Chapter 16

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I don't know why I was so surprised at Rosalie's outburst. I mean, she'd been upset ever since she found out Lauren and I had separated.

"How could you do this?" she shrieked. I pulled the phone a little way away from my ear; her yelling was hurting my ear.

"Baby, please calm down. We can't talk about this seriously if you're screaming."

I waited patiently for her to calm herself down. My heart broke listening to her choke down her sobs. "Mom said you're leaving her for some girl my age. Why would you break up our family for something like this?"

"Sweetheart, I know this is tough for you. I…" I asked Lauren if we could tell Rosalie in person, before she left for school, so she wouldn't feel like we pulled the rug out from underneath her feet. But Lauren didn't want Rosalie going off to school with so much baggage. There aren't any fixed rules for divorce, but I didn't want to start blaming Lauren for shit so soon.

I just wanted to move on.

"Your mom and I are still talking, but we've decided it's best if we don't stay married. I think we would both be a lot happier if we started looking for other things to make us happy."

"Like 18 year old girls? Mom says you're a pervert now."

Wow, Lauren, way to be a bitch.

Needless to say that conversation didn't go anywhere. Rosalie was furious with her mother and me. Mostly me. A smattering of conversations since then hadn't made me feel more optimistic.

But it was time I took a stand.

"I'm cutting you a lot of slack because I feel guilty for how you found out about the divorce," I said to the back of her head. Focusing my eyes back on the road, I said, "But let me be very clear. Isabella is very important to me. You will treat her with respect."