A Memorable Halloween

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A Memorial Halloween

A/N: This is an eight (8) chapter little story that wouldn't leave me alone. I've looked it over a couple of times over the last year and don't know what to do with it. It's the second story I wrote and for that reason I've decided to put it on here.

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30 October 1994 - Hogwarts

Harry James Potter sat in a comfortable recliner in the Room of Requirements and looked at his Rolex Submariner watch. It was 2152h and in eight minutes, he would be using his communications mirror to talk to Sirius Black. Harry sniggered, thinking of how Dobby was glamoured to look and talk like Harry. According to the plan, Dobby would make sure Harry was seen by at least two people until Harry replaced him.

Harry felt the mirror vibrate and said, "Accept." He heard, "pup?" and looked at the mirror seeing Sirius' face.

Harry smiled, "Hi Padfoot."

Sirius wasted no time telling his story. "You were right Harry and we caught the rat, well Amelia Bones did. Peter spilled everything about the plan while being questioned under Veritaserum. Crouch Junior is under Polyjuice potion, and is the one acting as Moody. Amelia will be taking Crouch Senior's place tomorrow night with a team of Aurors as her normal backup. She forced Fudge to set me free with a 50,000₲ per year settlement. The ploy is that it was discovered that I'm the head of the Ancient and Most Noble House of Black and had no trial. They had to try me in front of the full Wizengamot within 90 days since I was the heir at the time. All of that will be in the Daily Prophet tomorrow morning."

Harry smile and wanted to jump for joy but Sirius wasn't done yet. "Since I'm your godfather, I forced them to unseal James and Lily's wills and set up a reading for Saturday, 4 November so you can be there. Amelia did bring up a good point though. If you have to compete in the Triwizard Tournament, the Ministry has declared you an adult wizard. As an adult you can become head of the Ancient and Most Noble House of Potter and live wherever you want. If you aren't forced to compete, you have to wait until your sixteenth birthday.

Harry frowned at that, "I understand, but I can still prove I didn't enter myself right?"

Sirius nodded saying, "Yes, unfortunately if your name comes out of that damn thing you have to compete. But keep in mind it's a Triwizard Tournament not a Quad Wizard Tournament."

While smiling Harry nodded, "Will do, Padfoot are you going to be here, and what happened with Peter?"

Sirius barked a laugh, "Damn right I'll be there just to piss Snape off. Peter was obliviated of the memory of his being caught and questioned. He was sent back to Riddle Manor with the food he was supposed to fetch after it was inspected by the Marauders. Winky and Sharpaxe placed both elf and goblin tracking charms on the rat before we took him back. Apparently, the goblins and elves can track him anywhere in the United Kingdom."

Harry was curious about that but didn't ask. They talked another thirty minutes or so before Harry went back to the Gryffindor Common Room. Dobby/Harry saw the common room door open and close. His senses picked up the elf tracking charm on Harry, so he excused himself and headed for the fourth-year boys' dorm saying he was tired. Half-way up the stairs Harry whispered thanks to Dobby, and Dobby disappeared from sight. The switch was fast enough that four people saw Harry turn back around.

Harry took off his invisibility cloak, gave it to Dobby to put away, and went back to the common room where he announced, "I need help. Every year, something has happened to me here. I have a bad feeling about the goblet and my name coming out of it. I'm fourteen and not qualified to enter the Triwizard Tournament. The truth is I wouldn't even if I could. The help I need is at least two witnesses who can verify I was seen until the Halloween Feast. I would like volunteers to watch me as I sleep down here. I'll pay 5₲ per hour from now until we go to breakfast in the morning. Keep in mind that's more than the Minister makes per hour."

The fifth, sixth, and seventh year prefects all volunteered as did the Flying Foxes of Gryffindor (Katie Bell, Alicia Spinnet, and Angelina Johnston) and five other seventh year students. Two prefects escorted Harry to his dorm to get a blanket and his pillow. Once they got back a seventh year prefect put a sleeping charm on Harry. Harry got a peaceful seven hours of sleep while under guard. He wasn't all that happy about being guarded while taking a shower. Harry's face was red and hot enough to light a cigar when the flying foxes wanted to do the guarding inside the shower.

