Doctor Whooves: Episode 1 The Dalek's wrap up winter

"Ooohh, I'm so excited, my first Winter Wrap Up!" The Doctor exclaimed as he exited the TARDIS, "But what exactly does everypony do?"

"It's ok Doctor," said Twilight, "I was nervous on my first Winter Wrap Up too!"

After traveling across time and space in the TARDIS, Twilight had specifically asked to be brought back for this event.

"We better hurry Doctor, we don't want to miss the musical number," Twilight exclaimed, "we're all gonna be like 'Spring is here' and 'Winter Wrap Up!' it's pretty boss."

"I can't wait," said the Doctor giddily, "Amy and Rory always hated it when I sang."

As they cleared the top of the hill, Ponyville came into view, all of the buildings were covered with snow and clouds covered the sky.

"It's hard to believe that by the end of the day spring will be here," The Doctor said admiringly, "You ponies and your magic, where I came from winter cleaned itself up."

"That sounds terrifying," Twilight said, "I bet next you are going to tell me that the sun and moon raise themselves!"

"Well… actually," The Doctor began but was immediately cut off by a blue streak that came from the sky.

"Twilight! Doctor! You're back!" Rainbow Dash exclaimed, "After that last incident with the Weeping Angels I didn't think we'd ever see you again! We hired a new organizer already."

"What?!" Twilight yelled, "Well you better tell them that…"

Twilight never got to finish as a metallic voice filled the air.


To be continued