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Chapter 20-Am I In Love?

It was a great day for going out as Amy and Sonic were off (apparently on a date) Sinnos was left with Vanilla and Cream for a day. Cheese and Vanilla were in the middle of making lunch while the two were playing with each other outside.

"C'mon on Cream I'm sure you can run faster." He gripped her hand through the fields and tugged her along with him

"No wait, slow down, I can't run that fast." She panted going as fast as she could "I'm tired." She lay on her back on the ground looking up at the clear blue sky – so perfect. Sinnos laid back as well on the lush grass. Cream got her breath back and her eyes captured on the flowers as she picked them.

"You always like flowers don't you?" Sinnos said as he sat up

"Love them and they're beautiful." She sniffed one

"Like you."

"Pardon?" he went too fast for her grip on it

"I said…" he blushed "Like you…" his voice quietened as his face was near enough to hear what he said, she was getting nervous.

"You think...I'm, beautiful?"

"Well...yeah. More than that…" he came closer looking right into her bright brown eyes which clearly matched with his shining amber ones. That's what he thought a match. He leaned forward to tell her something tension was building around his shy face. He took one as her small hand and his voice was right next to her ear "I love you." He whispered. Cream felt like she had a realsed spring inside her, the sway of her sudden fuzzy feeling deepened harder as he kissed her and wrapped his arm round her waist.

He was surprised she was kissing him back while she held and gripped his face. A breeze swept past them as his quills fluttered and so did Cream's fur. The air took some of the flowers to touch past them. He didn't admit it but he liked to be loved by someone; from anyone who'd show it to him. No one was there, no one to ruin the moment just them two together.



"Whoa!" Sinnos abruptly fell out bed hitting the floor; he groaned while he rubbed his backside "Ugh, what a dream… no nightmare, wait I can't call Cream a nightmare, neither can I call kissing her a dream" he shook his head "… or can I?." He was confused and actually missed the moment of being loved; something that would always take his 24 hour stress away as his mind was full of hidden, miserable thoughts. He signed as he crawled back up in bed. He glanced on his alarm clock which said 7:00 AM "Who wakes up at this time of the day?" he whined and fell back asleep in his dream.


He slightly opened his eyes while he kissed her, her features completely changed he was looking at someone totally different. He played with her shoulder-length brunette hair and rubbed her back. Her eyes were closed and he moved his hand along her neck as he could feel that she was wearing some sort of medallion. He broke the connection of their lips and kissed her jaw to her neck. She hugged him and revealed her ice-blue eyes that were hidden under her eyelids. She was sobbing Sinnos couldn't understand why she was, neither did he know her. "Don't." He whispered. Her misery was far too great for her to stop as she thumped hard with loud sniffs.

"Don't leave me." She said

"I'm not." Sinnos had no control over his own body but had let his motion and body flow

"If you go...out there...he'll kill you for sure." Her hard uncontrollable sniff disturbed her speaking

"We had tough times before this; it's just another."

"No it's not! Our whole team is dead except for Josh."

"Then he'll take care of you when I'm gone." Sinnos said ever so harsh without realizing

"When you're gone?!"

"That's not what I meant." Sinnos realized it came out wrong

"You're not leaving!" she wanted to imprison him inside but held back by a male koala, with brunette fur a gray eyes. "No! Let go Josh!" she ordered, he did listen but just gave a slow nod to Sinnos saying he will do it to her. He nodded back feeling guilty of it happening to her, how could of him even come up with something like that and ditch her so dishonestly. Sinnos turned to the doorway. She was screaming under Josh's hand that was covering her mouth, she was hard to keep steady. Sinnos went through the doorway as the sun shines on him and the light around him made him fade into it as he disappeared out of vision.


"C'mon wake up!" She yelled at him; he just dug his face away from her "Sinnos."She pouted and rolled her eyes "Sinnos if you don't get out of..." she couldn't as he speeded off out of bed from the middle of nowhere "Well that was unexpected. He never wakes up that quick." Amy thought she came down stairs "Sinnos you alright?" she asked seeing him having breakfast the spoon still in his mouth.

"Fine." He said in an upbeat voice

"Sinnos…" she narrowed her eyes on him

"I'm fine." He said vexed with all her questioning "I'm going out." He wanted to go away

"Ah now you hold it there young hedgehog." She nipped him by the neck before he could runner

"What now?" he didn't want to stay long

"Sonic and I are out of the house and you're staying with Vanilla for the time being."

"Great! I mean...O.K."


