This Little Love REVISED

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Summary: Bella comes to Forks pregnant, and becomes the center of attention in the least likely of persons; the Cullen family. Edward is infatuated with Bella, and her unborn baby, and goes through her pregnancy with her while going through some changes of his own.

Warnings: Some sexual content; coarse language; dubious actions (maybe). I'll add more if the need arises because I think I got them all.

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I gave another sigh for the tenth time as I continued to drive down the road to the local highschool that was coming into view. The school was old, and small, but I knew I was going to nose-deep into the school map if they delivered pity unto me, and handed one over. I was going to Forks Highschool since, obviously, I lived in Forks. I had just moved to Forks, Washington; A.K.A smallest town in the entire universe it seemed like, where everyone knew everyone. Everyone's grandparents knew everyone inside the dang cemetery in this town.

I came to live with my dad for a brand new start in life for me, and my four month, unborn, kicking baby. I had gotten pregnant by my ex-boyfriend who had 'wanted' to take me in and care for the baby, but my 'age' was his 'cause for worry'. He was twenty-three, while I was seventeen. I hadn't seen a big cause for worry, but apparently it was a very worrisome thing when knocking up the girl whose mother had a full out fit with the man for abandoning me with my baby. My mom, bless her non-timid soul, forced him to sign rights over the baby over to her so he had no chance of taking the baby if his chance ever rose to take my precious child.

She also threatened him with rape if that helped his choice along any.

I never complained once. I just had Phil, my step-daddy, move me out of his house as quick as possible which wasn't hard to do since I only had clothes, and some personal possessions at his house. Everything else had stayed with my mom at her house when I was going through my rebellious phase of dating older men and being 'cool'.

My cool streak was over. I was content on being mommy now.

My mom had deeply wanted me to stay with her so she could help me with the baby and take care of me since I've been having trouble carrying, but I told her she needed be with Phil now that they were officially married. Phil was a baseball player, and he traveled a lot in the year. He was barely home two weeks at a time in a month before he had to go off and play ball. My mom had missed him terribly, so I moved myself out, and to a more appropriate environment then the last time. I moved to my father's who was happy to take me in and help me with my pregnancy. He was, to say the least, ecstatic about this pregnancy, considering I was still a teenager. I guess he really wanted to be a grandpa.

I was happy to help anyway I could.

My dad, Charlie Swan, was chief of police of Forks, so you can bet your tits that me coming to town pregnant caused a big stir in the small population of the town. Charlie had bought me a few of the necessary baby things as well; like a bassinette, a changing table, a baby cabinet, some diapers, wipes that were being put to my own use since baby had no need for them yet, and some baby clothes from his buddies' wives who had kids. The clothes were cute, and I kept all the ones I wanted and donated the rest to Goodwill. Dad had also spoiled me with a new bed, and threw out my old twin bed. This was a full-sized bed, and it was a Tempurpedic mattress. It was heaven sent, and I thanked dad every morning for buying it.

I had somehow made space in my old childhood bedroom. I had taken out the old computer desk and computer, setting the crib in the nice view of my bed. My old wall dresser set with the mirror attached had stayed on Dad's insistence of me having something for my and the baby's clothes that didn't need hung up. Dad had forced me to keep some of the stuff in my room I wanted to rid for the sake of space, saying I needed some of my own stuff, like my rocking chair I honestly never wanted to rid. That thing brought back old memories of Charlie rocking me to sleep when I was younger and down for my summer visits. My nightstands had stayed, just so I could have something for my wolf lamp, my clock, and my reading glasses to stay on.

I hated my glasses, but I sometimes needed them. I couldn't throw them out because the last time I tried I needed them desperately and had to get a new pair. Mom hadn't been happy that day to figure out I broke them on the third day having the new ones.

Oh well. Phil bought me two extra pairs.

I pulled out of my thoughts when I entered the student parking lot. My brand new mini-van didn't truly fit in with the old cars of the town, but Phil had bought it on the insistence of my baby possibly having a sibling inside there. I hated Phil officially for him saying that. I knew he jinxed me and I could now have twins; it was just my freaking, God sent luck. I picked a spot closet to the school as I could get, and got out as gracefully as I could with this baby not liking mommy driving/moving. She – I just knew I was having a baby girl – was having some type of fit in there, and I had to rub her silent.

