The Tournament Ends

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A Continuation of: A New Year

The Tournament Ends

8 January 1995

Harry, Daphne, Luna, and Fleur were sitting at the GAM table with the other twenty Goblin Academy of Magic students known as the crew when the Hogwarts Express arrived. Since the Daily Prophet and international papers had carried almost daily stories of their bonding and engagements for nearly a week no one was surprised to see Fleur at the GAM table.

After a fine meal Headmistress Sprout stood, "It was brought to the Triwizard Tournament Official's attention that the tournament was unfair to the champions that are taking their NEWTs this year. Preparation for the tasks cuts into study and review time so the tasks have been moved forward. The second task will take place on 21 January and the third on 4 February. The Triwizard Cup will be on display for 24 hours beginning at 0700h tomorrow morning. On Tuesday it will be inspected by Professor Moody then taken to Gringotts for storage until 4 February."

Harry stood and said, "Headmistress, the new castle wards will be down between 0100h and 0230h tomorrow morning for updating. The old wards will still be in place however. Cassandra will lock down the dorms and common rooms during that time. Any students found outside of their dorm or common room will be expelled immediately."

"Excuse me Lord Gryffindor but why?" Pomona asked as they had planned.

Harry ducked his head a mumbled something.

"I didn't hear you Lord Gryffindor." Pomona stated.

"I said I screwed up and didn't put up the anti-animagus ward that checks to see if an animagus is a Death Eater Ma'am. I have to add some runes and recharge the new wards." Harry admitted.

Barty Crouch Junior was ecstatic. The brat screwed up, and he not only had an opportunity to make the cup a portkey, but also to send his master a letter telling him the change in timing. Now if he was caught or killed it would be after he performed the task his master sent him here for.

The next six time compression days Harry, Daphne, and Luna did 45 days each while Fleur did fifteen. She maintained her normal schedule with the Beauxbatons students and trained for the second task. She spent every night with Harry and the girls who did time compression three out of the six days. Fleur learned more in those days than she had her last two years at Beauxbatons.

She was there when Harry and Daphne went through their seventeen year old growth spurt the same night. Harry grew another three and a half inches and added muscle. Daphne grew almost two inches and now had the breast and hips of a young woman. Luna would follow them the next time they went through time compression.

The Second Task

The Quidditch Stadium was packed with spectators including students, their families, friends, and press. The judges sat with the school they represented. Lee Jordan had been asked to announce the task.

Lee announced, "Welcome everyone to the second task of the Triwizard Tournament I am your announcer Lee Jordan of the Goblin Academy of Magic. First I would like to thank our own Sharpaxe of the GAM for his weather ward it's a comfortable 24 degrees Celsius or 75 degrees Fahrenheit here. Outside it's over forty degrees colder. Today task is a duel between the champions and five programmed Auror Training Dummies the champions will duel in the same order as the first task."

Lee sipped some hot chocolate and added, "Points are scored for hits on the dummies and deducted for hits on the champion. The spells the dummies cast are the same color as a curse would be so a purple color is a nasty cutting curse. While Unforgivables will not be used, cutting, blasting, bone breaking, and other spells that would incapacitate a wizard are legal. Should a bone breaker hit an arm that arm becomes useless. First to the line is Mr. Cedric Diggory representing Hogwarts. Let's give this fine young man the welcome he so rightly deserves."

Lee lead the clapping as Cedric entered the pitch while Victor, Fleur, and Harry waited in the champion's tent.

Lee described what was going on but those in the tent couldn't hear him. Cedric lasted eighteen minutes before getting hit by a cutting curse to his head. When Fleur kissed Harry goodbye he wished her luck and said, "Give them hell love."

While Harry meditated, he also kept track of the time and Fleur lasted almost six minutes longer than Cedric. Victor apparently didn't take this very seriously or he was slow since he only lasted just over twelve minutes.

Harry came out of the tent with wands in both hands when called. Mr. Heiger asked for time to look at the rules about the number of wands a champion could use. The rules didn't specify but mentioned 'wands' several times. Sharpaxe maintained that the word 'wands' was plural, which meant more than one. After several minutes, the others finally agreed.