Dumbledore and McGonagall were surprised when almost the complete house of Gryffindor escorted Harry to breakfast. Throughout the day, Harry had at least five people escort him to classes and the library. He even had at least two wizards follow him into the men's room while he took a piss. Harry thought that maybe one day he would think today was the strangest day in his life.

The Champions Selection

The students and most of the staff thought that having two feasts in a row was one too many. There was a lot of chatter in the Great Hall as the time for the selection of champions grew closer. All eyes were on Dumbledore when the fire in the goblet turned red and a piece of parchment flew out. Dumbledore announced Victor Krum as the Durmstrang champion. The next champion selected was Fleur Delacour from Beauxbatons. The last was Cedric Diggory of Hogwarts.

The three champions had walked into the anteroom as Dumbledore had told them to before the selection. The Great Hall grew quiet as the Goblet of Fire turned red again and spit out the fourth name.

Dumbledore grabbed it out of the air and frowned before saying loudly, "Harry Potter."

Amelia Bones stood and said, "Dumbledore what the hell is going on here? The rules clearly say there can be only one champion for each school. In addition as per the rules to enter this tournament you must be an adult. You do understand that if Mr. Potter is forced to compete, that the Ministry has declared him an emancipated adult wizard don't you?"

Snape sneered and mumbled loud enough for most to hear, "It's just prince Potter seeking more glory."

Amelia turned on him and replied, "Shut up you Death Eater bastard. You're on very thin ice. Be advised you're under house arrest while my Auror team looks over your record of teaching potions. You'll have at least two Aurors in class monitoring you the rest of this year. That assumes you last that long."

She turned to Dumbledore and handed him a letter, "This is from the Board of Governors placing Snape on probation and giving my Aurors the authority to monitor his classes."

While this was going on, few noticed Harry walk to the head table. He placed his wand on the top of the goblet and vowed, "I, Harry James Potter heir of the Ancient and Most Noble House of Potter, swear on my life and magic that I did not place my name in this goblet nor did I ask anyone else to do so. So mote it be, Lumos!"

Harry turned to Dumbledore, "Professor, paragraph two of the Triwizard Tournament rules state clearly that a school can only have one champion. Therefore, if I must compete, I resign from Hogwarts."

Dumbledore sighed, "Let's move this into the antechamber, so we can discuss it."

"I disagree with that sir." Harry replied, "This needs discussed out here in the open so the truth is known and there is no vicious rumors started over this."

Amelia agreed with Harry as the Ministry representative and sent for the other three champions. She explained to them what was going on.

Fleur in her infinite wisdom stated, "This little boy cannot compete. He is too young."

That pissed Harry off and he glared at her, "This little boy killed a Professor who was possessed by Voldemort when I was eleven. When I was twelve, I killed a 73-foot basilisk that petrified several students. Then this past May I drove off over 100 dementors and save my godfather's life. What the fuck have you done, princess?"

Harry saw the shock and disbelief on many faces. He placed his wand on his temple and pointed up. The ceiling flashed and those in the Great Hall saw Harry, Hermione, and Ron go through the traps. They watched as Harry protected himself and killed Quirrell as Voldemort's spirit fled the man's dying body. They saw Harry fight and kill the basilisk. His driving off the dementors was both shocking and awesome.

Harry ended the show. "Now I don't want to compete in this farce that I did not enter. The why is fairly simple, I've been here three years and have almost been killed all three as you just saw." Harry hoped that Sirius' part in this had been accomplished as he continued, "The question is, must I compete?"

A goblin appeared standing behind Madam Bones, "I am Ragnok, Chief of the Goblin Nation. Heir Potter our legal team has looked for an out since you suspected this might happen. While the rules do not define who must place a name in the Goblet, they are clear that if your name is selected you must compete or lose your magic. Since you cannot compete for Hogwarts as Mr. Diggory is the Hogwarts Champion we offer you and your friends a place in the Goblin Academy of Magic."

Without hesitation Harry said, "I accept. Professor McGonagall here is my letter of resignation from Hogwarts." Harry handed McGonagall a letter signed by Sirius then raised his wand again. "I, Harry James Potter, accept the headship of the Ancient and Most Noble House of Potter." The magic around Harry flared, and two rings appeared on his right hand.

