This Little Love REVISED

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Summary: Bella comes to Forks pregnant, and becomes the center of attention in the least likely of persons; the Cullen family. Edward is infatuated with Bella, and her unborn baby, and goes through her pregnancy with her while going through some changes of his own.

Warnings: Some sexual content; coarse language; dubious actions (maybe). I'll add more if the need arises because I think I got them all.

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I about tried to say something again, but the darkest glare from Edward towering over me halted all words in my throat. He really wasn't happy about my visit, was he? I didn't know what the big deal was! I only went to see my family. He didn't like La Push, I got that memo when he forced – with more gentleness than I assumed he would use – me into his other car and drove me home while Esme took over the volvo I doubted I'd ever see behind the wheel again.

I was currently inside Edward's room, where the full, unused firm bed was pushed into the opening of the black book cases and covered with golden sheets and pillows. I was sitting on the edge of the bed watching my really angry boyfriend go back and forth in pacing, glaring at me, and stopping me from speaking.

I'll be honest; this was bringing back a couple bad memories of Adam and me when we would fight before I was pregnant. I didn't think Edward would ever strike me, but he looked awfully angry at me that I couldn't not think that way.

You always remember the first time your cheek stung, after all.

"I thought you said you wouldn't go." He claimed in firm sentence.

I couldn't speak because he just went on in his rant.

"You said you were going to see your mother, and be back in thirty minutes – not three hours." Edward turned his dark eyes to me.

I guess his eyes changed colors in his moods, too?

"But, imagine to my utmost surprise when Alice claims you're not at Charlie's…but in La Push instead."

"I did see my mother. And Charlie." I put in there before he could open his mouth again.

"Wonderful! Except for the small fact you lied!"

I furrowed my brows. "What did I lie about exactly, Edward? I told you I was going to see my mother, and I did. I saw Phil and the rest of my family as well. I just didn't tell you that they were all in La Push; that's hardly lying, and I have every right to see my family whenever I want." I said back, not letting him intimidate me.

He scoffed. "I never said anything about you not being able to see them. I told you not to go over the line! And what do you do? You go right into their arms without a care in the world." Edward became sarcastic again.

"The boys, you mean? The ones I grew up with and was held by as a newborn? Or the ones I held when they were newborns? Edward, that's my family. I haven't seen most of them since I was fifteen! I had the right to see them again, even if you don't like them.

"Like it or not, Edward, you have to share me. I'm not going to just stay in one place because you're a worrywart and don't like my half of the family. If I can accept your half of the family, you damn well better accept mine!" I half-shouted, standing up and ignoring my kicking babies.

They didn't like yelling apparently.

His eyes gave a dangerous flash, "Don't yell at me, Isabella." The tenor of his voice left no objections, but I was a stubborn, dumb person who didn't listen to others.

"Yelling is the only thing you listen to, Edward. How else do I get you to even look at me when you're pissy over nothing?"

Why was I talking like this wasn't our first fight?

I knew he had a retort, but he didn't say it – which surprised me. He instead, pursed his lips in silence while still holding his daring glare.

"All I did was see my family. You might not like them, but I won't be held from them because of that. If I and accept the Cullens, you better be able to accept the Swans and Blacks." I told him softly, sitting back on the bed to rub my fidgety daughter silent. "Jake and I go back generations, Edward. Our fathers' fathers were best friends, and we are, too. I love the boys with all I am. I don't know why you can't just get to know them and get over your aversion to la Push for me. You don't even have to like them; I just want to be able to go see them without a fight on my hands." I was fought-out and getting tired.

It wasn't invisible to him what this was doing to me, and his expression changed in less than .3 seconds.

"Bella, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to upset you." He apologized instantly.

Wow. Never got one of those before.

I rolled my eyes tiredly. "What did you expect it'd do to me? Make me go to my knees in subservience?"

His lips gave a twitch, "A small piece of me expected that, yes."

I had to smile. "Of course."

Silence went by before he ended up on a knee in front of me, laying his head on my lap. His tawny hair brushed my sore stomach in a gentle, soothing fashion that almost made the pain slip by unnoticed. I couldn't resist running my fingers through the soft hair.

Nothing else needed to be said between us. It was obvious that he was sorry and that I was tired of the half-hour long stare-down. What he was doing now was silently apologizing – not to me, but to the babies.