If but for five minutes of relief on my bladder. My poor organ needed a break or something.

Everyone is always saying that she was too small to feel moving, and I shouldn't feel it at all, but I was the mommy and I knew what was going on inside my belly. They didn't. So NAH!

I looked around the parking lot after taking off my Ray Bans to see all the teenagers of Forks were looking at me and my obviously filled belly.

Blah. I hate attention!

Now all these people would want to touch my belly thinking they had a right to touch and feel my kicking baby. I situated my backpack carefully on my shoulder, and walked in the direction of the front office that Dad had told me to go to before class.

I took a look around the lot as I walked slowly so to not trip on ice or anything, and I noticed a group of beautiful looking people standing in a group around one man. I gazed to the man and saw he was looking right at me with seemingly black eyes from what I could tell at this distance. I mean, these people were freaking beautiful, and this dude was looking at me like I was a nice treat, or sexy model?

What kind of tastes did people have in this town?

As much as I wanted to keep looking at him, he had slowly turned his eyes to the smallest one in their group, and off my belly, and I had reached the door to the school where the front office was located at. I had gone inside the office, and felt immediate warmth from the heating system.

"Hello?" I called out softly when I saw no one at the desk.

"Just one second!" A woman's voice called out.

"No problem!" I called out.

This woman must have super hearing or something…

Just five minutes of waiting and sitting in an empty chair, a plump woman with graying, short hair came out from a room with a few papers in her hand that she put on her desk after stepping behind the old rectangular wooden place.

"Can I help you?" She asked me with a motherly smile.

"Yes, I'm Bella Swan? Oh this chair hates me!" I grumbled as I struggled to get up until a very giving soul helped me out of it. "Thanks." I thanked the dude who shrugged it off and sat back down and read a magazine.

The woman gained recognition. "Oh! Isabella Swan! Right; the chief's daughter! I have your stuff right here." She bustled about gathering papers. "Now, this is your schedule, the map of the school, some welcoming papers, and a handbook of all our rules. Considering the fact of your pregnancy, you've been exempt from gym; giving you a free period to do as you will on school grounds. Most go to the library to wait out the next class, but you can do what you need to. This is a slip I need all your teachers to sign today, and bring it back to me after school, okay?" She smiled motherly.

I nodded and took all the paper she put into a blue folder for me. It had a stork sticker on it and I liked it! "Thank you, Mrs. Cope." I turned around and left the building.

But not after bumping fists with the awesome chair helper dude like we were old buddies when I clearly didn't know him from anywhere.

I stopped for a short second to take out my map and take a look at it to find out where my class was.

I was to go to Building C.

Where I'm at?

Building A.

"Screw it." I muttered when the bell rang.

"Do you need some help?"

I turned at the sound of a sweet voice, and saw an Asian girl who was about my height if not taller by an inch. "Where's Building C?" I asked her.

She smiled. "Oh! I'm going there, too! I'm Angela. What class do you have?" She asked, and I handed over my schedule.

"I'm Bella. I should have Jefferson for geography." I introduced myself to her.

"I have this class with you! I'll walk you there." She offered and handed back my schedule with a smile on her face.

I nodded readily. "Sure! Thanks. It saves me the trouble of tripping over my own two feet from being nose deep in that map." I laughed and situated the bag on my shoulder.

Angela was nice enough to me. She hadn't asked to touch me – thank you, Lord – and she had offered to help in anything I didn't understand. I could definitely use a tutor, so I said absolutely.

I was stupid sometimes, so someone smart as a friend was a must.

Mr. Jefferson was super awesome. He gave me the seat in the back near the window, and had signed my slip quickly. I hated the stares from everyone just because I was carrying my child, but I suppose I had to deal with it until they gave up on their gossip.

I briefly wondered what type of gossip they had spread from the types of looks I was getting.

"Now, please open your books to page twelve, and do those questions. They're due at the end of class!" Mr. Jefferson ordered us.

