was evil. Now back to the topic, in about five hours, a powerful demon will be released upon it, but before it happens I will place you into Naruto who isn't born yet."

The blue haired man narrowed his eyes. "Anything I should know before you send me there?" He asked and got his answer.

"Ah, there is." The man began. "I've already seen the world's future, but I will only tell you an important part of it. Naruto, the kid will slowly distance himself away from his family, because of his behavior and appearance. He will feel like he does not belong to them. However, even without his family, he will push forward. This is your secondary mission. To give him a father he never would have." The man explained surprising Grimmjow once more.

"Me a father? You've got to be kidding me..."

The man before Grimmjow burst into laughter. "Oh don't worry about that. Your presence within his soul will affect his DNA, mostly overpowering the genes that are currently written in them and he will acquire many of your traits... unfortunately, your short temper will be along these traits." He groaned, pissing Grimmjow off.

"Shut up!" He shouted, only making the so-called god burst into laughter once more.

"That's what I'm talking about!"

Grimmjow sighed and calmed his anger with a great effort. "Alright, that's better than burning in hell, bring it on."

The Sage smiled. "Oh, before I send you there, this is a gift for Naruto." He said and threw Grimmjow a two feet long scroll with blue flame markings on the bottom and green lightning markings on the top. "And you can consider yourself as Naruto's father, congratulations!" He laughed and flicked Grimmjow's forehead, knocking him out and transferring into Naruto's soul.

Nine years later.

A nine years old boy walked through Konoha's streets on his way to the academy. His hair was spiky blonde with many blue streaks in it - though one could argue if it actually was blue hair with blonde streaks, they were evenly grown - and his eyes were light blue and had sharp, black outlines. Under each eye was a horizontal green marking which no one knew where they came from - he had them ever since his birth and were like tattoos. However, eventual visit to the hospital confirmed that the markings were naturally colored skin, something that baffled the doctors.

His jaw-line was sharp. It was built in a way that let him make a freaky predatory grin, which he did from time to time. The boy's face didn't resemble his parents in any way - except the slight golden tinges to his hair and the similar hairstyle - his father's face was that of girly heart-shape, and his mother's was rounder.

His name was Namikaze Naruto. Though, he didn't ever consider himself as a part of the family. He had the feeling like he didn't belong there. Naruto even suspected that he was adopted as he looked completely different than his parents. His sister, an auburn haired girl with blue eyes and heart shaped face, looked like a carbon copy of his mother, except she had auburn hair, not blood red in color as her mother. Her name was Akiho and she was a person that annoyed him the most. She tried approaching him every goddamn day, asking him to train with her or just simply hang out.

Namikaze Minato and Uzumaki Kushina, his biological parents couldn't figure out the reason why he disliked them so much. At first, they thought that he was entering 'this' age of rebellion against parents, but after some time they noticed that this was a genuine dislike.

Speaking of his parents, Namikaze Minato was a tall handsome man in his late twenties. His spiky hair was sun-kissed blonde in color and he had a heart shaped face with narrow sky blue eyes. He was known to many by the title of Konoha no Kiroii Senko, The Yellow Flash of Konoha,because of his amazing skills with Fuinjutsu - the sealing arts - that let him create the Hiraishin. Hiraishin was a technique that acquired him an SS-rank in the bingo book, becoming the first person with such high rank in a book where all names and known information about famous ninjas were stored and distributed around the world. Most of people in the bingo book were the missing-ninjas, those who went rogue against their respective village by committing crimes, but there were other dangerous men and women who weren't rogue. Minato was a prime example of that.

Naruto's mother on the other hand, was a red haired beauty with large, round violet eyes. She was known as Hokage's wife, former Jinchuuriki of Kyuubi no Yoko and Akai Chishio no Habanero - Red-Hot Blooded Habanero -, a nick name she acquired because of her beautiful red-hair and her tomboyish attitude.

Naruto released a deep sigh he had held for quite some time, and entered the academy where he took his sweet time to find his classroom. After few minutes of his lazy walk he entered the loud classroom. He noticed that it was already full and that the teacher already began his lecture.