They accepted about as quickly as I did due to their stilling and calming. What jerks…they could do that for him, but not for me? Hmph. What children I had to birth…

Tuesday went by in a blur. Edward and I had quickly gotten over the first fight we ever had in our very short relationship, and though Rosalie still gave looks to me and him, things were back to normal. Carlisle still fought against me going to classes on Wednesday, but that day was my school council meeting; being president meant I couldn't skip school or that meeting.

And I might have made puppy eyes to get what I wanted, but hey! A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

"And the meeting is still up for your place?" Ryan asked me after my Trig class ended.

I nodded with a smile, "Absolutely. I'll get you and the others directions to the house during lunch."

"Great! I'll see you later then, Bells!" He sang and walked away for his next class.

"Sup, Bells?" Emmett grinned widely and approached me when Ryan was gone and I was adjusting my bag.

I smiled back. "Hey, Emm. Ready for boring History?" I suddenly frowned, "Where's Jasper? Doesn't he have this class with us?"

Normally, the Cullens met up with me before classes started so we could all walk together. Not seeing Jasper was actually very surprising.

He shook his head and we both headed down the hall, "He had to leave; but don't worry, he'll be back at lunch."

"Oh, alright then." I shrugged. It wasn't the first time I heard one of them having to leave school for a class or two. It perked my interest about why they had to leave so abruptly, but I was so close to an answer that I just wanted to blurt out mythical creature status like a person on crack cocaine. My common sense, though, told me no one else knew they were different from all us humans, so I couldn't just talk to someone else about this.

It was a secret I was willing to keep.

My two remaining classes went by quick, and before I knew it, all of the Cullens were waiting at my locker for me. Watching them from afar, I knew they were different from the ordinaries passing them by with lustful and jealous gazes at their beauty and smarts. Just sniffing them made me think they wore the most expensive perfume, but knowing them told me they never used any of those things. It was just their scents, and it was intriguing to add to my list of paranormal abnormalities that was growing by the day.

Since I moved in with the Cullens, all were revealing something new; like all had super speed, super hearing, and quick reflexes. All were impeccably bright beyond their years, and not one of them ate food.

Yep. I ate dinner alone.

So unless they were all on some radical diet to be super hot and thin: they weren't human.

"Hello, everyone." I chirped, nearing my locker and finding it already unlocked.

"Hello, Love. Ready for lunch?" Edward asked me, taking my bag from me to lighten my load.

It made it so much easier to unload the thing without bending over or holding it.

I nodded. "Yeah, I'm really hungry, but I have to make copies of directions to the house so the council can actually find it." I sighed, pulling out the printer paper I had written the directions on in a very easy-to-read print.

I wasn't mean like my teachers. I used big fonts, not teeny ones.

Alice took the paper right away. "I'll do that right now, Bella. Want it out at lunch?"

"Yep yep."

She smiled, "I'll meet you all at lunch." She skipped off; Jasper followed after her, giving me a nod and a smile before he left.

"Awesome…I don't have to do it myself!" I hissed to myself as I put a text book and binder away.

Edward chuckled with Emmett, and Rosalie smirked. "You're such a sneak," He shook his head fondly, giving my cheek a peck of affection. "I'll carry this. The principle stopped by just two minutes ago with your council uniform. He claims you need to wear it every day you have a meeting."

The mentioned bag hanging in my locker said 'student council president.' I imagined it was for me.

I fiddled with the black bag's zipper until I finally got it open. My uniform was a dark red, matching the Spartan red, and it contained a suit blazer, a black button up shirt, red tie, black shoes, and a skirt.

"He says to put your hair in a bun as well. Look professional." Edward smirked at me as I touched the skirt with distaste.

God, I hated skirts as much as I hated honey.

"Joy." I grumbled and picked up the bag after zipping it back up. "Guess I'll go put it on so we can get to lunch."

"I'll come with you." Rosalie said to me.

She got curious and suspicious looks after that. Not from me; from Emmett and Edward.

She rolled her eyes, "are you going to go into the girl's bathroom to help her bend over and put her shoes on?" She asked Edward sarcastically.

He blinked, like he had totally forgotten that my bending was becoming restricted – and that I wasn't to truly bend or lift anything heavy due to my stitches that were to come out on Friday. "I suppose I didn't think of that; Should we meet you in the café?" He turned to me in question.

I nodded, "Yeah. Just get me something good to eat; nothing new, though. Heartburn hurts." I pleaded.

Heartburn sucked. Especially with the red sauce that apparently was a no-no. Boy did I have picky twins…

"Very well. Sommething plain with chocolate milk?"

"You know me too well," I at him, getting himto grin back before planting a kiss on my lips.

