Just a short fic. :D 312 Words. Enjoy.

Jason screamed.

It was loud enough to startle Dick awake. Heart pounding, Dick shot up in bed, and looked to his side and saw Jason thrashing. "Jay...?"

Jason was having a nightmare, and it was one of the more dramatic ones. He was clawing at the blankets, and panting. By the way his face was contorted, Dick could tell he was getting ready to let out another scream.

Dick hated seeing Jason in so much pain. He reached out combed his fingers through his lover's hair. "Little Wing, it's going to be okay."

Jason let out another scream, and lashed out. He landed the punch hard in Dick's face, who was too drowsy to defend himself. However, the shot in the eye brought Dick awake completely.

"Owwww..." Dick sighed, he swung his leg over Jason and straddled him. He reached out and pinned Jason's arms down by the wrists. "I'm right here with you," he let go of the wrist his right had was holding and stretched toward Jason's palm where he laced their fingers together. "I love you, and I'm not going to let anyone hurt you. Wake up, Little Wing. I'm here, I've got you."

Suddenly, Jason's breathing slowed down and he opened his eyes. He said nothing, but he knew what happened, why else would Dick be holding him. He knew he had a nightmare, and a nasty one. Pieces of it still floated around in his memory, and whenever he woke up in a cold sweat with Dick's worried eyes staring down at him...he knew.

Jason wanted to apologize, but he did not know what for.

Noticing the pout, and the embarrassed blush on his lover's face, Dick decided, "You hungry, Jay?" he questioned, changing the subject. "Why don't I make us some breakfast?"

"...Yeah." Jason wrapped his arms around Dick's neck and pulled himself into a kiss.