"Naruto, you're late - again!" A tall man who had tanned skin and a horizontal scar through his nose on his face yelled. His name was Umino Iruka, a chunnin level shinobi who was an instructor at the academy ever since he got injured on a mission. Iruka was also the one of few people Naruto somewhat liked.

Naruto rolled his eyes. "Yeah, who gives a damn?" He muttered and ignored Iruka's protests about his cussing. Naruto seated himself on a seat all the way back in the classroom.

Iruka sighed, the boy's ignorance and behavior was beyond him. He decided not to press on that matter and continued his lecture. What he was talking about, was about the previous Hokages and their greatest accomplishments. "Now, who can tell me, how did the Sandaime Hokage die?" He asked the students. Naruto groaned, already knowing who would answer that question.

A girl with a tight, sleeveless, orange jumpsuit with fishnet covering the orange material on her abdomen raised her arm. The instructor smiled slightly and pointed at the girl. "Can you tell us what happened the night he died?" Iruka told her to answer.

Akiho smiled and stood up. "The Sandaime Hokage died nine years ago with an act of ultimate sacrifice during the attack of the Nine-tailed fox demon, Kyuubi no Yoko by sealing it into me. Formerly, my father was supposed to seal the beast and die doing so, but the Sandaime intervened and knocked my father out and did the sealing himself. He used the Shiki Fuujin to seal half of the beast's chakra into himself, and before he died he sealed the other half into an infant - me." The girl proudly answered. Iruka congratulated her for the right answer and noted it down.

The knowledge about Namikaze Akiho being a container of Kyuubi and about the events that happened during that night was common. The Elemental Countries, mainly Iwa and Kumo were hesitant about attacking Konoha because of Yondaime Hokage and his Hiraishin. The fact that Konoha had a Kyuubi Jinchuuriki on their disposal, successfully got rid of any threats from Kumo and Iwa.

Naruto groaned once more after she answered. As much as he hated to admit it, she was a genius. She inherited her father's intelligence and cunningness, as well as her mother's knack for Ninjutsu – although, she pushed herself more into the art of seals than learning ninjutsu.

The girl was considered a prodigy in both strategy and fuinjutsu skills, and she knew of several C and D ranked techniques in both wind and water affinity and her skills in Shogi were on par with the best chunin strategists, and she often played against her father or against the Jonin Commander - Nara Shikaku. As the veteran strategist complimented her, she had a brilliant mind of a strategist.

Naruto was quite the opposite. While the girl was calm, his temper was lethally short. Also his hostility against anyone who threatened him acquired him quite a reputation within the academy. For some reason, he always favored the swordsman ship and hand-to-hand combat. His skills in both Kenjutsu and Taijutsu were surprisingly high, already at low Chunnin-level at the age of nine. While his chakra reserves were average, Naruto's stamina was amazing, on par with Konoha's Taijutsu specialist, Maito Gai.

He yawned when Iruka announced that it was already time for lunch break. He lazily stood up and walked towards the door. As he reached the door he felt something unfamiliar, different, which sent shivers down his spine. A low chuckle resonated in back of his mind along with a whisper of "Meet me". He winced as the whispers became louder. Naruto grabbed his head as he winced in pain.

"Gaah!" He shouted and fell onto his knees, getting attention of Iruka and the students who haven't left yet.

Iruka slightly worried, quickly walked up to him. "Naruto, what's wrong?" He asked and grabbed the boy's shoulder. Naruto quickly swatted it away and with another cry of pain fell on the floor losing consciousness. Last thing he heard was a faraway shout of "Nii-san!".

Naruto felt his consciousness coming back. He opened his eyelids and blinked several times. He was staring at a clear dark sky. He looked left and right and deducted that he was in an area he had never seen before.

"Hello? Is anyone here?" He asked turning around. He was in a desert, the sand seemed to be gray and there were few dead trees around. "Great, where the fuck am I?!" He shouted irritated.

After another set of curses he heard a loud laugh. What disturbed him was that the sound of the laughter sounded almost like his own, but much older. He whipped around and noticed that standing in front of him was a blue haired man who had the same face as Naruto - except he had weird eyebrows and a skull like mask on the right side of his face. What made Naruto's curiosity rise over the top, were the exact same markings under his eyes.