When the duel started Harry quickly transfigured a shield out of a rock. It was concave and the outside shined like a mirror there was a slit in it for Harry's and handle to hold it. Most spells the dummies fired at Harry were reflected back at them. Harry put his left wand away and held the shield while firing blasting and cutting curses from his right hand wand. He hit one dummy in its forehead with a cutting curse and flipped it over so he hit it with a blasting curse and it was incapacitated.

Harry kept moving but had to stay behind a line or be out of the task. He hit another dummy with two Reductos followed by a blasting curse and the second one was down. The next dummy he selected took two Reductos to its shield followed by bone breakers to each arm. It was now three down and two to go when two blasts took out his shield and he popped to his left. Harry yelled Bombardia the blasting curse threw a lot of rocks in the air. Harry banished the debris at the dummies and followed that with six blasting curses in a spread followed by two Bombardias.

When the Harry sent a blast of wind down range the dummies were in pieces. Lee Jordan said, "Holy shit. Whoops, sorry Headmistress, our champion seems to have cleaned up the Auror dummies and there isn't a mark on him."

After the judges conferred Harry received 100 points, Fleur 80, Cedric 70, Victor 60. Harry would have a 90 second lead in the maze. But Harry had other things on his mind than the Triwizard Tournament. He knew Barty Crouch Junior had gotten his message out and the cup was a portkey to Riddle Cemetery outside of Little Hangleton. Tom was in the old Riddle manor with Wormtail and couldn't understand why he wasn't getting stronger. He was starting to draw magic from those marked and Hawkclaw was shunting it to goblin crystals. Eventually it would be split among those of the Goblin Academy of Magic.

But first Harry had a Death Eater, named Barty Crouch Junior, to take care of. He put his wand to his throat and said, "Everyone stay where you are please. The castle is locked down. Dobby!"

"Yes Lord Gryffindor."

"Pop me into the kitchen please."

"Yes sir," Dobby said and took Harry's hand and they disappeared.

When they appeared in the kitchen Harry drew his left hand wand and asked Cassandra where Barty Crouch Junior was. She told him he was just entering his classroom so Harry popped behind the man.

"Constant vigilance Barty," Harry said and as Barty turned to face him Harry hit him on the point of his chin with a right cross. Harry then hit him with Expelliarmus driving Barty Jr. back several feet. Harry caught Barty's wand in his right hand and slipped it into an empty slot in his holster. Harry shifted to the man's side and swept his peg leg out from under his as he open handed chopped him in the throat.

When Barty hit the floor Harry kicked him in his bits then called Dobby.


"Dobby bring Neville here, please."

"Yes Harry sir," the elf said and popped away.

Dobby returned with Neville in less than ten seconds.

Harry looked at his friend and said, "He's slightly damaged, but the bastard is all yours my friend."

Neville stood tall and said, "Bartemus Crouch Junior, I, Neville Franklin Longbottom, heir to the Ancient and Most Noble House of Longbottom do hereby strip the Couch Family of its magic and property for your attack on the House of Longbottom. As I say so shall it be." The magic flared and accepted the punishment.

Neville called his elf Rudolf and asked him to take Barty Jr. to Ragnok after the Polyjuice potion finished wearing off. Harry summoned Moody's eye and peg leg then opened his trunk and faded the items to the old Auror. After telling Mad Eye what they did Harry popped him out of the trunk. Dobby popped to Gringotts to inform Ragnok what was happening then popped back to the classroom.

Barty Crouch Junior told them, "I may die but the dark lord will kill you all. He is immortal and getting stronger."

Harry laughed, "Dragon shit, I beat him as a fifteen month old and I'll do it again. No one is immortal you on the other hand will be joined by your father working in the goblin mines. We may even bring you back so Frank and Alice can spit in your face just before the Dementor kisses you and your Daddy. Tom Marvolo Riddle, also known as Lord Voldemort, is nothing but a half-blood punk terrorist, immortal my aching ass. I took the memory of the curse you used and its counter and while you'll remember this you'll never be able to speak about it."