Ragnok looked at Dumbledore's face and smiled, "Headmaster Dumbledore the Goblin Nation seeks permission to place our school's temporary training facility on the grounds of Hogwarts near the Forbidden Forest. Be warned that our wards will stop any Death Eater from coming within 100 yards of the facility."

Dumbledore was caught between a rock and a hard place. He didn't want a goblin presence at Hogwarts, but he didn't want Harry leaving the grounds either. In the end, he agreed.

Ragnok handed McGonagall a stack of parchments and explained them. "Those parchments are permission slips for students to transfer to the Goblin Academy of Magic signed by their parents or guardians. The following people have permission to attend the Goblin Academy of Magic: Misses Hannah Abbott, Katie Bell, Susan Bones, Tracy Davis, Hermione Granger, Astoria Greengrass, Daphne Greengrass, Angelina Johnston, Luna Lovegood, Padma Patil, Parvati Patil, and Alicia Spinnet. Misters Terry Boot, Michael Corner, Wayne Hopkins, Lee Jordan, Neville Longbottom, Ernie Macmillan, Theodore Nott, Fred Weasley, George Weasley, and Blaise Zabini are also invited. Be advised that unlike Hogwarts, we teach to the ICW standards not to the lowest pureblood standard as taught by Hogwarts." Ragnok paused waiting for the murmur to settle down after his last words.

"For those of you who accept, seventy percent of your Hogwarts tuition will be refunded. Twenty percent went to Hogwarts, and ten percent covers your tuition at the Goblin Academy of Magic, including books and supplies. However, once you leave Hogwarts you cannot return according to the Hogwarts Board of Governors unless someone finds out that it conflicts with the Hogwarts Charter. Do keep in mind the Goblin Academy of Magic's tuition costs only ten percent of what muggleborn parents pay for a lesser education." Ragnok stated much to the surprise of the students and faculty.

Ragnok then advised, "Our facility is set up for one or two to a room. The ladies are on the third floor, and the gentlemen are on the second. If you have a member of the opposite sex in your room as a guest the door will not close, and the hall wall becomes transparent unless both parties are adults."

A fifth table appeared, and the named people looked at each other. The Weasley twins stood, and the others followed their lead when Goblin Academy of Magic appeared in the air over the table. Including Harry Potter the Goblin Academy of Magic now had twenty three students. There were twelve witches and ten wizards whose names were called by Ragnok plus Harry.

Draco Malfoy sneered and stated, "Should we call you lot Scarhead's losers?"

Ragnok glared at the blonde ponce, "Who are you?"

Draco puffed out his chest responding, "I am Draco Malfoy…"

"There is no Draco Malfoy. Lord Black dissolved the marriage of Narcissa Black and Lucius Malfoy and recalled her dowry plus interest. Since Lucius didn't have the funds to cover the amount he was thrown from the Manor with the clothes on his back and nothing else. Mr. Severus Snape, your godfather, is required to pay the remainder after your trust vault could not. Mr. Snape only owes Lord Black 318,217₲. Since by law Lucius Malfoy is destitute he could not adopt you so you went to Narcissa Black. Lord Black then threw Bellatrix and Narcissa out of the Black family after dissolving their marriages. Be glad you are now Draco Noname because if Mr. Snape cannot come up with the funds within 48 hours as of 1700h yesterday, he and Lucius Malfoy will begin working the balance off in our dragon pens."

After a pause, Ragnok dropped another bomb on Draco. "Had you kept your mouth shut you would have been better off. Since your father chose to pay your tuition monthly and your godfather cannot cover next month tuition, by law this is your last night at Hogwarts. Furthermore, as you do not have your OWLs and are not of age your magic would have been bound, and you would have been trained by us before joining the muggle world. However, you insulted the Goblin Nation. Therefore, you may work alongside of your former parents and godfather to pay off the debt."

Draco fainted. Crabbe and Goyle moved away from him. Pansy Parkinson cried knowing her betrothal was broken. She knew no one at Hogwarts would want her after the way she acted like she was better than everyone else.


Dumbledore was stunned. Not only had he lost Snape but some of his best students, and the word was out that Hogwarts was teaching to the lowest level. He was glad the muggleborns and halfbloods didn't know they were paying more than the purebloods.