The man in front of him looked like in mid-twenties, he was wearing a white jacket with black edges, a pair of white baggy pants with black edges on the bottom and his feet were bare. Attached to his waist was a katana within a black scabbard. The katana had blue strapping on the handle and its silver guard formed an S letter, but without the curves. His jacket was open and exposed his bare chest, showing his muscles, a large scar that was on his abdomen and a hole that went through his stomach.

"Who in the flying fuck are you and where the hell am I?" Naruto rudely asked. The man burst out with a laughter which ticked Naruto off. "Stop laughing already you asshole!"

The man calmed down after few seconds. "Damn, that's the same question I asked when I met him. How right he was when he told me, that you will inherit my personality." The man gave him a toothy grin. "As for whom I am, well, I have no idea if it's biologically or not, but as the damn Sage told me, I'm your father, surprise!"

Naruto just stared at him with a blank expression. "You're fucking kidding me, right?" He didn't deny the option right away. The man in front of him actually could be his father. He had the same jaw-line, light blue hair, light blue eyes and the green markings.

The man shook his head at Naruto's question. "Nope, I'm Grimmjow, Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez and Sixth Espada." The now called Grimmjow introduced himself. Naruto raised an eyebrow when he heard the word Espada.

"Name's Naruto." He said bluntly. Grimmjow raised his eyebrow at his surname, or rather lack of it.

"Just Naruto?"

The blonde nodded. "I'd say Namikaze, but I don't consider myself as their son." He added.

Grimmjow scratched back of his head in a thought. "Well, that was what I expected." Grimmjow again chuckled, the skull on his cheek opening and closing with each movement of his jaw.

"Mind telling me where are we?" Naruto said irritated. "And why the hell do you consider yourself as my father?"

"Huh, long story short. I died in a battle, god of your world - some Sage of Six Paths as he called himself - met me and gave me an offer I couldn't refuse." He stopped and cursed under his breath, still remembering the threat of misery that would last for eternity. "After some talk he transferred my soul into you and thus changed majority of your DNA, making me your father. Funny isn't it?"

Naruto eyed him for a few moments. "And you think that I'll believe you?" He asked and Grimmjow nodded with a grin. Naruto groaned and looked to his left. "At least you're more fun than Minato, you don't hesitate to curse." He grumbled, earning another burst of laughter from Grimmjow.

After they sat a minute or two in silence, Naruto spoke up. "Uh... dad?" He asked. Grimmjow instantly looked at the boy, somehow feeling a tingle of happiness. "Can I... use your surname Jaegerjaquez?"

Grimmjow's surname sounded bad-ass. At least that was what Naruto thought. He disliked being a Namikaze and now he knew the reason. He never was a Namikaze. In front of him standing was the closest person to him, his true father.

Grimmjow gave him a toothy grin. "Not a problem, brat."

Naruto pouted. "Don't call me brat!" He shouted and made Grimmjow chuckle once again.

Naruto ignored his father's laugh and looked around him. They were in a large gray desert with sky that was dark with a moon. "Deducting from what you said... this is my... soul? It's plain."

Grimmjow stopped laughing. "Right, this is your soulscape. Although the reason it looks like that is me. I changed it, so it looks like the place I came from." He explained, and then remembered something. "Follow me, I have something for you." He said and inwardly added. 'Although, I have no fucking idea what it is.'

Naruto nodded and followed the person that supposedly was his father. After five minutes of walking, they came upon a small white block with a scroll on top of it. It was a two feet long scroll with blue flame markings on the bottom and green lightning markings on the top. Grimmjow grabbed it and tossed it to Naruto who caught it easily.

"I have no fucking idea what it is as I don't know jack shit about your world. Enlighten me maybe?" Grimmjow said with annoyed voice, whispering the last sentence under his breath, which didn't go unnoticed by Naruto.

Naruto inspected the scroll and opened it. "It's a summoning contract..." He muttered. Grimmjow looked at it with interest.

"How do you know that?"

