Rebound News Is Out Is It True...Or Not?

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Author's Notes: This chapter is going to contain the TMZ report off the website.

John woke up the next morning hearing his phone going off. He let it go as much as he could, but it was getting to the point where he couldnt take it anymore. He turned it off and rolled back over and went back to sleep for about thirty minutes until there was a loud pounding at his door. He groaned getting up and walking over.

"Hang on Im coming." he said rubbing his face opening the door and looking to see Randy and Ryleigh standing there "Do you two know what time it is?"

"Of course we do you two timing ass." Ryleigh snapped

"What are you talking about?" John asked

"Dont play stupid Cena. What the hell are you doing with Nikki Bella?" She asked

"Ryleigh seriously all I did was went to her high school reunion with her thats it." he said

"Oh really?" She asked

"Yes really. Why what the hell is going on with your girlfriend and why is she acting like my mother?"

"Dude you cant be acting like you dont know what is going on. After what we have been doing for you and you lie to us about being single." he said

"What? I never lied to you about that." He said

"Then you can explain what is being said then right?" she asked


"John its all over the TMZ news that you are seeing Nikki Bella."

John shook his head turning on the tv and going straight to the channel

"And in other news Joan WWE Superstar John Cena was spotted in Arizona with former WWE Diva. And from the looks of the pictures they are a little more than friends. With his divorce being finalize just a couple months ago...Could this be the reason why he got his divorce so fast? If you guys would like to see the pictures of them getting up and close and personal please visit our website."

John growled shutting the tv off and going straight to his computer turning on. Ryleigh and Randy watched him going completely overboard with things. Randy started to get the idea that John had no idea about this and that maybe he was telling the truth, but Ryleigh on the other hand wasnt buying it because she went through the same kind of pain that she knew AJ would be going through once she found out about this. John got his computer up and running going straight to the website just to see:

Reunited And It Feels SO GOOD!

Just months after sealing his divorce, WWE superstar John Cena has apparently moved on ... 'cause dude was gettin' up close and personal with a former WWE Diva in Arizona.

TMZ has obtained pics of Cena bumpin', grindin' and even going in for a kiss with Nikki Bella ... who worked in the WWE with her twin sister Brie until this past April.

Nikki and Brie had their high school reunion in Scottsdale this past weekend - and John was invited as Nikki's date.

Brie also brought her boyfriend - WWE tag team champion Daniel Bryan.

It's unclear if Cena and Bella are "officially" an item ... but they definitely weren't shy with the PDA at the reunion.


John was madder than hell he couldnt believe that anyone would do something like this. Hell he didnt take any pictures with Nikki and he sure as hell didnt get up close and personal with Nikki. He was trying to figure out who in their right mind would do such a thing to him. He leaned back looking at the screen trying to figure out what he was going to do. He knew that AJ was going to see this and think about how she was used and that was one way he didnt want the girl to feel. He looked over at Randy and Ryleigh who was standing right behind him he saw that Randy was the one that could take his side on the matter, but Ryleigh was the one that he had to worry about because she was very protective of her friends and he knew that she was going to be very protective over AJ.

"Ryleigh I swear nothing is going on between me and Nikki." he said

"Save it for someone that cares." She said walking out of his room

John sighed looking at Randy

"Dude dont worry I'll smooth everything over for you, but your going to have to fix what this is going to do to AJ." He said

"I know, but I am going to need help with damage control around the locker room."

"Alright. I'll do what I can with that, but you better get a head start on things." he said walking to the door

"I will. Thanks man." he said

"Not a problem." Randy replied walking out

John leaned back rubbing his face trying to figure out what he was going to do. This was something that he hoped never would happen, but now that its out in the open and it was clearly not true he had to figure out away to prove it to AJ that he wasnt with Nikki. He just didnt know how much more he was going to take, but he had to figure out who was the one that told this rumor and make them pay!