Fixing It Right!

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John has been doing the most diffcult job of his life when it comes to trying to get someone to actually talk to you again after it was reported all over the news that he had been seeing someone that he really hadnt been seeing at all. He just couldn't wrap his head around it that Nikki would actually go as far as saying that they were together. John had been hanging out with Randy and Ryleigh, but of course given what had been going down as of late with him and Aj, Ryleigh really hasn't given him the time of day to even try to explain to her. John knew that Randy was on his side, but there was only so much that he could do without getting into trouble with his girlfriend.

As John walked the halls of the arena he noticed that Randy was standing outside of his locker room breathing hard. He knew that they had to have been fighting again and knowing Randy he just needed to catch his breath before he actually blew up at the girl. He just knew that this was the time that he needed to talk to Randy about what was going on with him and his love life. He quickly walked over to him catching him by surprise.

"Hey man." He said quickly

"Jesus John don't you know that you shouldn't sneak up on people like that?" He said "I just about jumped out of my skin."

"I know and I'm sorry, but do you have a minute man cause I really need to talk."

"Yeah sure. Ryleigh is in one of her moods and I just cant make her see anything right now. So what's up?"

"Dude I need you to get me and Aj alone together."

"John you know that I cant do that even if I wanted to."

"Why not?"

"Because for one Ryleigh is close with her and two I don't think that she wants to see you after what is going around dude."

"Randy you and I both know that Nikki is lying about that. I cant just go on with it and not know if there was a chance that I could fix the whole thing or not. I need to try and if she doesn't want to see me after that than I can just let it go and not worry so much about it."

"John your sure that you want to go there with Aj after the year she has been having with three of the superstars in the locker rooms here?"

"Randy I don't care what she has done in her life or with the other guys, I just care about what she and I could be together."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes I am very sure about it Randy."

"Alright man I'll help you, but if I get into trouble with Ryleigh over this you better believe that my happy ass if coming to stay at your place with you."


"So how and when are you wanting to do this little plan of yours?" he asked

"Right now I don't know when a good time to do it is, but I do know that I do want it to sooner rather than later. I just need to get Nikki out of the picture and show Aj that I wasn't using her in anyway and that I was being completely honest with her."

"John I know that your heart is in the right the place, but I don't know if your plan is going to work out in the end the way you want to."

"Randy I have to at least try." he said

"Okay I get it I just wanted to be sure that this was the right plan for you and make sure that you werent going to back down from it after we get the show running."

"I am very serious about getting things started Randy. Look I have things to do right now and make sure that I am ready for the match that I have coming up. I'll be in touch Randy and thanks again for helping me I know what it might cost you I just hope that it goes to plan in the end."

"John don't worry about me and Ryleigh. We always work things out and you know I think she is pmsing right now that is why we are always fighting at the moment, but if not she might have something on her mind that she needs to tell me and she just doesn't know how to do that."

"Well things will work out, but I have to go see you later man."

"Later dude." he said walking back to his locker room

John headed towards his room to make sure that he had everything ready for his match. He was more than happy to have his best friend on his side now he just needed to make sure that he got everything that he needed in check before trying to talk to Aj one on one. He knew that this was the only way to show everyone that he wasn't dating Nikki Bella like she claimed they were.