McGonagall didn't know what to think. She just lost most of her best students, and the Gryffindor Quidditch team was decimated. The Beaters, Chasers, and Seeker now went to the Goblin Academy of Magic. Did they need a Transfiguration Professor?

Snape was livid and decided to curse Potter. When his wand slipped into his hand, the flat side of a goblin sword hit the back of his head. He would wake up in a cell deep within Gringotts Bank.

Filius Flitwick wondered if the new Goblin Academy of Magic needed a Professor to teach Charms. Meanwhile, Pomona Sprout was wondering the same about Herbology.

Ron and Ginny were pissed off, and wondering why they weren't selected. The Creevey brothers were in tears as their hero no longer attended Hogwarts. The other Gryffindors were shocked and dismayed at losing their Quidditch team.

Except for the Gryffindors, the students who were now students of the Goblin Academy of Magic wondered how they got selected. To a person, they were glad they did after hearing how poor Hogwarts classes were. Hermione was happy to hear about the lower tuition and the fact she would no longer have to put up with the youngest Weasleys.

Fred and George were shocked that their parents let them go to another school without Ron and Ginny. They also knew they would probably have to buckle down and turn in the work they did in secret. Hopefully, their mother would get off of their asses when they got better grades.


Ragnok still had a couple more digs for Dumbledore. "Since Professor Binns only teaches about goblin-wizard conflicts you may not know that when we seized Malfoy Manor, we could give it or its retail value to Lord Black. We chose the retail value. The old Malfoy Manor is now the Goblin Academy of Magic's permanent home. Since it is on goblin land, there is no need for the Wizengamot to approve a sixth school in Great Britain and Ireland. Unlike Hogwarts, we only have one tuition price where Hogwarts has three. There is the muggleborn price, which is the highest, then what halfbloods pay, which is ninety percent of the muggleborn pay. The purebloods pay fifty percent of what the muggleborns pay."

After letting that sink in Ragnok continued. "Of the forty three schools of magic in the world the ICW ranks the five in Great Britain thirty nine through forty three. Hogwarts is the lowest ranked school in the world for the last ten years. Potions scores on the watered-down OWLs and NEWTs drag the school down even further. A third-year class at the Salem Institute of Magic took the OWLs you would take here and got O+s across the board. Their fourth-year class did the same on the NEWTs you would take."

Ragnok wanted to laugh at the look on Dumbledore's face. But he decided to wipe the smirk off the Beauxbatons and Durmstrang heads faces instead. "Beauxbatons ranks thirty fifth and Durmstrang ranks thirty seventh so this tournament should be fair. However, Hogwarts and Durmstrang watch out for Beauxbatons during the Yule Ball as they teach dancing all seven years."

Madame Maxime ducked her head and heard the giggles and sniggers from the other two schools. But Ragnok wasn't finished yet. "Be glad there is no dueling in this farce called the Triwizard Tournament. Durmstrang students are taught dark curses from their first year. But since their Headmaster is a Death Eater what else would you expect? As there are now four schools in the tournament the Goblin Academy of Magic will have Sharpaxe as our representative and judge. We have also invited the ICW Department of Education to observe the tournament. They will of course demand fair and just scoring of the events."

Ragnok then introduced Sharpaxe as his Second in Command and Captain of the Guard. Bagman told them about the first task and the weighing of the wands. They were then excused, and the GAM students followed Sharpaxe and Harry out of the castle. Their new facility was three stories high and looked to be about fifty yards square on the outside. They could feel the wards identifying them as they passed through them.

Goblin Academy of Magic

Sharpaxe led them into the building, and they were amazed at the size of the place. They followed the goblin into what looked more like a sitting room than a common room.

"Please sit then introduce yourselves and say a few words about you. We'll start with Lord Potter and go clockwise around the room." Sharpaxe said and took a seat.

"First its Harry not Lord Potter unless you piss me off. My objective is to learn what I can and survive the Triwizard Tournament that I did not enter." Harry stood and said then sat back down.

Fred and George admitted to fudging their grades to irritate their mother but really wanted to learn Potions, Charms, and Enchanting. They were all there to learn, which was a good thing.