The class had gotten to work while whispering to each other and helping the others out with the answers. I had taken my book out from under my desk, and a spiral I had to take notes with.

"Dang it." I clicked my tongue when I discovered I had no pen or pencil.

"Need a pen?" The deep voice made me look to my left to see a big teenager with gold eyes that seemed topaz.

I just remembered that he was the one in that group of the beautiful people where that man had looked to be in a trance. He had short dark hair, and a rather large body. Like a bear almost. He seemed scary, but I just knew that he was a teddy bear.

"Holy shit." I cursed automatically at his large size before slapping a hand over my mouth for being so freaking rude.

And on my first day.

He just chuckled, not affected obviously. "I won't bite. Unless you want me to, that is." He grinned cheekily.

I had to laugh softly. "I like that shit. Sorry. You're just…bigger than anyone I've ever met. I didn't mean to be rude." I insisted to him and took the pen he outstretched n his large, pale hand.

He waved it off. "It's all good. I just knew I should have gone on that diet in seventh grade." He sighed faux sadly.

I had to smile widely. Two could play this tease game. "I should have gone on my diet four months ago." I motioned to my child-filled, kicking belly.

"Touché." He looked impressed.

"It's a talent I possess." I shrugged it off and sniffed.

He chuckled again. "I'm Emmett Cullen." He held out his large hand for me to shake.

I took it quickly. "Bella Swan. Can I just say that you're really hot?" I laughed.

His hand was freezing. It didn't seem to bother him though. I didn't care for it strangely since I liked warmth more than anything. It seemed…natural.

"Duh. Can I say you're really cute all baby-fied?" He asked just as seriously.

"Der. 'Cause I am." I told him conceitedly.

It made us both laugh. It felt like I had known Emmett for years, and was bestfriends immediately. It seemed wrong to not be friends, much less bestfriends. What was weird was that it looked like everyone was stunned stupid at Emmett and me talking to each other and helping each other out on this assignment I had done before. He had done it as well, so it was doubly easy for us both.

Emmett was a senior with his foster sister who was his girlfriend. He had a little sister, a biological sister, who was in my year like his other two foster brothers. He had his foster dad who was a doctor in the local hospital, and a foster mother who was a stay-at-home mom. I wondered how that was working for her since it didn't work so well for my own mom who adored 'bonding time' with me anyway she could get. Even the two years I had homeschooled hadn't helped her with staying at home. She needed a nine to five job, and time to get her hands dirty.

The class had passed pretty quickly, and I had said my farewells to Angela who had to help in the library this period.

Well, there went my guide…

"Need help, Swan?" Emmett teased me when he suddenly appeared in the hall.

I had to smile back. "How do I get to building B?" I handed him my schedule, making him take it and look it over with those odd eyes.

"Oh okay. Alright, here's what you gotta do…"

Emmett began giving me directions on how to get to my class. Hmm. Maybe this day wouldn't be so terrible after all. I mean. I had two friends already, and my baby girl liked the school. Things were great!

Sort of.

I rolled my eyes away from the group of gossiping girls who were going on about something or another. I hated gossipers and bitches. And boy was this town filled with bleach-blond bitches.

"Excuse me?"

I turned my head at the voice directed at me. It was that small girl, Emmett's sister who shared this second class of the day with me. The class was halfway over already, but we had only shared a smile and a soft hello to each other to be polite before just going about our business. She was short and dancer-like, which made her so cute looking. She had dark hair that she spiked, and those topaz eyes to match Emmett.

The blond one, Emmett's girlfriend was in this class as well. She didn't truly look at me but spare a glance at me and my belly before ignoring me completely. It didn't really bother me honestly. Emmett had said that this chick played tough, so whatever. She was tall, blond, and had this model's body in those high heels she was wearing. She seemed stuck up, vain, and everything a woman was on her period. She also had those gold eyes.

I wondered how they got those eyes…

"Yes?" I acknowledged her, not paying attention to the fact of my glasses needing a bit of pushing up. These ones needed adjusted or something. They were terrible for me.

"Could I borrow your pen? Mine just died out." She smiled sheepishly and showed the famous dry pen.

