ENTITLED: Our Eyes Closed
FANDOM: Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun
SETTING: What the hell is going on?
GENRE: Western
DISCLAIMER: I actually don't know.
NOTES: So my friends just came in and were like, "Let's go partaaaay!" and I was like "SHUT UP I HAVE TO WRITE FANFICTION!" and then I realized that my friends have it rough.
LENGTH: 1/21
SUMMARY: Natsume and Sasayan tackle every genre fiction has to offer. And it is sexy. – drabble collection, first: western.

One time, Natsume gets really, really sick. Fever-sick, delusional sick, and for some reason, she realizes that Sasayan is a cowboy, a real straight shooter, and she is a saloon girl with a slit up her skirt and garters with ruffles. It's a real cute outfit. She adds some sequins.

At one point, she gets kidnaped and he has to save her. The guy who kidnaps her is bad news, all decked out in silver stars, the trophies of the sheriffs he's killed. A little part of Natsume knows that Mitty would turn up her nose at this fantasy, say something like, "Natsume, don't be such a damsel in distress. There are guns in this fantasy, all you have to do is point and shoot. Save yourself! You think that shorty's gonna cut it?"

Shizuku is the shotgun-happy saloon/inn owner. She has a wig that's a pile of curls and viciously red lipstick. She drinks compulsively. It has no effect. Everyone in town owes her money and favors, including her father. As an afterthought, Natsume adds garters to Shizuku's outfit too. You can't see them, but what the hell. She makes them a little extra racy, a special little secret.

Haru is basically the same, with a cool hat. He's a natural.

Natsume isn't too sure why she gets kidnapped. Maybe she's getting forced into marriage? She imagines her parents are cripplingly in debt, and Natsume must bravely offer herself over as compensation. She imagines she is very good at self-sacrifice.

"What are you talking about," mind-Mitty snaps. "Are you a prostitute or cattle?"

Natsume edits herself: the baddy is a pervert with a complex. He regularly ties women to train tracks to satisfy his troubled mind. So, there she is. On the train tracks. Sasayan the deputy-deputy turns up to save her. He's too short to be the real deputy. Shizuku is right: he is basically useless. Natsume is saved by a bullet that has travelled five miraculous miles, straight from Shizuku's double-barreled gun. She's a really good shot.

"Do you want a lift or something?" Sasayan the deputy-deputy asks. He lifts her onto the horse, sideways style, and together, they ride off into the sunset. Or maybe just back to town.

Natsume rolls over, and drools onto her pillow. She mumbles. She isn't sure what happens next.