Naruto rolled his eyes and muttered 'Idiot', which earned him a punch on top of his head. He rubbed his scalp and explained how he knew about the summoning contracts. "Jiraiya is in possession of a summoning scroll, though, his is larger and has red flame markings on it. Akiho is supposed to be the next bearer of it." He stopped when he saw the questioning look on Grimmjow's face. Naruto was about to insult him once again but decided not to. That punch hurt. "That pervert Jiraiya is my godfather and Akiho is my sister, at least I know that she's a sister from mother's side. Anyways, a summoning scroll allows the user to summon an animal to aid him in battle. Jiraiya's contract let's him summon toads."

Grimmjow nodded and asked. "You know how to use it?"

"I know how to sign it, but I don't know the hand-seals for summoning technique, Jiraiya wanted me to sign his contract, but I denied. I'll have to ask someone in Konoha about it..." He sighed and bit his thumb, allowing the blood to seep out. After enough blood flowed out of the wound, he wrote his name and added his new surname. 'Naruto Jaegerjaquez... I like it.' He thought and rolled the scroll.

"Alright, time for your training regime." Grimmjow said with a grim smirk on his face that didn't go unnoticed by Naruto, who knew that he was screwed. "When you're awake, you will start doing psychical exercises to increase your strength and speed. I will be instructing you when you do. When you are asleep, you will come here and we will begin your Arrancar training. And keep in mind that I will beat you to the fucking ground." He finished with a grin as Naruto shivered.

Naruto thought about the situation for a brief moment. "What's an Arrancar?" He asked curiously, had it something to do with his father's hole in stomach and the scull mask?

Grimmjow grinned and looked up to the sky. "I'll tell you later brat, you're waking up, find what this scroll does. Ja ne!" He shouted. Before Naruto could say something his vision went blurry and closed his eyes.

When Naruto opened his eyes, he saw the white wall of a hospital room. He looked around and saw three persons standing next to the bed he was laying on. His ex-father, his mother and his sister were all looking worried about him.

"Naruto-chan, how are you feeling?" asked Kushina, worried about her son's condition. The doctors thankfully haven't diagnosed anything unusual or dangerous for his health. Still, fainting like he did in the academy wasn't normal.

Naruto looked at them, glared at Minato and then sat up. He was clothed in the hospital gown. "Where are my clothes? I'm leaving." He said harshly. Naruto already wanted to go as far away from Minato as possible.

Minato frowned at Naruto's rude tone. "Naruto, you just woke up, you can't lea-"

"Where are my fucking clothes?!" Naruto interrupted, startling the Namikaze family. Minato wanted to accuse and punish him for his language, but Kushina grabbed his arm tightly. He looked at her and saw Kushina shook her head. He growled and motioned to the dresser. Kushina dragged him and Akiho out of the room to give their son some privacy.

As soon as they left, Naruto got out of the bed and opened the dresser. There, nicely fondled were his clothes. A simple black T-shirt, pair of navy blue pants that reached to his knees, pair of black shoes and a dark blue jacket. He quickly changed into his clothes and walked out of the door. In the hallway waiting was his family. He inwardly groaned and walked down the hallway ignoring his parents who stood there with sobbing Akiho, watching him go pass them.

"Nii-san..." The auburn girl sobbed. She always wanted to get closer to her brother. She didn't understand why he behaved like that. Always ignored, rarely spoke with them. Even when her father wanted to teach Naruto his own technique - Rasengan - he denied!

Kushina sighed and kneeled to the girl and gave her a hug. "What is wrong with him? Even if he ignored us, he never was so hostile..." Minato said to himself, before he pardoned his family as he needed to finish his paperwork at his office.

Akiho stopped sobbing and let go of her mother. Kushina smiled softly at her daughter. "Aki-chan, you still have your classes. Off you go to the academy!" She laughed when Akiho nodded and ran down the hallway and out of the hospital.

Naruto wandered through the streets, with no intentions of going back to the academy. Right now he was looking after a certain person and couldn't help but wonder where he is. 'Where the fuck might that pervert be... bingo!' He snapped his fingers and changed his direction, now lazily walking to the hot springs.

After half an hour of walk, Naruto arrived at the hot springs. He walked inside, without the need to pay, because he was the Hokage's son - or at least, the villagers thought so.