I nodded and handed over the borrowed pen that Emmett let me have. "It's actually your brother's pen. He let me borrow it for the day since I forgot all my pencils and pens." I shrugged.

I was done with the assignment anyway. This was all too easy.

"Thanks. I'm Alice, as you probably know. Emmett likes to go on and on about us." Alice rolled her eyes in humor.

I laughed. "I do remember a certain story on you." I teased and faked my voice of recognition.

She just giggled. It was so musical, it was unearthly. "Ha ha, Bella. So, can I ask what you're doing here in little ole Forks?"

I pointed to my swollen belly. "And because I wanted to start fresh. I came to live with my dad." I told her honestly.

Wow, that truth just slipped right on out, didn't it?

"I was born here, but I grew up in the south my whole life." I nodded.

"Really? I never would have guessed that you were born here." She hummed.

I shrugged. "Yeah. I moved with my mom when was six months though. I visited a lot, but only for summer and a few holidays."

"Really? My family moved from Alaska. We lived there for years as we just moved around there for jobs Carlisle always got. Then viola! Here we are!" She sang and motioned around the room.

I had to laugh. "When did you move here?"

"My freshman year, so two years ago."

Alice looked like a pixie on crack cocaine as we spoke through class. She was more friendly like Emmett was. I wondered how Emmett was even dating Rosalie when she seemed like such a freakin' bitch. I almost felt sorry for him, but hey, he was a grown man and could do what he wanted. I only wished him luck in the long run.

"So, Bella, would you like to walk with us to lunch?" Alice sang as she skipped next to me after class.

I was, again, face deep in my map trying to get to the cafeteria, but I was outside somewhere totally lost.


"I look like a fool trying to get places." I tsk'ed at myself and accepted her preposition of getting me to the cafeteria.

Her family was behind her, including the two I hadn't met. The more silent and observant one was Jasper as he was introduced as. He was polite and kind, just a little silent. He was tall, muscled, and willowy with honey-blond curly hair to match his dark honey eyes.

The other one was the more…ehem…sexy of the bunch. He was tall, muscled (Mmm), with bronze hair and dark eyes. He was silent, but I just knew he was the more open type if you knew him. I understood why he was silent though. I mean…I was the new girl already in his family's business in just the morning hour.


"No you don't." Alice assured me and took my folder to look inside at my schedule.

"And if you do: Just blame the baby." Emmett smiled cheekily.

I glared at him for blaming my baby for this issue. "Someone needs to kick you in the shin."

He grinned widely. "Why don't you do it?" His question brought glares his way from everyone in his family. Edward Cullen's being a little more heated for some reason.

"You're the Green Giant. I couldn't reach your ankle if I tried." I told him with a straight face and turned around to walk away before I broke down laughing like Emmett just did.

"I like you!" Emmett claimed loudly and with a boisterous laugh.

Alice was giggling bell-like as she walked next to me and held my stork folder. "I like the sticker." She claimed.

I smiled. "Courtesy of Mrs. Cope. Oh, did I tell you that this morning, I got stuck in my chair in the office?" I informed her.

It got laughs from Alice. "What? How?"

"She doesn't like me moving. When I'm in a comfortable position, I can't move. It's like I'm stuck to the chair or bed. She has these powers that make me the laziest person on the planet." I swore.

"That's probably you, Bella." Alice informed me. "Here's the café!" She sang and skipped ahead of me to open the door.

"How did we get here? Fuck!" I looked around to try and figure out how this freakin' happened.

It's like I just teleported here…

"It's easy. You see that giant oak in the front parking lot?" Emmett pointed to a large out of place tree.

I nodded. "Yah."

He nodded. "Go left at it, and then here you are." He shrugged. "I don't know anyone can get lost in this school. But then again, you're one of a kind." He chuckled and took Rosalie's hand to walk to the café with her.

Jasper had gone to Alice instantly when she said her 'tootle loos'. Like really? What was this? The twenties?

"Thanks, guys." I sang after Alice who skipped away with a more calm Jasper and a seemingly reluctant Edward who followed after a look from Alice.

Why did I feel so lonely when Edward left? What the hell was wrong with me, and this baby who was kicking at me for not stopping Edward from leaving?

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