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"Maybe she'll stop soon, she'll get tired..."Ritsuka thought as his mother threw things at him. She had flown into a rage because he had accidentally eaten a food "Ritsuka" wouldn't like, the little boy had been distracted because the harsh words he had told his fighter bothered him, well, the broken expression Soubi had shown him did. Ritsuka had gotten angry last night, Soubi, yet again, had refused to answer his questions. Ritsuka was tired and irritable, so he had said some unnecessary things to his fighter, and Soubi left in what looked like, tears.

Another teacup broke against the arms that were protecting his head, then he saw a flash of silver. The neko cried out as a ribbon of pain cut down his shoulder and back, Misaki had thrown a knife.
Ritsuka felt something hot and sticky begin to run down his back, and he ran. A plate caught the side of his head, but he didn't stop running, not until he was in his room and locking the door. Then he collapsed, not having the strength to keep his legs strong.

He barely had the strength to grab his phone off the floor from where it had fallen and pressing the speed dial.

"Ritsuka?" It's strange he called me, I thought he was still angry... He's breathing so loudly, he sounds like he's in pain...
"Ritsuka, are you okay?!"

"Soubi... Can you come over?... Please?... I'm sorry for what I said last night... I need... help." Ritsuka was having trouble even getting that sentence out, his eyelids were beginning to feel heavy.

"Ritsuka?! What's wrong?" Soubi was starting to panic, throwing his coat on and running out of his apartment.

"Mother... A knife... Help..." The words were so quiet and forced the older male almost didn't hear them.

"Ritsuka, are you okay? Just keep talking, I'm almost there!" Soubi really was panicking now, racing down the streets paying no heed to the people he stumbled into.

"Soubi..." Came the barely audible reply, and then silence.

"Ritsuka!? Answer me!" Soubi nearly broke the door down, flying up the stairs and stepping over Ritsuka's passed out mother.

The sight that met the older man's eyes horrified him, Ritsuka was laying in a pool of his own blood, blood which had flowed out of the deep slash on his back, his right arm was twisted in a position it wasn't supposed to reach, obviously broken.

"Ritsuka..." Soubi picked up the little boy and cuddled him close, not being able to immediately get over the shock of seeing his Ritsuka in such a state.

"I should treat his wounds first, it looks like he might've gotten a concussion from whatever made the bruises on his neck... And this gash need treatment now. He should go to the hospital for his arm, I guess after the rest of his wounds are treated. Ritsuka..."
Soubi layed Ritsuka down on the small bed, the boy's blood immediately staining the sheets, and quickly got the first aid kit.

"This is worse than she's ever done to him...I wonder what happened... His eyes have to open again, Ritsuka... How could you hurt something so cute?"

Soubi bandaged Ritsuka's wounds, and did the best he could to keep Ritsuka's arm still while he was carried to the hospital. The little boy was light, lighter then a boy of his age should be, and Soubi had no trouble at all carrying him. The older man didn't take his eyes off the boy, even as cold tears began to flow.

"This is my fault, it's my fault for getting upset last night, it's his right to insult me, I'm not supposed to be treated as human...Ritsuka, you should just leave me... I'm just a tool, I'm not worthy to be at your side..."

When the hospital's emergency room crew saw a young blond man carrying a young boy, unconsious and bleeding, they were to shocked to do anything. But when they got over the strange sight, they took the two males to a doctor, taking the older man because he wouldn't let go of the little boy.

The doctor was barely older then Soubi, with teal hair and hazel eyes.
Soubi was surprised when the woman didn't tell him to leave Ritsuka like her co-workers had, instead she asked him to spread the little boy on his lap, and let her examine the injured arm.
The blond man let her carry Ritsuka to the X-ray machine, consenting silently when she asked.
He watched anxiously as the older woman set the arm in a hard cast, and started when Ritsuka whispered his name.

"I'm assuming your name is Soubi?" blue-green hair swishes around her ears as the doctor sat down, "my name's Arashi, can I ask what the name of my patient is?"

Soubi looked up, his face hidden behind his long blond hair
"His name is... Ritsuka..." pain was still dripping from Soubi's voice, he still didn't quite believe Ritsuka would be okay.

"Ritsuka... He's cute..." Arashi patted Ritsuka's black hair gently.
"Do you know what gave him these injuries?"

"His mother... She's crazy..."

"I'm sorry to hear that... Dies he have a place to stay? I don't want him going home and then be hit again..." the blue haired woman smiled sweetly, like she actually cared, as much at Soubi as her little patient.

"He could live at my apartment" There was no hesitation in Soubi's voice, he wanted his Ritsuka to have a safe, warm home.

"That sounds fine, as long as he doesn't loose his ears before he's 17" Soubi nodded silently, and Arashi smiled.

"You really care about him, don't you?" Arashi could see it in the younger man's eyes.

"He means more then the world to me" said Soubi, stroking Ritsuka's thin shoulders.

"You two can go home once he wakes up. Hey, if it'd be okay, I think it'd be nice if I came over once in a while..."

Soubi smiled a geanuin smile, and then looked up at the older woman.
"Of course, it'd be fun..."

As Soubi tucked the sleeping Ritsuka into his bed, the boy had fallen asleep in Soubi's arms as he was carried home, he whispered something that sounded like "Soubi, sukidayo"

As the blond haired man slid under the covers next to his small, warm sacrifice, he was thinking.

"Ritsuka's safe, and he doesn't blame me... I love you..."

Soubi pulled the little boy close, to make sure he wouldn't be cold or fall off the bed, his thoughts journeyed to the teal haired women.

"Kio might not be my only friend anymore, I wonder how he'll react to that..."

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