Eggman was in the middle of carefully putting one drop of liquid into his formula until he was distured. "What are you doing?" Bukkun asked right in his ear the tilted his head "You look a little red Dr. Eggman." As Eggman looked like he was being boiled with steam coming out of his ears.

Moments later...

Bukkun was walking by himself wondering what made him so angry, he had a bandage going along his forehead and a patch on one side. He looked down until he fell on his backside having a flash of blue passing his face in quickness. Bukkun sat up "Hey!" he called out but the hedgehog was already gone and turned left. Bukkun quickly followed him to the end of the street. He caught sight of him with a pink hedgehog next to a tall rabbit.

"Thank you. I've been meaning to do the shopping." The tall rabbit says as Bukkun hid

"No problem Mrs." Replied the light shaded hedgehog


"Now I'll be back till evening to pick you up." Amy said

"O.K take all the time you need." Sinnos smiled

"Any problems just call me." Amy informed Vanilla

"I don't that's necessary, but alright." Vanilla said as they waved bye to Amy

"Where's Cream?" Sinnos asked straight after Amy had gone off

"She's in the kitchen baking." Vanilla showed

Sinnos went over to be attracted by the fresh treats laid on the cooling rack. He looked around, slightest touch made him snap back as it was hot. "Be careful." Cream said taking out a new tray of fresh cupcakes.

"Right I'll remember that. You want to play?" he got to the point

"Right after we see Mr. Vector, he loves cupcakes."


"Where the heck is Sonic he's going to be late!" Amy though as she sadly hung by the pavement to where they were surprisingly meant to meet each other. Out of nowhere Sonic was in front of her "Am I late?" Sonic asked

"Do I need to answer that?" she said in a threatening way

"Calm down; I at least arrived. Let's start quickly; I'm a busy hog." He walked along side her

"Why don't we go to the park?" she suggested

"Been there." Sonic said in a bored tone

"The mountains?"

"Been there."

"The flower garden?"

"Been there."

"The lake?"

"Been there."

"How come you've been to so many places without me!" she yelled at him, he crouched one leg up in defense, she sighed "I know, what about the ice rink?"

"Wait there's an ice-rink?"

"It's settled then." She snatched him violently as Sonic struggled to walk upright with her. She literally forced the whole walk there and by the time they were there Sonic was out of breath. "Sonic, you're out of breath so quickly. How are you going to skate with me?" she said while getting some skates for her and Sonic (yes Amy knows Sonic's shoe size as she loves him so much)


Leo slowly opened his eyes as his first caption was the ceiling above him. He crouched slightly as he felt some pain running through his body as he felt unable of moving as such. He still had the feeling of sleep left over as his head was aching with the lack of it. He resisted his eyes to seal again, feeling his stomach consuming itself. He grunted as he struggled to sit up. He breathed out heavily as he accomplished his position. He wasn't in the mood for anything.

"I see you're awake." A sudden voice was heard; it was familiar but not so much, Leo turned to look at the person who was talking to him. The sight of the stranger wanted to make him jump out to the figure but the pain drew him back from doing so.

"What do you want?" he said getting out of bed

"Oh nothing much just a signature."

"Signature? For what?" he narrowed his eyes on the white squirrel

"For important matters."

"I'm not signing anything I don't know of." He wanted to end it at that

"You are going to." She pushed

"No I'm not." he growled "I'm not in the mood Noveria!"

"Neither am I." She kept her voice the same in case anyone heard her talking to him

"Just leave me alone!" he didn't even look at her as his head was facing the floor

"Humph, your wish granted." She hissed

"Leo who are you talking to?" Rouge asked as she came through the bedroom door, at which point Noveria had stormed off

"Nobody Rouge..." he muttered as he looks down everything seemed dim and almost black as his brain felt like it went shut down for a millisecond

"I heard you..."

"It's nothing."

"You can't hide it, you were yelling, something wrong?"

Leo had everything wrong around him he thought that Rouge's question was pathetic, "Can't you see?" his voice in annoyance "And why would you care?" he step passed her to leave without taking another look at her

"You don't have to be so rude." she said while he was passing by

"And you don't have to pretend to care for me." he ran out of the room leaving Rouge to cross her arms and stare from where he had left off, she was offended by what he said.


"We're finished!" Decoe said in accomplishment as they built Eggman's new machine. It was rather tall and ice blue, as always with an ugly logo to imitate Eggman's face. It had limbs, one arm with a shield the other with a sword, all made out of reinforced steel and complex circuits and wiring for its main function to cause a bit of terror.

