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Ritsuka woke up with something soft tickling his face. There was a strange stiffness about his right arm, he couldn't move it at all.
Ritsuka opened his plum eyes and saw Soubi's body was curled around his own, and it had been the older man's long, blond hair tickling him.

"Soubi... Wake up, you're squishing me."

The blond man stirred, and moved so Ritsuka could sit up. Only upon seeing the cast did the neko boy remember why he was in Soubi's apartment. His mother had gone crazy... Something bad had happened...

"Soubi, did you do anything to mom?" asked Ritsuka anxiously, laying next to Soubi again.

"No..." Soubi murmured opening his eyes and kissing Ritsuka's nose.
That caused Ritsuka to blush, which Soubi thought was adorable.

"Does your arm hurt very much? Or any of those cuts?" Soubi asked, actually awake now.

When Ritsuka thought about it, the slash on his back hurt quite a bit.
"My back hurts..." he said in a small voice, and Soubi jumped out of bed to get the painkilling ointment Arashi had given him from the top of his wardrobe.

Ritsuka sighed as the pain in his back went away, and looked at Soubi gratefully. Soubi smiled back, thankful that he could still see those plum eyes and that adorable little smile.

"I don't remember what happened... There was a knife, then... I remember seeing your face at the hospital, and a woman with green hair..." Ritsuka stopped, he couldn't really remember anymore.

Soubi sat down next to his sacrifice, and put an arm around him.
"Your mother had another fit last night, she broke your arm and nearly took your life." Soubi paused, this would be hard for the little boy... "I told your nurse about her... Your mother is going to be left where she is, but you're going to live with me now.
Ritsuka gave a little shudder and leaned into his fighter.

"So she really did that... Is she going to be okay?" Ritsuka buried his face in Soubi's shirt as he said this.

"I didn't tell anyone except for the nurse, and I think I can trust her." Soubi stroked Ritsuka's pitch black cat ears, getting angry when his elbow brushed the dark blue cast.

"You scared me Ritsuka, I thought I was alone again..."

"Idiot, I'm not going to leave you alone..." Ritsuka smiled softly at how clingy his fighter was, he hated to admit it, but Ritsuka wouldn't have known what to do if Soubi left him alone...

The two of them shared a comfortable silence for a few minutes, Ritsuka caught under the older man's arm, and Soubi petting neko ears.

"Soubi, what day is it?" said Ritsuka, finally breaking the warm silence.

"New years eve..." Soubi smiled at the memory of last week's Christmas, it had been snowing heavily, and Ritsuka had found a litter of kittens under Akira and Kio's porch.

"If we go see the fireworks, I don't think I'd have enough energy to walk that far..." Ritsuka said. He also remembered Christmas, and blushed at the thought of the kisses the two of them had shared under the mistletoe.

"I'll carry you, a little kitten isn't very heavy" Soubi smiled at the neko boy, he knew how much the younger wanted to see the fiery flowers in the sky.

"Thank you Soubi..."

Soubi knew he was supposed to help Kio hang the class's artwork tonight, but Kio could manage by himself. Soubi wanted to watch the new year come with his little sacrifice in his arms, art hanging could wait.

Because no one wants to spend New Years eve alone...

As he stroked Ritsuka's injured back gently, he realized why he had immediately trusted the young nurse.

Arashi looked almost exactly the same as the smiling woman in Soubi's memories as a child. She had the same warm, excepting smile.
The teal haired nurse looked like Soubi's deceased mother.

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