Rudolf popped Barty Crouch Junior to Gringotts and Dobby popped Neville and Harry to the Annex where they walked back to the Quidditch Pitch. As part of the agreed on story Harry told Pomona, "Professor Moody is in the Hospital Wing he seems to have forgot about the trick step and couldn't get his good leg out of it. I'm not sure he'll be happy with me for telling everyone this, he seemed a bit grumpy. But Neville said it was my fault for telling him he should be constantly vigilant and to watch out for cheeky stairs."

"Yes, well that may have made him grumpy since he doesn't seem to appreciate a good joke." The Headmistress said then told her students the castle was open.

That night Harry, Daphne, and Fleur helped Luna through a growth spurt. The next morning she woke them up saying, "I've got boobies…"

Harry interjected, "and a nice pert little butt. Luna you look like what you are, a beautiful young lady."

On 1 February, Harry held a meeting with the crew. "Could I have your attention please? As you know this coming Saturday is the final task of the Triwizard Tournament. The truth is that it really isn't… it's a ruse so that I can be taken to Voldemort. It seems he wants my blood for a ritual to gain a body. While Sharpaxe and I have a good plan we all know things can turn to shit in a hurry. We're all over 17 now and qualified witches and wizards." Harry let that sink in.

"What I want from you lot is to prepare to defend Hogwarts if something should go wrong. Obviously there will be 'adults' in the audience so keep an eye on them. The Death Eaters can't get in here but Voldemort's unmarked supporters can, so keep your eyes and ears open." Harry commanded, then asked for questions but there were none.

Neville stated, "I'll cover your ladies so don't be worrying about them. Just pay attention and kill the bastard for good this time."

"Thanks Nev, I appreciate it." Harry replied and gave his brother a one armed hug.

Training took on a more serious demeanor the next three real time days. The crew was so solemn that Harry wished he hadn't told them what was coming. On Friday he had enough.

At lunch in the Annex, Harry stood and said, "We so aren't doing this solemn Hippograph shit any longer. We're going to Potter Manor and have a party so let's meet here in twenty minutes and I'll have a portkey ready. Be sure to take a swimsuit, our swimming pool, and the surrounding area stays at eighty-eight degrees."

When they arrived at the manor, the adults who didn't work were already at poolside including Molly Weasley. Harry almost didn't recognize her she had lost weight and was laughing at somethin Padfoot said. After hugs all around, they swam and played water volleyball.

Molly cornered Harry, "I want to thank you for what you did for us Harry."

"There's no need, but thank you Molly. If things had gone the way Dumbledore planned we would have been under Voldemort's rule. Dumbledore couldn't defeat Tom in the seventies, so what made him think he could later is beyond me." Harry confessed. "But things wouldn't have been much better under his rule."

After dinner and dancing under the stars, with those who joined them after work included, they went back to the Annex. They would see the same group tomorrow at the third task.

The Triwizard Tournament Ends

At 1030h, 21 February, the Annex heard Harry say, "Let's get suited and booted people, lunch is in the Great Hall in 30 minutes."

Harry's getting suited meant wearing a special body suit under his clothes. The suits arms and chest area contained pockets of blood taken from a blood bank in London. The goblins only took two ounces and mixed it with a blood replenishing potion. Once the blood and potion were exposed to air it would cause the red blood cells to start to quit carrying oxygen. When that happened organs would begin shutting down and Tom would try to use magic to heal them.

Harry, Daphne, Luna, and Fleur led the crew into the Great Hall and they took their places at the GAM table. They noticed that the Beauxbatons and Durmstrang students were sprinkled through the Great Hall talking and laughing with the Hogwarts students.

After lunch Pomona called Harry to the front as they had planned.

Harry looked over the Great Hall and smiled. "Many of you are wondering why I seem older. The truth is the Goblin Academy of Magic used time compression, and we are all over three years older than we were last November. This time will come off the end of our life span of course. Next week we will take our NEWTs and some will sit a Mastery or two. We discussed what is next and as a group decided to offer tutoring to those who wish it."

