ENTITLED: Our Eyes Closed
FANDOM: Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun
GENRE: Suspense
DISCLAIMER: I guffaw, scornfully.
NOTES: I'm back at college! My dramatically reduced level of free time can only result in me updating more. I work in mysterious ways.
LENGTH: 5/21
SUMMARY: Natsume and Sasayan tackle every genre fiction has to offer. And it is sexy. – drabble collection, fifth: suspense

Natsume was about halfway down the hall and in the dead center of her dramatic exit when she had a realization: there were multiple methods of cheating. She turned on the spot and hastened back to Sasayan's desk. He did not have the grace to look surprised by her change of heart. Nor did he go to any sort of effort to display what she felt was an appropriate amount of excitement and/or appreciation for her brilliant plan.

"You are incredibly unethical," Sasayan noted, as she told him about her breakthrough. Natsume scowled.

"People cheat all the time!"

"Natsume. You failed the test. Let it go."

"IT ISN'T MY FAULT I SIT NEXT TO IDIOTS AND SELFISH BRAINIACS!" she squawked at him, and then hastily lowered her voice in case a teacher was passing by the classroom. Sasayan sighed. A couple of the boys he had been sitting with who'd scattered at Natsume's approach were beginning to circle back towards their friend's desk. Natsume glared at them, and they sharnk away. Just as well! She'd barely been gone for two minutes and he'd been filling her place! The nerve.

"I need your help acting as the distraction," she hissed to Sasayan, and began drawing on the backside of his homework. "Listen, the points of entry are here, here, and—"

"Absolutely not," Sasayan grumped. Natsume was astonished. Her pleas for aid, blatantly ignored! Worst suitor ever. Cowboy-Sasayan from her dream would never have been so callous.

"What if I fail out of high school?" she hissed. Sasayan was not moved.

"You won't."

"What if I have to go to summer school!" Natsume pounded her hand against his desk. Sasayan turned wide, insolent eyes towards her.

"Well, then maybe you'll learn the material you were supposed to have absorbed during the school year!"

Natsume gasped, theatrically, shocked by this betrayal. She rallied immediately.

"If I'm stuck in summer school, we can't hang out!"

"You have got to be kidding me," Sasayan growled. He outright glared at her. "Are you serious? You're trying to emotionally manipulate me into helping you with your stupid plan?"

"I was so looking forward to going to the beach!" Natsume lamented, "The beach! With Mitty and Haru and you too, I guess!"

"You're the worst," Sasayan hissed. He stood. Natsume stared up at him with huge, hopeful eyes.

"The worst."

"You're the best!" Natsume squeaked, and threw her arms around him. Briefly. He'd barely had time to even consider hugging her back before she had hastily backed away from him, red-faced and nervous.

"W-Well then," Natsume coughed, and then bolted with a careless, "To the teacher's lounge!" thrown over her shoulder, and a fervent hope that this would be enough for him to go on. Time was running out. The tests would soon be graded! Her plan must go into motion post haste.

Her mind and heart braced, Natsume prepared herself to steal her own test.