Since this is just the start you don't know what's going on so there's a person called Sinnos which accidently was formed to life (how read the next chapter) and now Sinnos is arguing with Sonic.


~Amy's point of view~

Moments before he was about to have a life altering experience, eruptions occurred between him and Sonic. Sinnos was irritated: he gritted his teeth, holding his tears back, like his father; he struggled not to show so much emotion.

"Just admit it, it's true!" Sinnos exclaimed almost with tears pouring.

"I won't agree with your lies!" Sonic shot back.

"It's true, I know it is!" Sinnos strongly cried.

"I have enough of this discussion, go to your room until I come up!" Sonic ended as Sinnos slammed the door on his way out.

"I think you were a bit harsh on him," I told him.

"He has the wrong suggestions which needs clearing." Sonic aimed to lower his voice after drinking a glass of water to smoothen his dry throat after yelling so much.

I was scared a supernatural like him could do anything irrational. He could easily stress his mentallity. Sonic was still in his chair while I went to Sinnos' room. I had a funny vibration around my body as I went up the stairs. From the fear of him exclaiming at me; my hand was shaking as I reached the knob. I opened it slowly, the room was empty, it was silent that you can hear a pin drop. I stepped in then ran as I realized the window was open. The bright night's moon's light shone through.

"Sinnos! SINNOS!" I yelled hard till it croaked and I couldn't speak anymore. I had this sick feeling in my heart, which was drawn in deeper.

"What's all the yelling?" Sonic asked as I wept, he scanned the room aware of the unlocked window as he hugged me. Sonic left to find him and then realized he made a mistake and Sinnos was partially right. I collapsed onto my bed wondering what Sinnos was doing. I dug my face onto the pillow it started to soak from my flowing tears. I heard a scruffy noise like paper under my pillow; it was a note in his slant writing. How it all came to this?

~End of Amy's P.O.V~