"Finally we can rest." Mocoe sat in such a rush

"Not yet we have to tell Dr. Eggman." he said while Mocoe sighed heavily " !" he bellowed as he slams the door open to at which point Eggman's chemicals collapses onto him: making him steamed.

"Uh oh." Mocoe muttered, just when he was about to smash Decoe into smithereens "We finished the blueprint you gave."

"Finally I can grab the last ingredient of my formula." Eggman smirked as he looked at his newly built machine from a camera screen. "This would do fine, sent Freeze Prawn to turn Sonic into a popsicle, before finding the last ingredient."

"Yes Dr. Eggman." they both said launching the new machine to it's assighment. Decoe sweats thinking that Eggman had forgotten his anger before.

"Where's Bukkun?" Mocoe asked as he hadn't heard of him as Decoe shrugged


He sat there watching the two play. Every time he caught Sinnos having the slightest affection for her made him grow with envy. Every time he wanted to get out there he'd back away in fright and become nervous. He started to stare at Cream seeing her unique face, small nose, bright brown eye, fluffy fur, cute small mouth and her outfit. He kept thinking over the same things in his mind.


Cream was playing with Sinnos as they walked over to Vector's house. Sinnos was running around looping around the trees making them bend from the force of the wind hitting against them. Cream tried to catch up to him but she was easily out of breath from a short amount of sprinting. Her face was full of rose like red as she was sweating, her heart burning extremely faster than a hummer bird's wing. Team Choatix was having a nice talk and lunch with Vanilla as they sat down on the bench outside enjoying the Sun.

"You make the best cakes!" Charmy said stuffing himself

"I can't take all the credit my daughter did some too." Vanilla smiled

"I love it when you smile." Vector said "Would you like anything Mrs. Vanilla?" he offered

"I'm fine, I'm glad all of you are enjoying yourself."

"You are so kind." Espio merely gasped


They were playing in the clear fields. Cream sat as Sinnos came next to her "I wonder where Amy went today." He said

"Oh she's on a date with Mr. Sonic." She sweetly informed him

"DATE!" he almost fell on his back


"How'd she convince him?"

"No idea."

"Why don't we go a little further… just to that tree over there?"

"I can't run anymore." She was sitting

"C'mon on Cream I'm sure you can run." He gripped her hand through the fields and tugged her along with him

"No wait, slow down, I can't run that fast." She panted going as fast as she could "I'm tired." She lay on her back on the ground looking up at the clear blue sky. Sinnos laid back as well on the lush grass. Cream got her breath back and her eyes captured on the flowers as she picked them.

"You always like flowers don't you?" Sinnos said

"Love them and they're beautiful." She sniffed one

Those words struck him as he froze for a few seconds, his mouth slightly open "Y-yeah." He hesitated.

"You alright Sinnos?" she asked

"Fine." He gave an obvious lie

"Sinnos, what's wrong? You can tell me." She moved closer to listening to him

Sinnos was getting more uncomfortable, as he sweated from tension not the Sun's heat. "What do I tell her?" he repeated so many times in his mind as he was panicking. He looked at her, big mistake. They were staring at each other "It was just a dream not my real feelings." One side told him "But what if they were?" the other side said. He started to have an argument mentally; splitting his ideas in two. "Cream…" he started off "You're making yourself look like a fool don't, it's not real...Go on say it, you know you want to!" he was stiff making a hard decision.

"Sinnos…?" she asked noticing he had moved or spoke in a while, he held his hand trying to get his attention, making him blush. Time moved fast as Vanilla called them. They heard her calling them as Sinnos raced down to her. "It's time for us to go back home now." she already had her things packed in the basket for going back.

"Already?" Sinnos thought

"You can still play at my house." Cream smiled

"O.K I guess that's fine." he lowered his opinion

"Hope to see you again Mrs. Vanilla." Espio said

"I will; another time." she assured as she walked out with Cream and Sinnos and on the pathway back. Cream was stopping time to time at the different flowers she was looking at. There, a golden yellow one sticking out of the lush green leaves. It had lining of a light shade of pink tinted on the tip of the petals which merged nicely to the yellow mains of the flower as it soon came to the brightly coloured green stem, from which Cream had picked it from with her small hands. She took a large sniff into it as the beautiful scent filled her nose, she gave a sigh of glee, Sinnos smirk secretively despite his thoughts and feelings about her. Cream saw a beautiful butterfly flying by as she captured it in its presence, looking at it in detail. She went to catch it as she reached up, Sinnos saw she was getting a little far from Vanilla.