"Later, Bells!" Emmett sang softly, giving a kiss to Rosalie before he and Edward left – though Edward looked like he didn't really want to.

I could relate, though. Since Rosalie had become a claimed best friend, he had been rather suspicious. I guess she never told him of our secret conversation the day I was released from the hospital because he wasn't going off in protection mode and getting guard dogs and electric gates to keep my ex away from our house.

Yep. Rosalie said he was that extreme when I was involved.

And to be honest, I didn't think he knew that Adam was in Washington yet since he hadn't whisked me away. My dad didn't know either; I wasn't getting endless text messages from him about my obsessed ex yet, so I was still in the clear.

I knew I should tell him still, but I was too scared to. Hm…Maybe Rosalie could be a confident? She was bitchy, yes, but she was a bitch on my side.

"Ready?" Rosalie snapped me out my musings and gave me a pointed look.

"Oh, yeah. Sure." I shook my head.

Both of us went for the closest bathroom, and found it to be completely empty of any students but us.

Rosaliee locked the bathroom door, "Just change there. I doubt anyone will come in here." She waved at the bag.

I set it on the counter and began to undress, starting with my shoes.

"So, I guess you and Edward got over your argument about yu escaping to the rex." She started off conversationally.

I nodded. "I guess so."

"Hm; normally it takes him days to get over anything. I guess you got lucky."

I couldn't help but smile. "Maybe. He won't get over what I have to say next so easily, though," I said truthfully, knowing it was true and Edward would be more furious than before.

Rosalie gained more curiosity than ever as she held up the black button up that was so obviously a maternity shirt now that I was taking it from her to stretch it over my bulge of twins that gave kicks of encouragement.

Oh, so they were motivational children now, huh?

"What would thgt be?" She asked before frowning, "are you going to tell him about your ex more?"

I shook my head slowly, "No…not that part."

"Then…?" Her golden eyes demanded answer,

I swallowed and finished buttoning my shirt. "Adam's in Seattle; he wants to see me and talk."

"Thanks for coming, guys. See you at school tomorrow." I smiled, giving Ryan and Angela hugs before they walked out the front door.

"See you, Pres." Mike Newton waved alongside of Daniel McCarter, the resident star football player who he carpooled with.

I knew Jessica was crushing on Mike, but I had no idea he was in the student council! I thought he was one of them – stuck up and pompous about himself. Wrong! Mike Newton was the sweetest blond guy you'd ever meet. How Jessica liked him was obvious to me now, but if he liked her back, I had no idea.

"Bye, Mike. Drive safe." I called to him.

Once all ten students were out my door, I closed it, locked it, and began my trudge back upstairs to the second floor.

"Finally," I breathed a sigh of relief when I made it, though I had gone slow on the last couple steps.

Carlisle chuckled and flipped a page of his book. "I tried to tell you not to go downstairs, sweetheart. Sometimes you should listen to your doctor, you know?" He raised a brow, a smug look in his eyes about being right showing not for the first time.

I glared. "Neh," I said intelligently, sticking out my tongue childishly.

He just chuckled again.

"Someone carry me upstairs! I'm tired!" I whined mainly for Edward. He was my lackey when it came to stairs.

Edward was next to me in nanosecond, his amused laughs coming forth. "Come on, Love."

"Spoiled!" Emmett called from downstairs when I and Edward were suddenly in his room.

"And?" I mumbled, rolling my eyes at how juvinelle he was.

Just because Rosalie didn't carry him everywhere…

Edward gave me an amused stare as he laid out my pajamas on the bed. "Here, you can wear my sweats tonight."

"Thanks, hon." I nodded and began throwing off my uniform.

Edward put away my clothes and once I was dressed more comfortably, I had used my five minutes in the bathroom to brush my teeth, hair, and pee quickly before I even attempted to lay down on the mattress – that wasn't a tempurpedic!

"Oh, good god…what time is it anyways?" I asked Edward, looking over at him at his place near his laptop and his desk.

"Almost ten."

"I wish I was able to stay up later than nine-thirty. I miss those days," I sighed, turning myself to my side and trying to be comfortable.

He chuckled, but it wasn't very amused-like.

I furrowed my brows at his back. He wasn't even facing me right now. Did I upset him? "What's wrong?" I asked him, ready to sit up and talk with him.

His head went side to side very slowly. "Perhaps it's nothing…"

His tone read that he had more to say, but he didn't. "But?" I continued for him softly.