After a pause Harry continued, "Potions, History, and Defense has been lacking at Hogwarts for the past several years. No matter how good Professors Lupin and Moody are they couldn't make up for the previous years of poor teachers in Defense. I'm sure most Hogwarts students have heard that the Defense position is cursed well that's a lie. The best curse breaking team from Gringotts didn't find it cursed. It was part of Dumbledore's grand plan to keep British wizards weak."

Harry let that sink in. "Would you provide training for someone who might challenge you later? Dumbledore wanted to tear down our world and rebuild it in the image he developed as a young man. Of course, he was to be the king of the mountain. Now tutoring will be after dinner for two hours, and time compression will not be used. It will mean hard work on your part so it's voluntary."

Harry nodded to Professor Sprout and went back to his seat. After lunch, they stayed in the Great Hall and talked to several people. Harry and his ladies talked to Ron and Ginny. Like Molly, these were two different people than they were before Christmas.

At 1800h, the champions were in the tent waiting for the third task to start. Harry had a ninety second lead on Fleur. When called to start he shook hands with Cedric, and Victor then kissed Fleur. Harry stood and looked at the maze and the large mirrors that hung over it so the audience could see what was going on.

When told to start Harry shifted to the first junction and used a Point Me spell to determine the direction to go. Harry shifted past the beasts and used the Point Me to find the cup. Harry's last shift past the Sphinx brought him to the cup, which he grabbed and disappeared.

Amelia yelled, "What the hell is going on, he should have appeared in front of the judges."


Harry landed in the graveyard and yelled, "Where the hell am I?"

A Petrificus Totalus charm hit him, and he heard Wormtail say, "You're here to help me bring back the dark lord to a body Harry."

"Wormy you always were a weak willed idiot. Once he's back he'll have no use for the likes of you. But then all you're good for is kissing someone's ass. If Tom doesn't kill you, Sirius and Remus will. Wormy you're dead and just don't know it yet." Harry shouted.

A third voice said, "Wormtail tie him up and get on with it now, or you will suffer."

"Yes master," Peter Pettigrew sputtered and tied Harry to the angel on a grave marked Thomas Riddle.

Wormtail levitated the largest cauldron Harry had seen over a pile of wood. Peter then started the wood on fire and started to place the ugliest baby Harry had ever seen in the cauldron.

Harry hurled insults at the two, "Damn Wormy that thing is the ugliest thing I've ever seen. It's uglier than you or the Snake faced bastard that Quirrell was carrying on the back of his head. I hope that piece of shit drowns."

Peter seemed not to pay attention to Harry as he lowered the thing into the cauldron. Then summoning a bone from the grave Harry was tied to Peter said, "Bone of the father, unknowingly given, you will renew your son. **"

"You lie Peter, no one has a son that damned ugly," Harry yelled.

Peter paid no attention to Harry as he pulled a knife and held his left arm over the cauldron and stated, "Flesh of the servant, willingly given, you will revive your master. **" Peter cut his left hand off, and it fell into the cauldron.

"Harry don't fight me, and I'll only take a small amount of your blood, otherwise I'll slit your throat," Pettigrew said while walking towards Harry.

"Take it Peter for all the good that it will do you. I still say he'll kill you once he gathers the others." Harry said and Peter made a small cut in Harry's left forearm and let some blood drip into a vial then went back to the cauldron.

"Blood of the enemy, forcibly taken, you will resurrect your foe. **" Peter said as he poured the blood from the vial into the cauldron.

While Wormtail was doing this Harry weakened the ropes wandlessly, to the point he could just walk out of them. There was a flash of black magic, and Voldemort rose from the cauldron. He looked at Wormtail like the man was dirt.

Voldemort commanded, "Robe me Wormtail."

When Peter obeyed, Voldemort added, "My wand Wormtail."

Peter reached into his robes, and the wand flew to Harry, who was now standing in front of Tom Riddle Senior's grave. Harry hit Wormtail with goblin version of a stunner and cauterized his stump.

"Hello Tom, you're still as ugly as ever. Are you feeling weak?" Harry asked as he felt Nagini coming up behind him.

Harry shifted to the side and used Bombardia to blow the snake's head off. He and Tom watched as part of Tom's soul rose from the snake, screamed, and blew apart.