Amy was skating with Sonic as you can tell from his face he wasn't enjoying it much. They were doing a few rounds in the ice-rink, Sonic keeping his gaze elsewhere. Whereas Amy looking where she was going and Sonic, noticing he wasn't so engaged. Amy gripped his hand, Sonic shoot his gaze at it, but did not turn his head - giving a little raise of his eyebrow. Mainly wishing he was somewhere else rather than here. Her little affection didn't make a difference and she lets go and skates ahead while doing some curves as she went along. Sonic just watched and caught up as she slowed down. He still didn't get the massage so she skates backwards.

"You showing off?" he asked in curiosity

"Maybe." She didn't answer properly, he skates past her as he freely did some styles, Amy has done some more but in better quality than his. Sonic started to engage and became more of his competitive side as he does some air moves.


"Cream I think we should go back." he wanted to put a hand on her shoulder for attention but a Chao came came in front which made him cover the Chao's face by accident "Whoops, sorry Cheese." he said but the real Cheese came up which at this point looked like there were two of them. Sinnos looked from one Chao to the other, his expression full of confusion. "Err...Cream why are there two of Cheeses." He wondered, cream just laughed a little

"Do you think Cheese is the only Chao in the world?"

"Yes. No. I don't know." He was too confused

"There are loads of Chaos out there, sometimes they look the same sometimes different but they're all wonderful and sometimes become our friends forever."

"Like Cheese."

"Chao chao!" Cheese exclaimed, Cheese started to talk to the other Chao, the Chao seemed upset as Cheese followed the miserable Chao.

"Where's Cheese going?" Sinnos asked as Cream shrugged and followed along with Cheese, they pushed past some of the bushes

"I seriously think we should go head back."

Cream ignored him completely "Sinnos look at this..." she said in a happy mood, he took a glance at the Chao colony

"W-wow there's so many of them." He said as they flew next to the two strangers, Cream smiled at him as he patted one of them, he smiled back. The Chaos came too close to them as the two bunched up together having less space between each other. "I guess they really like us..." he said with a small stare at her. He saw her caring and gently hugging a Chao, a small kiss on its forehead. Sinnos' cheek felt a bit of fuzz "I wish I was that Chao...What did I just think? Shot that out."

"They're so cute." Cream said glaring at him

"Y-yeah." he sighed as he moved out of the Chao huddle, Cream grabbed his wrist wondering what was on his mind, his fur instantly shot up as he got more nervous.


Shadow was outside as he was sent by Eggman to find a chaos emerald that was hidden deep in a temple of ruins. It would be much easier to have a single person alone to go rather than an army in case it collapses. "I hope the Doc was right about this place." He said to himself as he saw the ruins in front of him.

The place was made of stone, very irregular from each other. There were no straight lines connecting them and some holes to where the bricks used to be. Large pillars surround it sides with detailed pictures and ancient writing that was hard to understand. The rubble felt powdery, and the sand was smooth. The sound of the water falling made it sound like it was consuming the ground. The arc was connected at the top of it as Shadow looked at it. The fallen doors and walls had already blocked some entrances.


Knuckles was laying asleep with a small green leaf in his mouth, and his arms behind his head. The master emerald had been always in its place as Knuckles found the sunlight covering his entire body. He breathed out in pleasure as he was relaxed, he noticed that someone was shading his sunlight. He opened one eye to see who it was. He shot up seeing who it was. "Rouge what are you doing here?!" he alerted

"You know we never had the chance to finish our conversation..." she glared at him

"What do you mean?"

"You said you wanted me to know something but you were cut off."



"Alright keep your fur on, now I remember." she listened "I want you to know that I you'll never get the master emerald."

"That's it?"

"Yep." he said seeing her steamed face, suddenly frighten to what she would do, then he noticed some snow from afar, he started at it.

"What are you looking."


"Snow? You're in the middle of summer!" she said as Knuckles grabbed her by the shoulder and twirled her around to see it

"Something must be up with that Egghead again." Knuckles ran as Rouge looked at the master emerald unguarded "And you're coming too." he tugged her as she frowned


"I hope the Doc was right about this place." Shadow told himself as he looked down into the water that looked very clear; enabling him to see his reflection in it. "Maybe it was a fake signature..." Shadow enters the ruin; he does he finds an emerald on the floor "An emerald?" he thought as he picked it up, then another one comes as it fell from somewhere "Another?" he looked at the source of the fallen emerald as his face was in surprise as there were mountains of emeralds just before his feet. They were all glowing and shining making the place seem very bright for his eyes giving a vivid vision. "What are these emeralds doing here?" he walks to the pile and picks one up..."hang on a minute these are shaped differently." Shadow noticed as it was more diamond-like and stretched out, "Looks more like a crystal." Shadow said; chucking it away. He knew that he'd have to check more closely if he would to find the emerald.

