She bit her lip as she followed the boy down the hallway. He seemed nice, smiling at her and acting as if they were best friends within seconds of meeting her, but she was still unable to return the gesture. A simple smile could lead to so much more and she had seen it happen many times before.

"So what'd you do to get in here?" He asked suddenly, turning down another hallway with another row of doors that sure enough led to rooms that she'd most likely never see in the inside of. Running her fingers through her hair, she shrugged. Her time here was going to be spent trying to convince the others that she didn't deserve to be here, partly because she really didn't, but seeing as the judge sent her here, someone obviously disagreed with her.

"Uh…" She looked around quickly, trying to find something to distract him with, if that was even possible. She didn't really even know his name. "How long have you been here?"

"A week or two." He mumbled, stopping in front of a door with the number '13' written on it. She smiled, finding comfort in the fact that her favorite number was printed on her room. "The program just started so we're all pretty new. You didn't read the program?"

She thought back to the little pamphlet that her aunt had shoved into her hands the night of the trial. She didn't read it, nor did she care what was in it. "What's the point?"

He nodded his head with a smirk on his head before turning to face the lightly purple colored door in front of the two. She turned to look at some of the other kids walking down the halls as he struggled to open the door.

Her eyes landed on a boy with brown hair, leaning up against the wall at the end of the hall. She wouldn't have paid him any more attention than anyone else had it not been for the guitar resting in his hands. Since she was a little girl and her dad was still alive, she'd wanted to learn how to play. Her dad knew and promised to teach her but he didn't get the chance. The boy looked over at her once he realized she was staring and she forced herself to smile. Instead of returning the friendly gesture, he stood up almost too swiftly and gave her the finger, turning around to walk into a room. The door slammed shut behind him.

"Don't pay attention to him." The boy in front of her said, bringing her attention back towards her own life. "He acts that way with everybody."

"What's his problem?" She asked, not sure if she wanted to know the answer or not. Making friends, or enemies for that matter, was not on her agenda.

"Nobody knows. He doesn't really talk much." He looked back towards the door, which was now pushed open, so Marley mirrored the act. She stepped inside the tiny room and saw two beds, each pushed to opposite sides of the room. There were two desks in either corner and there was nothing on either of them.

"Who's the other bed for?" She asked, putting both of her bags onto the bed on the right side of the room. The mattress squeaked under the new pressure which made her sigh. Being comfortable was something she didn't want to have to worry about but it appeared as if the bed she had chosen was going to squeak with every move she made.

"Your roommate, I think, is supposed to get here some time tonight." He turned around and walked out into the hallway, turning around suddenly as if he thought of something to say. "Don't forget. In an hour is group meeting. Don't be late or Mr. Shu will get mad."

She nodded her head and waited until he shut the door behind him to lay down and reflect upon the day. As soon as her head hit the hard mattress she felt tears start to fill her eyes. How the hell had her life come to this?

She should be living at home in a perfect house with a perfect family. She should be going to school and joining as many clubs as she possibly could, making friends with everyone around her. Yet she found herself lying on an uncomfortable bed in a desolate room of a rehab center designated specifically for teenagers.

Wiping her eyes, she sat up and dragged her suitcase onto her lap, zipping it and pulling out a purple blanket with white writing on it. Sure, the room was bland but she could make it better. That's what she did. She took a boring situation and made sure that at the end of the day she was having fun with it.

By the time she finished unpacking, the door opened and a blonde girl appeared in the doorway holding her own suitcases. Marley assumed that it was her new roommate so she forced a smile onto her face and held her hand out.

"First off, you're on my side of the room." The girl spoke, pushing past Marley and throwing her own bag onto the bed that Marley had previously claimed as her own. Gasping slightly, Marley rubbed her arm as it started to throb from the contact the girl's heavy suitcase had made with it.

"That's my bed…" She spit out in disbelief.

The girl turned to face her with her eyes narrowed before a sweet, almost sadistic looking, smile crossed her face. "Listen, I always sleep on the right side of the room. Move your things, please."

Marley scoffed, shaking her head in disbelief. She wanted to say no and shove the girl away from the side of the room she had claimed. She was here first after all. Her stuff was already all unpacked. Anyone with a backbone would have already argued with the blonde by now, but instead Marley nodded. She wasn't here to make enemies, she reminded herself as she grabbed her blanket and threw it onto the other bed.

"I'm glad we understand each other." The blonde murmured with a proud smile on her face. "I'm Kitty by the way."


The girl stood there watching Marley as she moved each of her belongings to the other side of the room, making Marley very annoyed. First she forces her to switch sides and then she refuses to help? What a bitch.

"Do you know what time it is?" Marley asked, as soon as her new side of the room was set up. She smiled to herself when as she sat down the bed didn't squeak. At least Kitty has the broken bed.

"Do I look like a fucking time keeper?" The girl snorted as Marley rolled her eyes.

Marley pulled her phone out of her pocket to check the time, noticing that it was had been a little over an hour since she had arrived yet it felt like years had passed already. Biting her lip, she contemplated whether it'd be a good idea to tell Kitty about the meeting that they were all supposed to go to. Deciding against it, she walked out of the room and down the hall.

She walked through a pair of white doors leading into a room with chairs set up in a circle. She was late, which is something she thoroughly hated to be. It wasn't like she was OCD or had Type A personality; she just thought that showing up to something later than the time she was supposed to was rude.

