Soul mates are two halves of a whole. They balance out weaknesses, accept flaws, and build each other to be the best person possible

As soon as both soul mates are born into the living world, the connection begins.

The feeling starts with the ring fingers and warmth trickles its way to the heart through the vena amoris also known as the vein of love. You feel whole. For Kurt Hummel, it happened at one year of age. His parents knew instantly as the little baby simply glowed with pure joy, his ring fingers marked with a tiny X.

One can be happy, certainly, without their soul mate, but the individual does not feel complete.

When Kurt was five he first Felt his soul mate…

"Mommy, I'm sad but I'm not sad," complained a very frustrated Kurt. "Why do I feel sad, Mommy?"

"Because, sweetie," she answered brushing his cheek, "your soul mate is probably sad."

Kurt's expression changed instantly to concern, "But how do I comfort him? I want to tell him everything is okay! How do I do that?"

Elizabeth Hummel smiled affectionately at her son, "That isn't something I can teach you, you have to learn how yourself. For now, try to be happy. If you can feel his sadness, he can feel your happiness."

Kurt nodded in understanding. As he ate his breakfast, he focused as hard as he could on how yummy it was and thought happy thoughts like flying a kite. It must have worked because he soon felt the sadness disappear.

Later that day his mom asked, "How is your soul mate, sweetie?"

"He is doing better, I think," Kurt said rubbing the Xs on his ring fingers fondly.

When Kurt was six he first Connected with his soul mate…

It happened during school; Kurt's hands slipped while swinging on the monkey bars. He fell hard on the playground floor. As soon as he cried out in pain a sense of calm flooded through him. He stopped crying and focused on what his soul mate was sending him. Comfort. Through his pain, Kurt smiled.

At home from school, Kurt could not sit still. "Bud, you need to relax. This has been a very exciting day, I understand, but you need to sit down and keep that ice pack to your hand," said his dad sternly, but Kurt didn't want to listen, he was too excited.

"But, Daddy! My soul mate Connected to me. Actually Connected!" Kurt sighed. "He is amazing. When can I meet him?"

Elizabeth chucked at her son's eagerness, "Kurt, it takes time."

"But whyyyyyy?" whined Kurt.

"Patience, you have forever and beyond to be with him."

"But mooooooom!" he whined.

"Honey, lie down!" she said for perhaps the fifth time that evening. "Listen, I know how excited you are, but you have many more steps to go through before you are fully Bonded. Do you even know his name?"

"How am I supposed to know his name if we haven't talked yet?" he asked with a whine in his voice.

"And how do you expect to find him if you don't know his name?"

"I'll know. I know I'll know! We could look through all the pictures of five year olds in the world and as soon…"

"Kurt," his dad interjected, "you will meet him, I promise. I didn't meet Mom until college."

"How old is it 'til college?" he asked


"18!? That is so old!" Kurt said exasperated, throwing his arms down, effectively dropping the ice pack. "I can't wait that long!"

His parents chuckled.

When Kurt was seven he first shared a dream with his soul mate…

Kurt fell asleep late at night trying to Connect to his soul mate, when to his surprise, he appeared.

Excitedly running over, he enveloped the other boy in his arms. Full of shock, his soul mate took about a little less than second to do the same. The boys weren't able to talk to one another yet, but now they could see and hold each other. If just in dreamland.

"I saw my soul mate! I saw my soul mate!" Kurt exclaimed eagerly the next morning jumping onto his parents' bed. "He has beautiful hazel eyes and fluffy curly dark brown hair. We held hands and played dolls! He wanted to play dolls! Tomorrow I'm planning a picnic for us! It has to be perfect! Oh, I know! We could be in a meadow with a rainbow in the background and we'll be surrounded by roses and daisies and butterflies. And then when we are done eating our crumpets with tea we can go ride on a flying horse!"

Groggy and a little confused his dad woke up, "Wait, kiddo, you met your soul mate?"

Giggling, Kurt said, "Only in my dreams." With a smile Kurt skipped off down the hall humming happily.

When Kurt was eight, the unthinkable happened…

Just getting back from lunch, his teacher pulled Kurt aside, "Kurt, something happened."

At first, Kurt thought it that maybe he got a really bad grade on his homework, but one look in his teacher's eyes and Kurt knew it was something much worse. He felt his soul mate send him encouragement in response to Kurt's concern. In turn, Kurt sent him gratitude. They were getting so close from interacting in the dreams and their Connections were only getting stronger, Kurt knew it would only be a matter of time before he would finally hear his soul mate's voice. He couldn't wait to start conversing with him.

"Your mom, she was in a car accident."

Kurt started shaking his head.

"She didn't make it."

All Kurt felt was terror. Full blind terror.

"D-Daddy?" Kurt whimpered.

His teacher shook her head. It was a well-known fact, if your soul mate dies, you instantly die as well.

Kurt could feel his soul mate trying to comfort him, but all the extra emotions confused him more. Drowning in a sea of an endless nightmare, every breath too shallow. It was all too much, he felt too much. Panicking, Kurt shot up a wall. For the first time, he Blocked his soul mate.

Since that moment, Kurt kept the Block up. Convinced his shattered heart couldn't provide the love he knew his soul mate deserved. Opening the connection meant dealing with his disappointment at what Kurt couldn't give anymore and so the Block stayed. Keeping himself hidden away from even more inevitable pain. Believing that nothing, not even his other half, could heal him.

You can live a happy life without your soul mate, but you won't be complete