Hi everyone,

I'm really sorry but I need to put my fanfic on hold. I have loads of exams coming up in the next few weeks, and it's not really fair that I write a really bad chapter just to keep you entertained. Therefore, I need to stop for a while. I will hopefully continue very soon (maybe in about 1 month probz).

I don't want to have to stop - and this isn't just some lame excuse, but I just literally can't write much more at all over the next few weeks! snoozinghamster will relate to this!

Anyways, if you want to be kept entertained, here is a little riddle that a tribute will have to face some point in the fanfic... see if you can work it out!

Two syllables this word will be,

The first one goes before the 't',

Meaning bad, it rhymes with 'this',

Three letters long, you'd better reminisce,

The second syllable is a cheater,

Will lie out of its teeth, determined to beat 'ya,

Associated also with magic,

If you don't get this right, your end shall be tragic."

Give me your answers via review - and hopefully you'll see some more action soon

Sorry :( :( :(


P.S. I am SO sad to have to put this on hold :/