He started to dig into it the pile as something was moving in another pile; Shadow was unaware of it. It's purple tail with a flat white end peeped out of the crystals, it grunted and Shadow thought he heard something. It sniffed and Shadow was curious, as he walks over. It opened its eyes as it was a dark lavender colour, no black pupil just a plane lavender colour, Shadow almost reaches the thing in sight. It yawns as its white teeth look like a shark's and curved, clearly showing it was carnivorous; it turns its head having Shadow right in front of it. Shadow instantly moved back in a flash in a sonic second he was in a fighting stance. It raised it's purple paw with its long pointed black claw. "What is this thing?" he asked himself, the crystals falling off its back as it groaned. "The emerald is near." Shadow said sensing it stronger. The beast glared down at him as it walked closer to him, Shadow made the first move of chaos spear.


The two were still on their so-called date; but now it seems that this has gone into more a competitive skate than a date, but Amy was fine with it as long as Sonic was with her and actually had been around her enough to say in a conversation.

"Sonic slow down!" Amy yelled at him; Sonic stopped as she pants next to him

"Round two?" he asked, noticing that he was shivering "You cold?"

"I think they put the temperature less than they should have." she rubbed her arms

"C'mon let's go somewhere else." he said not wanting to stay in one place for too long

"O.K." she said feeling utter cold

As soon as Sonic took off his skates, he heard a familiar vial voice "Where are you rodent?! Too scared to face me?!" Eggman yelled

"Ames, you stay here while I'm gone." he said in a flash as he sped off, he went through the exit and regretted that he ran too fast as the whole street and pavement were iced, he slipped and kicked a dog in the butt while he fell on his back "I hate ice." he muttered

"Ouch." Amy said to herself seeing him fall "Oh Sonikku!" she said giving him skies

"Thanks Amy." he said using his skates, Amy smile faded seeing he was always busy with something.


"I see you're still the same Sonic." Eggman glares at him

"You too." Sonic smirked, before searching a weak point on the robot "So what's the trash's name?" he asked

Eggman frowned before answering "Meet my new Freeze Pawn."

"Chilly." Sonic commented

"Exactly why I'm commanding it to turn you into a popsicle! Go Freeze Pawn!"

It shot out sharp icicles at Sonic as he easily dodged then, and stood back in his first position within less than a second. It had almost seemed that he hadn't moved at all, as there were no scratch marks or anything to give the slightest idea that he had been in battle. His eyes were closed as he muzzled his nose. "Is that all you got?" Sonic opened his eyes then looked at Eggman, his face was neutral. Eggman commanded a rapid assault as it to try to bury Sonic in shivering ice. It poured it out like an ice beam, straight at Sonic. Sonic leaps up to the head of it as he pointed the sharp blades of his skates at it, and does a scissor kick. Making the Freeze Pawn have an open head but it didn't fall apart. "This thing isn't too hard!" Sonic yelled before giving it another whack just then it it made an ice block out of nowhere as Sonic got hit by it and fell to the floor. It dropped the lock right over Sonic as the block smashed into pieces.

"What did you say?" Eggman chuckled "Oh wait you can't because you're no longer here." he continued to do his terrible laugh with so much force he became to cough.

"We haven't started yet, Eggman.."

"Wait?! How'd did the stupid hog survive?"

"I'm not Sonic I'm Knuckles." He shot up and dismantled the machine in a flick


"Destroyed it." Knuckles finished, Eggman growl before taking a retreated "How many times do I have to tell you not to get so cocky?" he asked Sonic

"I didn't need your help." Sonic said getting

"You would've have been one pancake if it wasn't for me."

"I could handle it."

"What just happened back there then?"

"Nothing much."

"Admit it, you needed me."







"Now, now, now...boys let's not fight about this." Rouge said

"Don't get involved you could get hurt." Sonic said

"So you want to play rough is it." Knuckles was too annoyed and tries to strike at him, the two began a fight

Rouge sighs, Amy comes out of the ice-rink with a sigh as well. "I bet you're feeling the same."

"I am, I'm just going home." She said as Rouge nodded, Amy with a glum expression, the two guys were getting more aggressive

"Knock it off you two!" Rouge yelled

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