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The ride home was very much uneventful. North drove cautiously, trying not to bang up the winter spirit in the back more than he already was.

Bunnymund resumed his seat in the back, with Jack on his lap, putting pressure on the wound in his side. Watching Jack face Pitch alone was breathtaking and heart wrenching. The young Guardian had been alone so long that he was excellent at taking care of himself, but Bunnymund never wanted him to face such a great foe alone again.

Jack stirred in Bunnymund's lap, his attention turned from his thoughts to Jack. Ice blue eyes opened, and stared up at the night sky flying by over head.

"How ya feeling, frostbite?" Bunnymund asked tentatively, unsure if Jack was just going to fall back asleep.

"Ouch," he mumbled, his cool breath dancing in the air in front of his face.

Bunnymund smiled despite himself, no matter what situation they seemed to find themselves in, Jack always had a way of making him and the others laugh.

"How'd I do?" he asked, his eyes focusing on Bunnymund, like a child asking a parent for approval. Such a look made warmth spread through Bunnymund, even though they were almost to North's realm.

"Ya did it, kid." Jack nodded, looking back up at the starts, his expression hard to read.

"I just got one question for you," Bunnymund continued, he was still trying to piece together what exactly had happened.


"Why didn't you hit Pitch with the ice, why did you turn it around towards yourself?" Bunnymund hoped Jack wouldn't tune him out and refuse to answer; he didn't want the winter spirit to withdraw from him and the other Guardians. Jack was still getting used to being a Guardian, and at times he found it hard to work in a group since he was used to being alone.

"I didn't," he said, as if he was still working it out for himself. "I, I think Pitch did. I think he had control of my staff." Jack still didn't meet Bunnymund's gaze, and the Pooka didn't want to press Jack with any more questions for now.

The sleigh continued to fly high over the people below, the bells dancing in the air. Although the night was cold, it certainly would get worse as the winter progressed. As soon as Jack was well, he would give the children a winter they would never forget. After all, he had to make up for when they went without the snow.

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