"That's the last one Tom you're now mortal again. Lucy Malfoy was nice enough to provide the diary. The goblins found the ring, cup, locket, diadem, and removed the small soul piece from my scar. Eight just isn't a magical number Tom." Harry told the so called dark lord.

"Now we could continue this pleasant conversation here while you slowly die. However, I think an audience would like to watch the entertainment. Have you noticed that your organs are trying to shut down? That's because a potion is robbing your red blood cell of their ability to carry oxygen to your organs. Next those blood cells will start to die. Draw on your magic and that of your supporters to stay alive Tom, or you will surely die." Harry said and placed Tom Marvolo Riddle in a full body bind.

Harry bound Peter and levitated him to Tom's back then bound them together. He left about six feet of rope hanging in front of Tom then summoned the Tri Wizard Cup. He cast Sonorous on himself thenturned the rope into a portkey and activated it.


With a flash and a bang Harry and his two prisoners arrived in front of the judge's stand.

"Honey, I'm home and brought guests," the audience heard Harry say. "Stand down people, Sharpaxe and I have the situation under control. I need to introduce our guests."

Harry moved Pettigrew to Tom's left side. "The short, fat, ugly, rat faced git is Peter Pettigrew. The taller, uglier, snake faced git is Thomas Marvolo Riddle also known as Voldemort. Now anyone who doesn't want to see these two die should leave now. Tom here has a disease that is killing him by asphyxiation. While he can breathe, his red blood cells aren't carrying oxygen to his organs, so he is using magic to keep himself alive. He should last over an hour but less than one and a half."

After a short pause, Harry continued. "Tom was born of a full blood near squib witch, named Merope Gaunt the last of the Slytherin line. His father was a muggle squire's son who Merope used a love potion on. They ran off and got married. She got pregnant and quit using the love potion. Young Tom Senior did a runner leaving a pregnant wife destitute. She ended up having Tom Junior in a muggle orphanage and asked that he be named Tom Marvolo Riddle after his and her fathers."

Harry paused so they could think about that. "In the late 1920 and 1930 muggle orphanages were horrible and abusive places. Tom was abused until he found that he had special abilities that we call magic. The abused then became the abuser, and the die was cast. When Tom turned eleven Dumbledore invited him to Hogwarts, and Tom said yes. Old Albus saw the potential of Tom being a strong wizard that might compete with him. Albus couldn't have that, so he had Tom put in Slytherin, a half blood among the pureblood bigots. Tom was abused for the first two or three years at school until he grew to control his vast powers."

Dobby popped next to Harry and handed him a Butterbeer. "Dumbledore and Horace Slughorn made sure Tom had a less than good time at Hogwarts. They took a strong, highly intelligent young man and created the monster you see in front of you. After school, Tom traveled across the world learning dark magic and growing more powerful. Here was a man who could have been a great healer, Minister for Magic, or many good things on the path to becoming the worst dark lord in three or four hundred years."

After a sip of his Butterbeer Harry added, "On 1 September 1970, four eleven-year-old boys met on the Hogwarts Express. Their names were James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, and Peter Pettigrew. They were sorted into Gryffindor, and became friends who liked to prank. They were known as Prongs, Padfoot, Mooney, and Wormtail, the Marauders. They were vicious bullying little gits at least on the surface. However, a deeper look shows that they only went after those who supported Voldemort. Of the four Peter was the weakest but the other three helped and protected him."

Harry sighed, "After school James married my mother Lily Potter nee Evans. But by then Peter had become at Death Eater and spy for Tom. When Peter heard the Potter was going under the Fidelius charm, he cast a compulsion charm on Sirius. The compulsion was for Sirius to suggest Peter as the secret keeper to throw the Death Eaters off his trail. They would come after Sirius and not Peter. Peter led Tom to our house where Tom killed my parents while Peter watched as the rat known as Wormtail."

Harry took a deep drink and continued. "My mother used an ancient ritual that protected me if she willingly gave her life in place of mine. I've heard her every time I'm near dementors begging Tom, "Take me not Harry, kill me not Harry, please take me not Harry. Twice Tom told her to step aside before killing her. When he turned his wand on me, her protection caused the curse to rebound and hit Tom. That did two things, one it gave me the scar and the other was it separated his soul while destroying his body. I became the Boy-Who-Lived, and he became a fleeing spirit."

