Training Day 1

Gold POV

Finally, I am in my element. I have spotted a hint of competition already, but none of them can stop me from beating them. I have also noted that there are a few younger tributes this year – all the better for me though! I sprint briskly over to the swords, where I begin close combat with a dummy, severing it's head as it mercifully toppled down to the ground. A few tributes look at me in fear, although I only smile and wave back smugly. They need to know their competition. I spot Sansa over by the plant section with a couple of other weedy tributes. I am slightly cautious about her. She is a career, yet she wants to spend all her time worrying about plants? I shall have to keep a close eye on her. The next station is the agility course, and I have never felt freer. Running around, dodging every person trying to get in my way, I complete the course and do it three more times again – beating my personal best each time. I slant over to Sansa, and begin to talk to her – the first time acting like allies.

"Hey Sansa," I began, pushing my luck a little.

She nods at me, and continues tying knots. I decide to walk away, not caring, before running quickly to the bow and arrow...

Alessandra POV

I know the reality of it – I'm going to die. Gold seems like he knows what he is doing. If I am not going to die, then I should at least give the younger ones a chance. After all, I am doing it for my sisters. Even when I am dead, I will know that they would be proud. Because of that, I am helping the younger ones, so at least they stand a chance. I'm showing Olinder and Fawn how to tie knots properly.

"So, you just loop... and pull. Simple," I say, smiling down at them,

They're very grateful, even if they kill me because of it. But I don't care – all I want is for the younger ones to stand a chance – as I know that I don't. If I am able to pass on some of my expertise to them, I shall feel a victor already.

Olinder POV

I am wary of Sansa. She seems a nice person, helping out Fawn and me, although it wasn't the general characteristics of a Career. Nevertheless, we took in all the information we needed so we could stand as much chance as possible. We decided it would not be best to train much in the combat or agility areas – as it would only weaken us for private training sessions. I showed Fawn my skills with a spear, advancing my attack onto a dummy which wobbled uncontrollably before toppling down. My eye caught a Career – Samrin I think his name was. I waddled off and knelt down by the plants station because I felt awkward at showing my talents.

Fawn was equally good at the darts section – hitting a bulls eye almost every time. She wasn't literally training on a dart board though, far from it, although it was as realistic as it was. She started getting a little carried away, and some of the other tributes noticed her accuracy with the darts – little as they were, they were deadly. I pulled Fawn away for a moment, and whispered to her,

"Don't show your talents – have a small practice on them to get the weight of it, the feel of it, but you MUST wait until private training sessions. Get it?" I coax.

She nods at me, before biting at her lip and going to the camouflage section.

Amber POV

I must keep a very close eye on Olinder and Fawn. They may be young, but they have got tricks up their sleeves. I shall have to try and kill them in the bloodbath if possible. I try out everything, and when I go off for a drink, I survey all the tributes, demoting and promoting possible competition. I think that even though Gold is a career just like me, I'd still feel rather scared of him – but I won't show it. I decide to wander around to the spears, although I will only show my talents during private training sessions.

I fiddle with the bracelet from Hanna and Cal. I miss them, and wish they were with me right now. I know that as long as I have the bracelet, they will always be with me, although I cannot help but wish for them to be with me in person right now. They would guide me and help to answer all my problems and dilemmas.

Matthew POV

I don't feel very comfortable at the moment. Lydia seems to be getting on with her own thing, whilst I am figuring out what to do. We may be allies, although we agreed that we shouldn't act like we are until the Games, or when we are in private together. People like Fawn and Olinder are obviously allies – they go around together, always having closed conversations with each other. In my eyes, that is a large disadvantage, although to others it may seem like an advantage as people would become more wary of them. But, Lydia and I know better. Even if our training scores aren't too good, we know our strengths and weaknesses in order to help each other out.

"Hey," I say, as I walk along over to Lydia.

For a moment, she ignores me, before pulling me to one side, and whispered,

"What the hell are you playing at? Moping around, not doing anything. Those Careers are laughing their stupid, brainless heads off. Show them what you've got!"

I nod at her, whilst winking my left eye. That signal meant to play it safely. She repeated the motion back, as if agreeing with me.

I walked over to the darts, and picked them up. They were a little heavier than I expected, although I was used to using wooden darts with a small metal tip, although these were made completely of a metallic substance. It took me a while to get my aim correct, but after a few attempts, I began hitting them – bulls eye.

I was beginning to get a little cocky. Fawn was near me, practicing her darts. She was opposite, and then, by mistake, I hit her in the arm. She suddenly shrieked. I never meant for any of that to happen – it must have been a bad aim. Game makers came over to intervene.

"YOU'RE DEAD 12!" she shouted, before going to get her arm bandaged up.

Oh no, I thought.