A/N Hi J So basically just to set the scene, the tributes are just taking off to their bases. Some have stayed in the maze, others are trying to get out the maze and some are even out of the maze and in the nearby forest. Enjoy!


Arianna Miller D3 POV

I took off on my own and I am now trying to get out of the maze. Equipped with as many knives as possible and a rucksack, I feel I have a chance. I am a lone wolf, although I did not expect that to happen because I have been up for an alliance with anybody who is trustworthy enough. Hopefully, I can ally with somebody at some point in the near future – perhaps when it gets tough. Yes! I have finally got out of the maze and I begin to walk very carefully across the grass. I can see a forest nearby – I wonder what is behind it. I think I'll go and explore...

"AHHH!" I scream, as I see a big whirlwind of rubble coming my way.

I have no option but to run – even on limited supplies. Nobody calls back; I suppose they suspect I am being murdered by a career or something like that. I need to warn people – after all, I am the last person left in my district so it seems only fair to let people know.

"TORNADO!" I scream, as I run quickly.

I look back at the monstrosity before me, and I know I cannot outrun it...

Barian Armour D4 POV

I cannot believe that stupid Alicia got killed in the bloodbath – and worse still by a District 3 boy! She thought she was so brilliant, with her boyfriend as her mentor, but she was severely mistaken. All of a sudden, I hear a scream up ahead about two hundred meters away from me. I look at Gold, and we snigger.

"Probably some idiot trying to get attention!" I laugh.

He's mucking about with a sword, pretending to fight off the hedges. He's seriously cool. I look over at that Shelby from District 11. She'd better wish she was true to her words, otherwise I'll kill her. She's coming over to me.

"Barian, I'm so tired!" she moans, but I just tell her to shut up. After all, if she wants to be with us, she has to earn her keep.

Suddenly, I can see a big mist approaching. It's hard to tell what it is exactly, but I sense trouble. Samrin and Amber spot it too, and they are quickly on their feet.

"Guys, this looks serious – we'd better go," begins Samrin.

Everybody agrees, and we begin running out of the Cornucopia area.

"Hey, wait for me!" shrieks Shelby, but everybody ignores her. All we care about now is our lives.

Garry Rose D9 POV

"So, that's how you detect which plant is lethal, and which isn't," I say to Alexander as we discuss our knowledge for the Games.

We've spotted the tornado up ahead, but we feel that it is probably easier to go with the flow, instead of trying to outrun it – it will only tire us out.

"We'd better be heading off," says Alex, as we get up from where we are sitting. We're in the nearby forest. It isn't that big, and we can tell that there is something past the wood, but we decide to explore it after. We've had enough trouble to deal with for one day.

The sky is a dim grey now, and we can feel the earth rumbling a little. I nod at him, and we begin walking. I fumble with the communicator which I found in my pocket, and I wonder whether or not I should tell Alex. I decide to put it off, since I still won't fully trust somebody. The ground feels like an earthquake now as we begin charging through the forest. Suddenly, my communicator beeps.

"What's that noise?" asks Alexander.

Alexander Jennings D7 POV

We're running when I hear the noise – a beep. I ask Garry what it is, and he just replies,

"It's the sound of help."

He produces it from his pocket whilst still running. It's hard to tell that it is at first, but I can see after a while it is a walkie talkie.

"Where did you get one of them?!" I ask, bewildered. I hadn't seen any of them at the Cornucopia, and we hadn't looked in our rucksacks yet.

He doesn't reply, just begins talking into it. It sounds like the District Three girl Arianna.

"I can see you Garry. Just keep on running forward – come and see what I've found!" she says. I hope Garry trusts her, but I feel like we may be running into a trap...

Morgana Sly D10 POV

I can't run any more for my leg is killing me. I tried to bandage it up but it's no use. I'm lying in the grass, not caring whether or not I am spotted and killed. I can feel the tornado coming closer to me, but I don't let it disturb me – it will fly past. But, I am mistaken. Suddenly, it comes crashing out of the woods and is hurtling my way. I force myself up, but it is no use – I'm going to die!

I start running, forgetting the pain, but it's getting closer. I scream as I am lifted up into the storm of the tornado. I'm trying to breathe but there is too much debris around me. The last thing I remember is a tree flying my way. I hear a canon, and then everything goes black...

Fawn Dawn D6 POV

We hear a cannon close by, and so Olinder and I get up at once. He'd been fishing, and I'd been collecting water. A tornado passed our way earlier, but thankfully we weren't affected by it. Unexpectedly, we hear a twig snap, and we know we're being watched.

We look at each other, and then around us to try and catch sight of the person who is watching us. Then he emerges – Isaac Starling from 11.

"Don't move," he warns, and we don't. He's holding a sword up, and I'm scared he's going to kill me. We're rooted on the ground. We can't die!

Isaac Starling D11 POV

I was separated from Matt and Sansa when the tornado struck. I was looking for food when I came across Fawn and Olinder, but also something else. I held up my bow and arrow, and told them not to move.

"Whatever you do, stay there," I say commandingly.

Behind them, are two large mutts...

Matthew Freedington D12 POV

Another cannon, and the bark of dogs – somebody has been killed by mutts. I turn and look at Sansa – she looks worried.

"Let's hope it's not Isaac yeah," she says, trying to make me feel better. I'm not so sure, not since we were separated a few hours ago.

Just then, the list of fallen tributes comes up on in the sky. I hold my breath as it goes in district order. District eleven is near the end. I am eager to know who was killed in the bloodbath as well. The faces light up at:

Peter Johnson, D3

Alicia Hamil, D4

Flixx Garrett, D5

Olinder Wen, D6

Maple Serena, D7

Brant Jennings, D8

Harry Howd, D10

Morgana Sly, D10

Lydia Sullies, D12

I am relieved when Isaac's name doesn't show. However, since the bloodbath, two tributes have been killed – Morgana and Olinder. The Gamemakers are obviously bloodthirsty this year...

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The Fallen

Olinder Wen, D5, Killed by a Mutt Attack

Morgana Sly, D10, Killed in the Tornado.

Alliances – Note the Changes in Bold.

Lone Wolves:

D3 - Female. Arianna Miller

D5 - Female. Sasha Royale

The Duo's

D11 – Male. Isaac Starling, + D6 - Female. Fawn Dawn,

D7 - Male. Alexander Pine, + D9 - Male. Gary Rose,

D9 - Female. Lottya Gargle, + D8 - Female. Liss Louise,

D12 - Male. Mathew Freedington, + D1 - Female. Alessandra Thornbrooke,

The Career Pack

D1 - Male. Gold, D2 - Male. Samrin Coda, D2 - Female. Amber Heartlock, D4 - Male. Barian Armour,D11 - Female. Shelby Syrinka,