Harry paused again letting this sink in. "While Tom traveled in Asia, he ran across some old magic that let him bind others to him and make them loyal only to him. He created the dark mark and branded his followers. Through the mark, he could control them and draw on their magic which he is doing now to stay alive. However, he found a curse that he cast so that anyone who declared they supported him and meant it would also be bound to him."

Seeing the shock on several faces Harry stated. "I, Harry James Potter-Gryffindor, head of the Ancient and Most Noble Houses of Potter and Gryffindor hereby claim all the property and magic of the wizard known as Tom Marvolo Riddle also known as Lord Voldemort. This includes the property and magic of his followers and their families for the murder of my parents. As I say so shall it be."

Pettigrew fell to the ground dead. He was followed by several adults and some students as young as first year. Finally, Tom's knees buckled and he fell to the ground dead.

Harry said, "Minister, Sirius, and Remus if you'll come with me, we'll send these two bodies through the Veil. I don't want any part of them hanging around for some dumb ass to worship."

Three elves popped Amelia, Sirius, and Remus to his side. Harry picked up the tag end of the rope and when those going touched it, they disappeared. Within five minutes, they reappeared back in front of the judge's stand.

Harry wasn't finished, "I've completed my three tasks, but the others haven't. So to ensure there are no ramifications, the final task will be next Saturday. I'll watch my fiancé kick butt from the stands enough is enough. Headmistress I've had a hell of a day and while I appreciate the offers I'm hearing about a party I have to decline."

"I understand Lord Gryffindor. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for stopping that madman. I am saddened to see so many young lives cut short because of a poor decision. However, it was Tom that caused it not you. It's too bad those in Gringotts died with the others." Professor Sprout admitted.

"Oh, but they didn't Ma'am. Not even Tom calling them could get through Gringotts wards." Harry confessed with a wink and a smile as he and his ladies shifted to their bedroom.

They pushed the limits of fiancé privileges but didn't break them. The next morning they notified Ragnok, and their families, they were announcing that they would be married on 5 March. Ragnok immediately closed down the betting on that subject. Sophie knew she won but not the amount. Sirius and Remus looked at each other and decided they had better get their asses in gear and ask their ladies. Remus and Nym were married but hadn't had a formal wedding yet.

They spent ten days in compressed time taking their NEWTs and two masters. Harry took the exam for a Masters in Warding and Enchanting. Daphne got her Mastery in Potions. Luna obtained her Master of Charms, while Fleur received her Master of Transfiguration certification.

Harry was right about the last task as Fleur blew through it with no problem. Cedric came in second by a narrow margin. Victor admitted that after the first task, he was more concerned with not getting hurt than the tournament. He admitted that all those who were seventeen were forced to enter the tournament. He said he made more per game than the tournament paid.

Harry, Sirius, and Remus agreed to invest in the twins' joke shop after Fred, and George agreed that certain things would not be sold. Mind altering potions was at the top of that list.

5 March 1995 - A New Beginning

The so-called wedding of the century was actually a relatively small affair. To Harry, it was simply family and friends with Ragnok and Amelia doing the wizard and goblin bindings. After the wedding, dinner, and dance Harry, Daphne, Luna, and Fleur disappeared for a two-week honeymoon. They would never admit where they went. When asked, their answer was a smile and a faraway look in their eyes that screamed we'll never say.

Harry would only admit that husband privileges beat the hell out of fiancé privileges to Neville. Harry did say that things were so much more satisfying without Occlumency. When Neville frowned, Harry explained he knew what his partner wanted, and she knew what he wanted. That gave poor Nev too much information and made him horny at the same time.

Neville and Hermione married on 7 May 1995, and their guest list matched that of the Potters. Many people were surprised that Hermione only took one Masters exam, and it was Charms. Neville got his in Herbology of course. His parents were able to attend his wedding, but they would never totally regain their health so Neville took his Head of House ring.