When the students finished Sharpaxe stood, "I'm surprised that no one asked how and why you were selected to attend GAM (Goblin Academy of Magic). It was simple you are those who never believed the lies and rumors about Harry Potter. You're also smart enough to perform to ICW standards, and you want to learn. To do what we must we need time. Fortunately, we goblins can compress time so that an hour in real time is five days in compressed time. This will allow us to get everyone up to their OWL levels and provide extra training. That training will include Wandless Magic, Transportation, Runes, Arithmancy, Warding, and Curse Breaking."

After letting them think about that Sharpaxe continued, "We will only do time compression four days per week until the first task then three days a week after that. We can time it so that you go to sleep in compressed time and wake up in real time. As a GAM student you may travel anywhere after your last class on Friday as long as you're back for dinner Sunday evening. In your rooms, you will find a clothing catalogue your sizes will be measured tonight by our elves. The ladies need three pairs of black slacks and white blouses. The gentlemen need three pairs of black pants and white shirts. This is your uniform with the addition of a gold colored long coat. Your tuition covers an additional ten sets of clothing in whatever color suits you."

"If you want more clothing we will need authorization to withdraw the funds from your or your families vault. Tomorrow our healers will be here as will our wand makers. You will have a physical and be checked for memory charms, bindings on your core, and overall physical condition. The wand makers are the best in the world. It's only in Great Britain that goblins can't make or carry wands. However, this facility is goblin territory so it is legal." Sharpaxe told them.

"Excuse me but we've been told that we can only carry one wand," Blaise stated.

Sharpaxe chuckled, "That Mr. Zabini is Ministry propaganda not the law. However, Hogwarts rules do say that you may only carry one wand. It's also Hogwarts that has the Ministry check for underage use of magic."

"Sharpaxe, I got a letter from the Ministry when an elf performed magic in my aunt and uncle's home. In fact, I received it within minutes of the act. It cost me a beating and bread and water for two weeks." Harry almost yelled.

"That will be taken care of tomorrow Harry. Mrs. Hopkirk works for Hogwarts but offices at the Ministry and uses their stationary illegally it seems. Mr. Ira Shyster will pay the Ministry a visit tomorrow, and we'll watch his memory of the visit for entertainment. Speaking of entertainment, this lounge and the ones on the upper two floors have muggle entertainment systems for your enjoyment." Sharpaxe replied with a full tooth smile. "Most of our classes will use moving pictures with sound showing wand movements, potion's preparation and brewing."

Sharpaxe then introduced them to the elves. There were three males and three females. Next he showed them the two classrooms, spell practice room, potion's lab, and library. Hermione huffed when Sharpaxe said that books couldn't be removed from the library, but sections could be copied and the copy would last two weeks. Harry and Neville would room together as would Hermione and Daphne, Astoria and Luna, and the twins.

They found their books very different. They not only said how to cast a charm they showed a wand tip making the correct movement. The books provided several references for each subject.

Neville asked, "Harry, how the hell was I selected?"

"Nev your lack of confidence does you an injustice. Your wand looks like a legacy wand that was used by a member of your family. The one thing that I remember most about Ollivander's is that he said 'the wand chooses the wizard'. I've watched you make the correct wand movement, and incantation, yet not get the proper result. I think a new wand will serve you well. Besides Potters and Longbottoms have stood side by side for over a thousand years, and we are going to continue that trend my friend." Harry replied

They looked over the clothing catalogs and made their selections. What they wished for was a girl to help them as they decided they were pants at selecting clothes, especially colors. They met the others in their lounge having the same discussion. Harry went upstairs and called for Hermione.

"Hermione er ummm we need help selecting clothes. None of us have ever clothes shopped in our lives." Harry mumbled.

"Harry we'll be down in a few minutes. It's not unusual, especially for boys," she answered.

The girls brought their own catalogs, and together they selected clothes. There was some giggling when the guys turned red at the girl's underwear section of their catalog. After the girls left the guys thanked Harry for asking them for help. All of them admitted they didn't think of ordering socks, swimsuits, and underwear, especially the thermal stuff they had never seen before. The guys said good night and went to bed. Harry found it strange that Neville didn't snore nearly as loud without Ron's buzz saw snoring.

To be continued in: Leading up to the First Task.