"Now where is he..." He said to himself, and not a second after he heard a painful groan from nearby bushes. Naruto rolled his eye, walked up to the bush and kicked it, earning another groan of pain and a shaky sound of 'G-Go away!'

He rolled his eyes and brought his arm into the bush and dragged the person out of it. It was a man in his late forties or early fifties, white spiky hair, red jacket, green pants, shit load of bruises, cuts and a... pole shoved up his ass? Naruto face-palmed at the sight and plucked the pole out of the miserable man.

The man's name was Jiraiya of the Sannin, Toad Sage and self-called Super Pervert. Despite his shameful hobby of peeping on women in hot springs, noting the information down as his 'research' and having a large tendency of getting beat up, he was a very powerful individual. He also was the teacher of Minato Namikaze, and the second most powerful person in Konoha, a famous person indeed.

Jiraiya groaned and shakily stood up. "I thought I would never move again, thanks a lot brat." Naruto got a tick mark on his forehead. 'What the hell is with everyone calling me a brat?!'

"Listen here pervert, I need your help." Naruto told him. Jiraiya looked down at his savior and his eyes widened in pleasant surprise.

"Oh, it's you Naruto! How have you been?" He grinned. "And what do you need help with?"

"I've been better, what are the hand-seals for summoning?" Naruto asked him.

The pervert got a wide grin on his face. "Ho, ho! You finally agreed to sign the Toad's contract, took you long enough!" Jiraiya laughed and patted Naruto on his back.

Naruto groaned at the Sannin's stupidity. "I didn't. I just need the seals." Jiraiya instantly stopped laughing and groaned.

"That's a shame... although I have no idea why would you need its hand seals down. You bite down on your thumb and then do those seals." he muttered and showed him the seals, boar, dog, bird, monkey and finished with ram seal "Then you push your chakra out and simply slam your palm down on the ground and let the ninjutsu do its magic." He explained.

Several minutes later Naruto had them down. "Why did you need them?" Jiraiya asked Naruto. He was curious, the brat was hiding something and he would find out what.

Naruto gave him a toothy grin, just like Grimmjow did. "They might come in handy. See ya pervert!" Naruto said and rushed off to nearby training ground. Unfortunately for him, Jiraiya knew that the training grounds were in the direction Naruto ran off.

Without another thought he placed an invisibility genjutsu on himself and trailed the blue haired boy.

Several minutes later, Naruto entered the training ground. It was an old abandoned training ground, not used due to it being immensely damaged. He walked into the middle of the grounds and bit his thumb. He ran through the seals and channeled his chakra. Naruto slammed his palm down on the ground and shouted. "Kuchiyose no Jutsu!"

A large poof of smoke appeared, and once it cleared out, Naruto's jaw unhinged itself. In front of himself was a human sized panther. It had black fur with blue stripe on its back. The eyes of the animal were yellow and were piercing Naruto with its glare. The panther's tail was whipping malevolently "Finally, took you long enough!" The panther growled with rather feminine voice.

'That's... unexpected' Naruto heard a voice in his head and instantly recognized it as Grimmjow's voice.

"I didn't know there was a summoning contract for panthers..." Naruto said to himself, inwardly agreeing with Grimmjow. "...and what the hell do you mean 'long enough'?" Naruto asked. The panther grinned with an all too familiar toothy grin.

"We've been waiting nine years for you to summon us after the panther contract was created by... you know who, or if you don't then I'll tell you later. I won't tell you now as there are ears everywhere." The panther looked to the corner of the clearing where Jiraiya stood with his invisibility cloak active.

'How the hell did it noticed me?' Jiraiya thought worriedly. 'Shit, I have to tell Minato about it!' He thought and disappeared with the use of a shunshin, a technique available for chunins and higher that increased user's movement speed for brief moment, comfortable for traveling, but not handy in battle.

"Anyways, my name is Aoshima, I was chosen to be the first one to be summoned by you to greet you. Give me your arm" The now called Aoshima ordered.

"Why for?" Naruto asked confused. Was she going to bite it off?