Sirius and Remus followed them in August, which seemed to open the flood gates for weddings as there seemed to be one every week or two. Remus ended up banned from Las Vegas when he hit two jackpots for over 10 million dollars. He would never admit he was a card reader and made more at Blackjack than the slot machines.

Sirius was their front man with the Wizengamot, and they had the majority of votes and enough to recall laws. The laws that gave the pureblood wizards so much power fell first. That was followed by a law giving equal rights to all magical beings and providing severe penalties for abusing elves. Those that mistreated elves had died in what called the purge by the press. Purebloods were now a smaller minority as Tom had killed most of them off.

After much discussion, Harry formed the Lily Foundation to provide scholarships, and aid for those needing startup funds to start their own business. Harry's wives sat on the board and ensured that the business had better than an even chance to succeed before they authorized funding.

Life was good to the Potters, and their world was a better place. They were discussing having children when 11 September 2001 happened. They watched the Trade Center in New York City fall. Unknown to the non-magicals it had the rotten smell of a dark lord all over it.

If you were near Potter Manor and a wizard, you would have seen twenty message patronuses leave the manor. They carried a simple message: "Get suited and booted up people we have a dark lord to take down!" However, what happened is a story for another day.


Severus Tobias Snape was allowed to die in March of 1998 while Minerva and Albus watched him bleed to death slowly. Two years later, Albus watched a small dragon bite into Minerva. It pulled her heart from her chest as she died screaming for him to help her. The memories of Severus and Minerva dying were added to those of how Harry lived with the Dursleys that Dumbledore saw over and over again. In June 2004, Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore was slowly eaten by a young Hungarian Horntail. He joined Severus, and Minerva as fertilizer used in greenhouse four at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

In 2005, twenty-eight-year-old Daphne Sophia Potter-Gryffindor gave birth to James Adrian Potter-Gryffindor. In 2006, her sister wife Luna Marie Black-Potter gave birth to Phillip Sirius Black-Potter. Phillip was Xeno's middle name. In 2007, Fleur Isabelle Gryffindor-Potter gave birth to Lily Apolline Gryffindor-Potter, and Daphne gave birth to Neville Harold Potter-Gryffindor four months later. In 2008, Luna blessed the Black with Andrew Regulus Black-Potter. Six months later Fleur gave birth to Dorea Antoinette Gryffindor-Potter. Two years later she gave birth to Harry André Delacour-Potter.

On 31 July 2117, the Potter-Black clan gathered to pay their respects to Grandpa Harry and Grandmas Daphne, Luna, and Fleur. The foursome had at least 112 years together and had decided it was time to go on to their next great adventure. They had watched Snape, McGonagall, Dumbledore, and others, go to their maker over one hundred years ago. The crew had swiftly taken down three dark lords and had trained an elite force to do the same thing.

They were tired. Their joints ached, and the cold bothered them. Luna said it all about twenty-five years earlier. When Dorea asked if they wanted to go on an around the world cruise, Luna replied, "Honey, we've been there, seen it, done it, and aren't impressed with doing it again."

With their family gathered around they said their good-byes and asked everyone but Sharpaxe to leave.

Harry looked at his longtime friend and asked, "We're straight on how the estate is to stay together?"

Sharpaxe nodded saying, "Of course as we agreed it's for the best."

Harry sniggered, "Well if they can't live on that allowance they can bloody well go back to work. Even with all we gave away I think we did well by increasing the estate by a factor of five."

Sharpaxe nodded and said, "I'll see you four on the other side. The world is a much better place because of you."

Luna moved to lie on Harry. Daphne scooted to his right side as Fleur did the same on his left. Sharpaxe watched in awe as they were surrounded by a golden aura. He would swear their four souls winked at him as they left their bodies.

On another plane known by various names, including heaven twenty-two-year-old Harry James Potter and his twenty-two-year-old wives were greeted by family and friends. Luna asked when they would be judged and Merlin said, "You have been, and found worthy."

"What do we do now?" Harry asked.

Merlin replied, "Anything you want to, including going back to 31 July 1991."

The four looked at each other and said in one voice, "Oh hell no!"

NOTE: **Indicates it was taken from Chapter 34 of The Goblet of Fire by Joanne Rowling (JKR).

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