Dealing With The Facts!

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the wrestlers or divas brought up in the story! I only own Ryleigh!

John Cena has been consider to be the franchise of World Wrestling Entertainment, a kind, caring and genergous man, but whne it came to his ex wife Elizabeth better known as Liz. They have been battling a nasty divorce since May 1st and it doesnt seem like it was ever going to end. John was so tired of living his life through the courts and medators. He just wanted to live his life the way he had been before they actually walked down the aisle. He pulled up to the arena in Georgia sitting in is car for a few minutes, before getting out and grabbing his things out of the car. He looked around not seeing anyone that would make a big scene about him being there until he saw Randy Orton pulling up. John and Randy werent the best of friends in the beginning but as time went on and they grew up a little more they had gotten alot closer. John knew that Randy had been through a divorce of his own and he just needed to vent about somethings. As John got closer to his car he noticed that Randy had brought his girlfriend of two years Ryleigh with him. John knew that Randy and Ryleigh's relationship wasnt the greatest when it first started because of Randy's ex wife, but they made it through it and that is something that John wanted more than anything. He smiled watching Randy help her out of the car as he got closer to them.

"Hey you two." John said

"Hey Johnny Boy." Ryleigh said

"What's up man?" Randy replied

"Nothing much. Just getting here myself."

"We can see that John." Randy said getting smacked by Ryleigh

"Randy you do know that your always the brightest cranyon in the bunch, but since everyone already knows that how are things with you guys?" He asked

"We are doing good. Just been having a rough patch since Sam is trying to make it hard on me about seeing Alanna since I am with Ryleigh, but other than that we are doing just fine." He said

"That's good." he replied

"John whats bothering you?" Ryleigh asked


"Whats going on dude?" Randy asked

"Liz is trying to say that I have been cheating her since I blind sided her with the divorce and now she is just trying to get everything out of me that she can by saying that I cheated on her." he said

"Dude she knows that you didnt cheat on her and she is just trying to ride this out so that you will change your mind about divorcing her." Randy said

"I know. I just want all of this to be over with so I can move on with my life." He said

"It will in good time man. Just dont let her get under your skin more than she already has. And most important man dont back down from her because that will show her that you mean business." Randy said "Believe me I know because Sam was the hardest person in the world to get rid of, but now that I have it just makes my day more and more interesting about fighiting to see Alanna." he said

"I know. So what are you guys doing after the show tonight." He asked

"He is taking me out for a romantic late night dinner." Ryleigh said

"Yeah why dont you come and join us man." Randy said

"I wouldnt want to make it weird for you guys."

"It wouldnt because Ryleigh is friends with AJ Lee and she has been wanting to go out with us for a long time, but we never had anyone for her to make it a double date with. So this would be the perfect time for you to get your feet wet." he said

"I still dont know." he said

"dude come on. Your going to have to get back on the horse sometime. Why not do it right now?" he asked

John sighed and looked at him "Fine, but only if Ryleigh can get AJ to say yes." he said

"Great! Ryleigh will talk to her right before the show starts."

"Alright." he said

Randy finished getting his bags not really seeing the look Ryleigh was giving him right then and there. They all walked into the arena. John said his goobyes to them before walking straight to his locker room just to sit down and relaxed trying to take his mind of the things that was driving him crazy. He was thinking about everything that Randy had said outside and maybe this was a good idea. Maybe he needed to get back on the horse and make his life something great. He was just worried that Liz would use something like this against him, but if he could only find out why she was trying to make his life hell than maybe he would understand her better. He rubbed his face getting the thoughts out of his head as he went to get ready for the show tonight.

Randy watched Ryleigh talk to Aj about going out with them tonight. He knew that Ryleigh wanted it to be just them, but he knew that she would understand that he was trying to help his best friend out. He continued to watch to see what was going on.

"Ryleigh are you sure that this wouldnt make you guys feel weird?"

"AJ I wouldnt be over here if I thought that it was weird. Plus its not like you wont have a date."

"What do you mean date?" She asked

"Well John Cena." she said

"Are you serious right niow?"

"Yes. So will you come now?" she asked

"Of course." she said

"Great! You can meet us in the hotel lobby about 11:45." she said

Aj nodded "thanks."

Ryleigh smiled walking back over to Randy and telling them that they had a date. Randy smiled kissing the top of her head before pulling out his phone and sending John the test:

*Dude she said yes...So I hope that you have some good clothes with you. We are all meeting in the hotel lobby at 11:45 so be there or be square.*

Randy hit the send button before taking Ryleigh and walking back to the locker room with her. He knew that he was going to have to make this up to her and he had to figure out how he was going to. John walked out of the bathroom right when his phone went off. He went over to it and read the text nodding his head. Now he knew that this was going to be the moment that would change everything. He also knew that there was a chance that Liz would find out about this, but he didnt care because it was about time he got his life back together and this was the perfect way for him to do it. All he needed now was to be happy that is exactly how he was going to get his life back.