Aoshima growled slightly. "I'll mark you, so you'll be marked as one of us. This way, the other panthers you summon will recognize that you are you. Also, you will be able to understand our feline speech." She explained. Naruto nodded and reached out his arm. The panther moved closer and bit it lightly above his elbow. Naruto winced slightly at the pain and saw black ink seep out of her fangs into his arm. Aoshima removed her jaw and the ink that was in his wound started to swirl. It formed a head of a black panther with green eyes, with its jaw wide open revealing the white fangs.

Naruto admired the tattoo on his arm. It truly was a beautiful piece of art. "Whoa..." he muttered, gazing at the mark.

The panther chuckled. "It works as storage seal as well, just place anything on top of it and it will be sealed, to unseal it just grate your fingers over it. I have to go now and tell everyone that you summoned me. But keep it in mind. Other panthers might not be as trusty as me, and they might give you hard-time unless you prove yourself. See ya kitten!" She chuckled before poofing from the existence.

Naruto got a tick mark on his head while Grimmjow was howling with laughter. 'What the hell! First brat and now kitten! I have a fucking name! And you shut your laughing!' He shouted to Grimmjow who just ignored him and kept laughing.

After few minutes of the uncontrollable laughter, Grimmjow calmed himself down. 'Oh hell, I needed that laugh... now brat. Run fifteen laps around the field, then do eighty pushups and sit ups, and when you're done take a five minute break and start over. Double time!' He shouted and Naruto stood up and was about to grumble about impossible training regiments, but he recalled Maito Gai when he saw him and his ridiculous training.

He sighed and started running laps, cursing Grimmjow for this. 'Shut up and run or I'll kick your ass when you come here at night!' Grimmjow shouted.

"Fuck you for that."

'Feelings mutual, kitten!' Grimmjow said and laughed once again.

Nine hours and several hundred curses later, a completely sore Naruto walked into the house where the Namikaze family was housed. Though, it was rather a large mansion than a house.

He was completely dirty and groaned when Grimmjow reminded him of the training this night. Naruto headed into the bathroom, but was stopped by angry Minato and Kushina who was worried.

"Naruto, you are three hours late and Jiraiya told me about something very interesting today... explain yourself!" Minato shouted. He was getting pissed by the boy's attitude.

"I'm late because I was training, and what did that pervert told you?" He grumbled as he walked towards the bathroom doors, taking off his t-shirt in progress.

Kushina gasped when she noticed the marking on his arm. She motioned it to Minato who nodded. The blonde Hokage grabbed Naruto by his shoulder and pinned him to the wall. Naruto was already looking at him with furious eyes. "Jiraiya told me you asked him for hand-seals of the summoning technique, and that you summoned a panther. And you got yourself a tattoo! Are you mad?! Explain yourself right now!" Minato shouted.

Naruto growled and pushed Minato off him. "The panthers are my summons. How I got the summoning contract is none of your damn business and the mark on my arm is a seal you moron, you consider yourself a seal master and you can't detect a simple storage seal?" Naruto mocked him. He knew though that the marking wasn't just a simple seal. It was very complex.

Kushina was fuming. "Watch your mouth! You won't be speaking like that in this house!" She shouted, Minato agreed with her. None of them noticed that Akiho stood in the doors behind them, listening closely. They didn't, but Naruto did. He looked at her and noticed that she was sad about what was happening.

"Fine! Then I won't curse in this fucking house as I won't be here anyways!" Naruto shouted, pushed Minato to the side and walked out through the main entrance, leaving angry Minato and Kushina and sad Akiho behind him.

After several minutes Minato wiped the sweat from his forehead. "Who did he get this attitude from? If it wasn't for him being born together with Aki-chan I would swear he isn't my son-GHACK!" Minato yelled as Kushina stepped on his foot.

"Even if he behaves like that, you have no rights to say that!" She shouted and pulled him by his ear. "Bedroom, now! I have to blow off some steam on someone and you are the one I'm talking about!"

Akiho blushed when she saw the scene and quickly ran back to her room, thinking about her brother and what her father had said.

Here you go, I corrected some grammatical errors and stuff. The pairing is already decided - it will be only one girl, and she won't be from Konoha.