"Miss Rose…" A man holding a folder in his lap spoke. He stood up and held his hand out, tucking his folder into his armpit. "I'm Will Schuester but you can just call me Will." She politely shook his hand before looking around at all of the kids who were staring at her. "Find a seat and we'll get started with the meeting."

She bit her lip and saw two empty seats, both on either sides of guitar boy. Sighing, she sat down in the seat to his left so at least she was also sitting next to the boy who had showed her around this morning.

"So Miss Rose, why don't you tell us a little bit about yourself?"

She could already feel her cheeks begin to burn as everyone turned to stare at her. Attention wasn't exactly her best friend and she was just as happy if she didn't get any.

"Uh… my name is Marley." She spoke quietly, looking down at her hands as she spoke. "and I have an older brother named Mark. He lives in New York with his fiancé."

Guitar boy chuckled darkly and she could see him shaking his head from the corner of her eye. Wincing as the laughter rang through her ears, she felt the boy on the other side of her grab her shoulder in a comforting manner. She knew it was out of comfort; that's what people do. They reach out and comfort their friends. But still, she jumped out of his grasp as a feeling of fear coursed through her veins.

"Marley, it's ok." Will spoke calmly and a new blush crept onto Marley's face. "Jake wasn't trying to hurt you."

Maybe it was the way everything had happened or maybe it was because of the thoughts that flooded her mind without reason, but as she sat back down in her seat she couldn't help but feel like she was damaged. She needed to be here but she'd be damned if she admitted that to anyone else.

"You ok?" The tour guide whispered and she was relieved that she now knew his name was Jake.

"Yeah. Sorry." She muttered, turning back to face Will. Guitar boy was staring at her but she refused to look at him. It was his fault that everyone knew she was a freak.

"So you're all here for specific reasons and the most important reason is, I think, that you all lack a person to confide in." Will began, opening his folder and pulling out a piece of paper. "Talking is an important outlet that you can't get from anything else."

A guy across the circle chuckled as he licked his lips. "Trust me dude. There are plenty of other ways to relieve stress."

"He's got a point." Jake muttered in confirmation smirking as he did so.

Guitar boy chuckled dryly once again, causing Marley to turn to look at him. "Dude, having sex with the entire female population isn't going to relieve your stress."

"Neither is beating the shit out of anyone who talks to you." The boy who had started the argument spat.

Marley swallowed nervously as guitar boy clenched his fists. Thankfully Will spoke up, calming the three guys down. "Alright, alright."

"He started it…" Jake mumbled, turning away from the group. Marley bit her lip to keep herself from rolling her eyes.

"Are we five now?" Guitar boy muttered, the sarcasm dripping from his words like venom.

"As I was saying, I'm going to put you into partners because if I don't, you won't do the assignment." Marley sighed as the rest of the group groaned. She hoped she was with Jake, even though the immaturity he had showcased before was somewhat repulsive to her.

Marley waited anxiously as Will began to read from a list of names that he seemed to have already thought out. As he got farther through it she felt more butterflies start to form within the depths of her stomach.

"Marley and…" She held her breath as Will seemed to take a dramatic pause. It was then that she realized she really only knew Jake's name. "Ryder."

She looked up trying to find out who Ryder was until guitar boy stood up in anger. Wincing as the loud noise of his chair falling backwards rang through her ears, she turned to give Jake a look of pure disappointment.

"That's not…" She began to question but before she could finish her question, Ryder's tangent had already confirmed her deepest fears.

"You can't make me talk to her." He complained, pointing towards Marley as if she was some sort of smelly dog. "I don't even know her."

"The point of this activity is to get to know her."

"This is fucking ridiculous." The boy continued, turning towards her with a glare on his face. She bit her lip and looked back down at her hands, trying to keep herself from breaking down.

It's ok… she thought. He's just an ass. It's nothing against you.

Will disregarded Ryder as he continued to talk to the group as if Ryder didn't exist. "So tonight and tomorrow you'll get to know your partner and then on Wednesday, you'll report to me in a special partner session that will be scheduled and posted on the bulletin board in the café."

Will stood and walked out of the room, giving Ryder a look before allowing the door to shut behind him. Marley watched as everyone except Ryder followed him out. Where they were going, she wasn't sure, but she didn't appreciate them leaving her here with the sociopath.

"Look, I don't want to be partners with you as much as you don't want to be partners with me." Marley spoke up after a couple of seconds. She hated silences. It was in silence that her brain wandered to dark memories that she had no interest in reliving.

He scrunched his eyebrows as he looked at her. "You don't even know me."

"And you don't know me." She urged, shocked that he'd think that she'd want to be partners with him after the fit he threw to protest being partners with her.

"Whatever." He spat, walking towards the double doors. "Meet me in the café an hour. Let's just get this over with."

She bit her lip as the door slammed shut behind him. Honestly, she couldn't figure out what his problem was but now thinking about it, she realized he probably would have thrown a fit regardless of who his partner was. So instead of focusing on her own insecurities, she stood up and dusted her butt off. She only had an hour, but in that time she'd text her cousin and settle into her new room.

She wouldn't worry about Ryder until she had to.

This is just an idea and I'm not totally sure if I'm going to continue it. If I do continue, it will get better I promise. As the story goes on, it will become clearer as to why each person is in the rehab. Don't worry, though, a lot of the story line won't coincide with the plot of Glee but it may be similar at times.