"I just can'thelp but wonder…why my mate is talking to her ex still," His dark eyes flashed to my browns, "even as said ex is in Seattle waiting on her response to meet him."

My eyes widened. "Who told you that?" I asked him quickly, thinking of Rosalie right away and feeling very betrayed by her breaking our confidence seal.

"No one told me, though I'm assuming you were speaking to Rosalie today judging by the silence in her mind all day today since lunch, actually. The only timeyou both were left alone." Edward shut his laptop harder than necessary, and I almost wondered if he broke it. "You left you phone on the coffee table when you received a text. I thought reading it was nothing considering you left it there with me." He shrugged, "but imagine my surprise when it was Adam, who wants to tell you that he's very willing to pay you to not abort the child or give it up for adoption, and he's willing to pay you every month – so as long as you move back with him, that is.

"He doesn't want you to worry about a job – he'll take care of your needs. Doesn't want you worry about a place to live – he's going to take care of that. And he doesn't want you to tell your father about your 'historic past' that's just water under the bridge, because he won't ever lay a hand on the mother of his child, ever again." Edward's eyes became brighter and brighter as he neared my side of the bed very slowly, very predatory almost.

That didn't frighten me as much as him knowing about Adam, though. That was the most terrifying part of this advance he was making on me.

I swallowed, "I – I was going to tell you."

"When?" He humored me.

"Maybe tomorrow, I don't know, but I was going to." I swore to him, sliding backwards on the bed to try and put distance between us.

I didn't know what he was, but I did know he had a fowl temper when angry enough, and I didn't want to be the cause of that anger.

Or be on the receiving end.

He shook his head, "No you weren't. You wouldn't have ever told me, Bella. I know you too well; you would have hidden this from me like you would the other little conversation you had with Rosalie, right? The one about, oh I don't know, Adam being a pimp who owns a stripper club? Or how about you never had a phase of being rebellious," He shook his head again with dark chuckle, "you ran away from home at fifteen to Adam, who was in Phoenix on vacation, but took you back to New York to live with him.

"Your mother doesn't know him, but I know she did make him sign his rights of any child of his to her. She didn't know where you were for two years, Isabella, but when you called her on Adam's office day, she found out you were pregnant and in New York. You got back from Phil's money alone. Never even went to a hospital to be checked for anything, not to re-break your bones that he snapped in his anger because you refused to dance for him any longer. Is that right? Or am I totally insane?" Edward asked me sarcastically, coming around the bed when I got off it.

I didn't like this side of Edward.

"Tell me you didn't dance for his club members; tell me he, not only slapped you a couple times, but went so far as to break your bones and give you at least four concussions. And please tell me that you didn't lie me and Rosalie about his age, because if Adam's records are correct, he's not twenty-one or twenty-seven; no, he's thirty-two years old with a record of beating his ex-wife who left with his three children, and he doesn't have custody because the ourts didn't grant him visitation due to his anger. Tell me I'm lying, Isabella." His voice just dared me to tell him that.

I didn't open my mouth, but I didn't have to since someone did it for me.

"Edward, back away from her," Carlisle's voice suddenly rang through the room.

I turned my eyes to him, feeling very relieved to see him. I shouldn't have to, though…Edward promised he wasn't like Adam. He never struck me or hurt me. He was…just scaring me because I lied. That's all.

"Get out, Carlisle. We're fine." Edward growled lowly, "This is a private conversation that doesn't include you."

"It includes me now, Son. Back away from her, or I will force you away." The doctor promised, he sounded so different than I had ever heard before. "Don't make me do that, Edward."

"We're fine. This doesn't concern you." He hissed back.

"You're scaring her; in what world does this not concern me anymore? Leave and gather your composure before you step foot back in his house, Edward Anthony. Now, back away from her or be forced to move." Carlisle ordered once more, but staying completely calm.

Edward went silent, his jaws were clamped tightly with his rebuttal against his father. I assumed that he knew he wouldn't win because he was gone from my sight the next second, leaving me to release that breathe I didn't know I was holding before I broke down in tears in the corner I had been standing in.

Was I such a bad person for my past actions that I was being punished again?

Sorry about the long wait. I know I deserve you all to yell and kick at me. I've been having a vacation in Florida with my family, then I discover I'm happily pregnant. I'm five months now.

Hope this chapter made it up to you. And to ease all your minds: no, Edward is never becoming abusive. This side of him is his vampire passiveness – or at least how I see it to be when it comes to a mate who lied and stuff like that.

So don't worry, and look forward to the next chapter.

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